Award of Recognition September 2017

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPGAli Gilmore (USA), MUSH-12 Adventures, Reality Programming (Student)
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Angelena: Change The World, Documentary Feature
Antonio Darwiche (USA), Together Again, Actress: Leading (Kiara Beltran  as Yoyo)
Ben Stamper (USA), Follow the Sound of My Voice, Documentary Short
Bimal K H (India), Lusitanian Girl, Film Short
Brooke Lewis (USA), Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, Public Service Programming / PSA
Bruce and Benjamin McAllister (USA), MOVING ON, Film Short
Charles Mandracchia  and Lynn Hunter (USA), We Are Friends, Animation
Daniel Chan (China), Time Flies, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Actor: Leading (Ricardo Shen as Father), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student)
David M. Raynor, Bad Hat Films (Australia), We Need To Talk, Actress: Leading (Sophie Thurling as Bree Nachor), Actress: Supporting (Mardi Edge as Madelaine Nachor)
Ellie Hatfield (United Kingdom), Dark Is the Night, Actor: Supporting (Neil Main as Andy Curry)
Elliott W. Merles (USA), A Jealous Mind, Film Short
Hanif Mike Karim (USA), Two Brothers, Actor: Leading (Hanif Mike Karim as The Judge)
Holly Chadwick (USA), Sounds of Freedom, Actor: Leading (Bruce Weech as Charlie), Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Inaya Graciana Yusuf (USA), Dhalang, Experimental (Student)

Recognition Colorful

Jane Sanger (United Kingdom), Katya, Actress: Leading (Polly Hales as Katya)
Jesse Levi Sutherland (Australia), Repetition, Film Short
Jessica Lu (USA), (Feminine Love), Experimental (Student)
Jiang Naizhong (Australia), Breathing Wild, Film Short
Joachim Waibel (Canada), Grey Pain, Film Short
Josef Roman Luszpinski and Pawel Siedlik (Germany/Poland), 101, Documentary Feature
Kalina de Moura (USA), Second Chance “If One Wish Granted”, Women Filmmakers
Lauren Hutchings (USA), Reverie, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Marjorie LeWit (USA), STRONGER THAN PRETTY, Film Short
Matthew J. Evans (USA), Song of the Earth, Experimental
Miles Bingham (United Kingdom), Regional Sales Manager, Film Short
Pascal Adam (Belgium), The writer, Actor: Leading (Dominique Perrin as the Server)
Rafael de Andrade (Brazil), Banalities, Film Short
Richard Watts (USA), Miss Bonita Springs 1967, Film Short

Recognition Colorful

Rodrigo Meireles (Brazil), Anderson, Disability Issues
Roshni Venugopal and Sujith Dass (India), Aval Pinne Ayaalum, Film Short
Sam Ghazi (USA), Turn Me On, Experimental
Sandy Schklair, Lucidity Productions & Entertainment (USA), Scott-Free, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Mark G. Chapman as Scott), Dramatic Impact, Script / Writer
Tammy Mabey (USA), I Can Show You, Disability Issues (Student)
Terence E. Wolfe (Canada), Kids From Camelot, Christian
Vandana Sengupta (India), 19th April At A Railway Platform, LGBT
Wilder  Donnelly (USA), MISSING LINK: How I Got My Alien Abduction Footage, Film Feature
Wilson Chang (USA), Sign Language Saturday, Commercial / Infomercial
Xavier Velasquez (USA), Room 61, Film Short
Yuhao Chang (USA), Virginity and Beyond, Experimental
Zoe Kissel (USA), Composing Our Stories, Documentary Short (Student)


Accolade Film Festival

Accolade Film Festival