Award of Recognition November 2016

Film festival awards

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Alexis Rudd and Terry J. Thomas (USA), Spare the Air PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA
Alicia Hayes (USA), PRIESTESS OF THE GATE, Music Video
Ann Huang, Saffron Splash (USA), Palpitations of Dust, Experimental
Barry Pagel (USA), Son Of Kala, Television – Pilot Program
Cappello Vincent (France), In the Rough, Film Short
Chris D. Nebe (USA), The World of Liu Yuyi, Documentary Short
Crafty St. James (USA), No Honkie, Film Short
Craig Bettendorf (USA), Treading Yesterday, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series, Drama Program / Series, Script / Writer
David Tittone (USA), Top Coat Cash, Film Feature, Movie Trailer
Dhyan Vimal (Malaysia), Meeting Fate, Film Feature
Didem Avkan Gultekin (Turkey), THE LOSS, Film Short
J.J. Osbun and Chris D. Nebe (USA), China Net – An Economic Miracle, Documentary Feature
Jaclyn Bethany (USA), In Transit, Actress: Leading (Jaclyn Bethany as Ava), Actress: Supporting (C.C. Kellogg as Caroline), Original Score (In Transit – composed by Markus Ffitch).
Jan Hillman (United Kingdom), BITTERSUITE, Film Feature

Recognition Colorful

Jeanne Taylor (USA), Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, Webisode / Web series, Actress: Leading (Jeanne Taylor as Mrs. Carmody and Mrs. Jellineck), Comedy Program / Series
John Adams and Toby Poser (USA), Halfway to Zen, Film Feature
John Henry Richardson (USA), …Where is she now?,  Direction, Creativity / Originality
Juan Javier Pescador (USA), Determined 2 Make It, Documentary Short
Jyoti Singh (USA), YADVI (The Dignified Princess), Film Feature
Karen Vadnais, Dragon Digital Media @ Howard Community College (USA), It Gets Better, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Karen Veninga-Zaricor (USA), Condolences, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Leonardo Corbucci (USA), The Art of Fighting, Film Short
Leonardo Martinez (USA), Through The Cobwebs (A Visual Testimony), Music Video
Maritza Brikisak (USA), The Lurking Man Trailer, Movie Trailer
Michael Resin (Switzerland), Vicious Minds Project, Music Video
Miguel Gonzalez  (USA), WHY ME, Christian
Mitzi Kapture (USA), The Process, Concept, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational

Recognition Colorful

Nandajan K.A (India), SCENT OF CIGAR, Film Feature, Experimental
Nlyten Media (USA), Dreamtrap: Knife Safety, Educational / Instructional / Training
Paolo Asuncion (USA), Dirtbag II: The Return of the Rattler, Documentary Feature
Parker Queenan (USA), Business as Usual, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Ross Marks, Sherwin Lau and Mitch Fowler (USA), The Magnificent Aggies, Commercial / Infomercial, Web Tube Length Video
Simon  Camp (Australia), The Hidden, Film Feature
Stephen C. Bortsalas (USA), Denounced, Christian
Su Bin, Hainuo Zeng (China), The Tibetan, Documentary Short
Susan Davis (USA), The Highway, Film Short, Direction
Timothy Collins (USA), Blackout, Film Short, Cinematography, Actor: Supporting (Scott Oakley as The Officer)(Student)
Yihui “Cece” Jiao (USA), Blank, the Bird, Original Score (Student) (Blank, the Bird composed by Yihui “Cece” Jiao)
Zixian Ouyang (USA), I wish, Film Short

Accolade Film Festival

Accolade Film Festival