Award of Merit November 2017

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade
Andrii Andreiev (Ukraine), Algeria. Dreams about the Desert., Documentary Short
Arnab Middya (India), ANDARKAHINI (SELF-EXILE), Actress: Leading (Priyanka Sarkar as Priyanka, Bulti, Laxmi and Priya)
Cai Hall (USA), The Fourth Day, Women Filmmakers
Corbin Schweitzer (USA), SOS: The Salton Sea Walk, Documentary Feature
Dan Tambling (United Kingdom), Every torture has a silver lining, Film Short
Firdaus Kharas, Chocolate Moose Media (Canada), I Am Not A Victim, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Janet Dimelow and Peter Fitzpatrick (Australia), FATAL FLAME, Women Filmmakers
Keyvan Sheikhalishahi (France), Vesper, Film Short
Leo De Haan (United Kingdom), Loves Lost, Film Short
Owen Weber and Hunter Bradley (USA), JimMortal, Television – Pilot Program
Peter Spann (Australia), Undertow, Actor: Leading (Hamish Street as Jonny)
Sara Zaker, Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited and UNICEF Bangladesh (Bangladesh), Ending Child Marriage (school), Public Service Programming / PSA
Syed Ahmad  Afzal (India), YOU and I, Film Short
Tom Weston (USA), Kevin The Very Old Rabbit, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Obie Dean)
Wolfgang Glattes (USA), FOSSE : RECREATED – A Master Class in Dance, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training, Women Filmmakers
Xavier Guignard (United Kingdom), Little Thief, Film Short

Film festival awardsAlan Chriest (USA), The Bullying Epidemic, Documentary Short
Alex Haney (USA), Charity, Film Short
Andrea Umberto Origlia (United Kingdom), Neko – the Web Series, Web Series (Student)
Behrad Gramian (USA), Yegua, Film Short
Biray Dalkiran (USA), The Crossbreed, Film Feature
Bradley Rappa (USA), Anthropocene, Experimental
Branton  Choi (USA), About Time, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Brendan Byrne (Australia), I’m Here Too, Film Short
Carlie Casey (USA), Are You There God? It’s Me Margot, Web Series
Cassidi Leigh Parker and Mary Thompson (USA), Life Like a Movie, Film Short
Catherine Ventura (USA), Too Many Women, Music Video
Chris Niespodzianski (USA), TRUCE, Disability Issues, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Robert Liscio as John Micelli)
Christian Heinbockel (Germany), Don’t mess with Dieter!, Film Short
Deeksha Marla (USA), Not As I Do, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dennis Ho (USA), Qi, Documentary Short
Dr. Maria T. Luskay (USA), Ridge to Ranch to River to Reef: Florida’s Conservation Connections, Documentary Short (Student)
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Mother and Child, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest and Born to Die, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest and  This Muddy Swine, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ellie Harvie (Canada), Scattered, Actress: Leading (Debra Sears as Cyhtnia), Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Kalyn Miles as Amy)
George Siegal, J.E.L. Productions (USA), License to Parent, Documentary Feature
Gianlorenzo Albertini (USA), The Ribbon on the Kite, Film Short
Gorkem Tekdal (USA), Seven Day Sleep – A Rose Infested, Music Video (Student)

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Holger Klussmann (Germany), World Peace, Documentary Feature
Jacques Navarro-Rovira (French Polynesia), Let Us Dance, Disability Issues
James Mills (USA), Moon Child, Documentary Short
Jana Schaefer and Elisabetta Galla (India), Football – My Other Life, Women Filmmakers
Janak Toprani (India), CALL FOR FUN, Film Feature
Jasmine Inglesmith (USA), 404 Not Found, Documentary Short
Jie Xu (China), The Marionettes, Asian
Jim Bendewald (USA), Echoes of the Jurassic, Christian
Joshua Gippin (USA), The Chosen People? A Film about Jewish Identity, Documentary Feature
Katerina Philppou-Curtis (United Kingdom), Marriage, Film Feature, Women Filmmakers
Kaye Tuckerman (USA), Nil by Mouth, Experimental
Ken Jones and Christine Jones (USA), Divine Will, Christian, Television – Pilot Program
Lara Mack (Luxembourg), Disoriented, LGBT (Student)
Laurence Powell and Paul O’Flynn (United Kingdom), Beyond The Beyonds, Documentary Short
Lennart Martinsson (USA), Coastkeeper, Public Service Programming / PSA
Liang Zi (Australia), The Song of the Rain, Animation
Lio Mehiel (USA), Disforia, LGBT
Lisa Boyd (USA), An American Tragedy, Documentary Feature
Matthew Everett (United Kingdom), Britain’s Big Cat Mystery, Documentary Short
Matthew McCaulley, Light of Life Films (USA), The Substitute, Christian


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Michael Cameneti (USA), Sink or Swim, Documentary Short
Mira Moukaddem (Lebanon), White Line, Film Short (Student)
Morand Coline (France), Scouting for Light, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Nada Htait (United Kingdom), Scheherazades of Lebanon, Documentary Short
Naman Gupta (USA), LILLY RIGGS, Film Short
Oliver Langewitz (Germany), Treasures of the Past, Documentary Feature
Peter Spann (Australia), Undertow, Actress: Leading (Jacqui Purvis as Bella)
Peter Walker (Vanuatu), She Asked For It, Film Short
Rey U Barrera (USA), El Piñatero: The Legend Behind the Sport, Film Short
Rick Hinton (Vanuatu), Rainbow, Disability Issues
Ross Raventos (USA), Homecoming, Public Service Programming / PSA
Ruben Arnaiz Parrondo (Spain), Sandra Munt’s Adventure, Movie Trailer
Sampson Yuen (Canada), Million Loves in Me, Actress: Supporting (Ruby Yap as Cindy)
Sanja Zdjelar (USA/Bosnia Herzegovina), The Immigrant, Actress: Leading (Josephine Moshiri Elwood as Jasmina Filipovic), Women Filmmakers
Severine Reisp (USA), Giselle, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Sharmila Banerjee (India), RAVE- THE NIGHT, Film Short
Shawn Ahmed, Scott Leaver and Jonathan Hirsh (Canada), Fare Trade, Web Series
Sonakshi Mittal (USA), Princess Sargam of the Royal House Gupta, Film Short
Stanlee Ohikhuare (Nigeria), IDAHOSA TRAILS, Christian
Stephane Haskell (France), Breathe, Documentary Feature
Susan Price (USA), OCDA Traffic Safety PSA Series, Public Service Programming / PSA
Talya Klein (USA), Brokers, Web Series, Women Filmmakers
Tom Mae and Reet Mae (Canada), Raising the Flag, Documentary Short
Tom Weston (USA), Kevin The Very Old Rabbit, Animation
Travis Mauck (USA), Will Strip for Change, Documentary Short
Vasco Diogo (Portugal), anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !, Experimental
Vassilis Mazomenos (Greece), Lines, Film Feature
Wenrui Fan (China), It’s Not Just About A Film, Film Short (Chen Xu), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Wenrui Fan), Editing (XIaodan Yang)
Yiorgos  Tzivelekis (Greece), BLOT, Film Short

Accolade Film Festival

Accolade Film Festival