Award of Recognition June 2017

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPGAlex Cvetkov (USA), She, Film Short (Student)
Alex Haney (USA), Iconoclast, LGBT (Student)
Ali Sadiq (USA), Acceptance, Disability Issues
Ashley ‘Asha’ Chai-Chang (USA), Cruise Control, Film Short
Bianca Mangravite (USA), Poverty and How to Change Its Path and Sheherazade, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Bill Bentley (USA), Gentleman, Champion – the Ron Pestana story, Documentary Feature
Bob Hiltermann (USA), This is Ed!!, Film Short
Bobby B. Grubic (USA), Final Stop, Film Short
Daniel Chan (China), Winter Snow, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dave Mcmahnan, Niki Jahns and Kim Cameron (USA), Dancing in the Dark, Music Video
Dawn Young (USA), Choice, Actress: Leading (Dawn Young as Kate), Film Short
Derya Celikkol (USA), Chains of Freedom, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Dewayne Hill (USA), The Gospel According to Fathers, African American, Documentary Short
Diego Valdes (USA), The Other, Experimental, Actor: Leading (Jesus Vega as Man), Actor: Supporting (Dhyan Valdés as Other)
Dylan Nevin (Ireland), Blackout, Animation (Student)

Recognition Colorful

Gary Borden and Kahly Smith (Canada), Lies, Music Video
Gilbert Khoury (Canada), Sorry for the inconvenience, Film Short
Golden Eagle Films (USA), The Great Controversy Ended, Actress: Leading (Corrine Meadors as Lee), Cinematography, Direction, On-Camera Talent (Ben Maxson – Narrator), Women Filmmaker
Isaiah Terry (USA), Good St. Nick, Film Short
Jachym Badr and Alexander Emborg (Czech Republic), Abstracted, Experimental
Jae-Hyun Park (South Korea), First encounter, Asian (Student)
James Christopher (USA), The 5 Year, Actor: Leading (James Christopher as Pops), Film Feature
James Mills (USA), Moon Child, Documentary Short
John Paul Ouvrier (USA), Natalie Portman Lives Here, Film Short
Karianne Vaillant (Canada), Unclear limit, Film Short
Kasha Sequoia Slavner, Global Sunrise Productions Inc. (Canada), The Sunrise Storyteller, Documentary Feature
Kate Kelsen (USA), Little Red Truck, Children / Family Programming
Katelind Ikuma (USA), My Eyes Adore You, Film Short (Student)
Luis Garcia (USA), Crossing Fingers, LGBT
Maria Laura Moraci (Italy), AMR. Storia di un riscatto. (AMR. Story of a redemption.), Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest

Recognition Colorful

Mark A. France (USA), Love in Dead Places, Film Short
Marlee MacLeod, HyperFocus Productions (USA), The Show Goes On, Experimental
Mckenzie Trent (USA), The Adventures of Delores Briggam, Web Series
Satish K. Agarwal, OK PRODUCTIONS (India), ABANCCHITA, Film Short
Opender Chanana (India), LIVING ON THE EDGE – DEGLAMOURIZING BOLLYWOOD, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ozlem Altingoz (USA), daughter of the lake, Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ranjit  (USA), Strings, Experimental (Student)
Ri Versteegh (USA), Lonely Lil Season 2, Webisode
Richard J. McCollough, Mirusmedia (USA), Dr. Walter Cooper: Standing Up for What is Right, Documentary / Program/ Series
Robin Wang (China), SWITCH, Film Short, Concept, Actor: Leading (A.J. Laudenslager as Thomas) (Student)
Roman S. Koenig (USA), The Frequenters, Film Short
Ryan Zamo and Jordan Fraser (USA), Back Stabber, LGBT, Web Series
Sammy Lamb (USA), Bye & Love Drew Blood, Experimental (Student)
Sebastian Allen (USA), East of Echo, Documentary Short (Student)
Sezar Alkassab (United Kingdom), Paint Dry, Experimental
Tyna Ezenma (USA), Mind Game, Women Filmmakers, Ensemble Cast
Victoria Gordon (USA), I Might Be Famous, Humor / Humorist, Actress Leading (Victoria Gordon as Tabitha Briarwood)

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Accolade Film Festival