Award of Merit September 2017

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

Alison C. Hall (USA), Walk with the Devil, Film Short
Ally Downs (USA), The Caregiver, Film Short
Arjan Wilschut (Netherlands), Farmer Jack, Animation
Arne Venema and Marcus Moonen (Netherlands), CausaliDox – A Life Less Lived, Music Video
Barrett Gregory (USA), The Parallel Project, Actor: Leading (Barrett Gregory as Roman Lonergan)
Caroline Cory (USA), E.T. CONTACT: They are here, Documentary Feature
Christopher Jenkins (USA), Lost Crops, Documentary Short
James Meyer (Germany), The Kingdom, Film Feature, Movie Trailer
Jesse Levi Sutherland (Australia), Repetition, Actress: Leading (Caroline Sparrow as Jane)
Jonas Banks (USA), Nothing Like The Sun, Film Short (Student)
Josh Funk (USA), Scissors Gonna Cut Ya, Music Video
Marco Solorio (USA), 10/10ths, Documentary Feature
Nicolas Ferrando (Argentina), LIMBO, Film Short
Ruohan Xu (USA), Dai’s Garden, Documentary Short (Student)
Ryan Egypt (USA), Chasing Titles Vol. 1, Film Short

Film festival awardsAlessandro Masella (Italy), One man called Olivier Bécaille, Film Short
Alex Cubis (Australia), UNVERIFIED, Webisode
Ananya Anil (India), The Art Of Aping, Animation (Student)
Andrea Bensussen, Bensussen Art Features (USA), Lauren Higbie, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Andreas Berger (Austria), Arcanum, Film Short
Arnaud Siad (Iceland), Örmagna (Out of Breath), Film Short
Barrett Gregory (USA), The Parallel Project, Actress: Supporting (Ashleigh Boiros as Jeanine)
Behrad Gramian (USA), Yegua, Film Short
Ben Mole (United Kingdom), lamia, Actor: Leading (Danny Darren as Jerad), Film Short
Ben Stamper (USA), DON’T FOIL MY PLANS, Documentary Short
Bettina Kolb and Eva Mehl (Germany), Ai Weiwei Drifting, Documentary Feature
Chaoqun Wang (China), The Internship, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Charles Mandracchia  and Lynn Hunter (USA), We Are Friends, Children / Family Programming
Christian Delavie (France), Bleeding Horse, Film Feature
Christopher Sin (USA), Uber Driver, Actor: Leading (Student) (Christopher Sin as Emo)
Costas M. Constantinou (Cyprus), The Blessed Envoy, Educational / Instructional / Training
Crafty St. James (USA), Pizza Eater, Film Short
David Ash (USA), Twin Cities, Actress: Leading (Bethany Ford Binkley as Emily / Emma), Film Feature
Diana Stefanescu (Canada), Be(you)tiful, Women Filmmakers, Experimental
Ellie Hatfield (United Kingdom), Dark Is the Night, Actress: Leading (Carmen Silva as Verity Blake)
Francois Primeau (Canada), The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest

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Gabor Gasztonyi (Canada), No Way Out, Documentary Feature
Haylie Bantle (USA), Crop Swap Doc, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Herbert Golder (USA), Ballad of a Righteous Merchant, Documentary Feature
Holly Chadwick (USA), Sounds of Freedom, Actress: Leading (Katherine Celio as Julia)
Jane Sanger (United Kingdom), Katya, Women Filmmakers
Joanna Bonaro (USA), GOOD ‘n Screwed, Web Series
Joe Bland, Grant Martin and Cyrus Cheek (USA), Spearos, Web Series
Josh Funk (USA), Toy Box, Film Short
Katie Paul (USA), Elijah, Women Filmmakers
Kirill Yusim (USA), What’s out there?, Commercial / Infomercial
Krishna Ribeiro (USA), Brian For Hire, Television – Pilot Program
Kyle Thornton (USA), A Hitch List, Television – Pilot Program
Lana Titova (USA), More Milk, Film Short
Leal Butler, SAE Institute, Auckland (New Zealand), Billy the Bomber, Film Short
Lorena Sopi (Kosovo), Eternally Child, Film Short
Marco Rosson (Italy), Shanda’s River, Actress: Leading (Margherita Remotti as Emma)
Maria Mitkovskaya (USA), Wooden Anniversary, Film Short (Student)
Mayur Puri (India), Firdaws, Film Short
Michael Yurinko (USA), IMPURATUS, Movie Trailer
Mohammad Alkazemi (USA), The Hammer, Film Short
Mohammed Jaffar (Iraq), Mariam, Documentary Short


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Odren Romero (USA), It comes from the Heavens, Film Short
Paco Arasanz (Spain), Doors, Film Short
Pascal Lastrajoli (France), BLACK DAY, Film Short
Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski (USA), Leap, Documentary Feature
Paul Nandzik (USA), Forever Young, Television – Pilot Program
Phil Comeau (Canada), Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart, Documentary Feature
Rosa Nichols (USA), Made With Love, Women Filmmakers
Sean Martinez (USA), A Midwestern Methamphetamine Fairytale, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Valeria Maldonado as Lexie), Creativity / Originality, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Sherwin Lau (USA), Discover Your Potential / NMSU & DACC Nursing Commercial, Commercial / Infomercial
Sherwin Lau (USA), Sorrytown – Let’s Pretend / Music Video, Music Video
Sian Taylor Gowan (USA), SURVIVING INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking, Documentary Short
Snehasis Das and Konark Sarangi (USA), Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold, Music Video
Stephanie Bollag (USA), A Tale of Endurance: Celebration of the Imperfect, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Steve Jarvis (USA), The Women In The Sand, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Su Chun-Hsu (Taiwan), I Love Happiness, Animation
Tang  Kang Sheng (Singapore), Falling, Film Short
Troy McCall (USA), Tolerance, Film Short
Uroš Zavodnik (Slovenia), BERGMANDLC, Film Feature
Vivian Hua (USA), Searching Skies, Film Short (Student)
Ze-Yu Chen (Taiwan), Return, Film Short (Student)

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