Winners Archive Nov 2005

Accolade winners

Accolade Global Film Competition

You’re The Star Productions, Kim & Enrique: Our Wedding, weddings, is a creative and beautifully filmed wedding production. Wedding videography presents technical challenges regarding lighting and sound and creative challenges regarding storytelling and capturing personalities in a warm and concise manner. Producer Harlene Conlin demonstrates mastery of the craft.

Jazz & Syd Productions, Motherless Child, dramatic impact, a granddaughter explores how the 1960 suicide her grandmother forever changed the lives of her thirteen aunts and uncles. This amatuer’s documetary records emotional accounts of how her grandfather forced his children into modern day slavery and child prostitution. While the production is technically flawed, this is storytelling at its best.

Award of Excellence words
Art Exploration, Short Fire, original score (Silent Fire – Youxin Yang)
Brigham Young University, Scan Me, public service announcement
Day Productions, Sex Trafficking: Looking For The Indicators, educational/instructional
MOJO ps, Bombardier ATV: Feature Infomercial, feature infomercial; and Bombardier ATV:
Product DVD, sales/branding/production demonstration; and Hewlett Packard: Your Best Shot,
feature infomercial
Ottawa Police Service, 150 Years Of Policing In Ottawa, history
Panta Rhei Media, Respironics.: ComfortGel, educational/instructional/how-to
Production Resources, Inc., Calvary Hospital 2005 Awards Dinner, fund raising
Pushkin Studio, Unprotected Senses, arts/cultural
Sixty OM, Converse ‘Fairy’ Commercial Spec Spot, commercials/public relations
The Robert-Royce Company, Rotary: Helping Children Of The World In El Salvador,
University Of Oklahoma, The Cherokee Strip, history/biographical

Film festival awards
Alan Williams, Crab Orchard, original score
Anchange Productions, Spin Cycle, student production
Art Exploration, Short Fire, feature film and script/writer
ASU Heritage Studies, KASU-FM, Reconciliation And The Elaine, Arkansas Race Riot Of
1919: Forgive Or Forget, documentary
Boomerang Studios, A World At Waste, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Brigham Young University, Going To Utah, college/university
Diocese of Pittsburgh, The Gospel In Stained Glass – St Philip Chruch, Crafton, religion/ethics
David Safin, Apartment 303, humor/humorist
ECTV-40, Elizabethtown, student production
Farmers Life Insurance, Critical Illness – The Jack Perry Story, motivational/inspirational
Great Expectation Video Productions, Come Downstairs And Say Hello, music video
Jim Thompson Productions, Every Student Can Succeed, education/instruction
Inertia Films, Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), college/university
Lumen Catechetical Consultants, The Sunday TV Mass, religion/ethics
Major Banana, Revised Recollection, script/wrtier
Media Alchemy, Inc., Welcome To The Decision Theater, creativity/originality
Michael Vollmann, Snapshot, student production
MOJO ps, Bombardier ATV: Feature Infomercial, videography; and BPR, Inc.: Outlander French Canadian: 60 Infomerical Short, short infomercial; and Hewlett Packard: Total Customer Experience, corporate/stakeholder communication
Movbu Films, Black Dragon: An Experminental Action Short, short film
Ottawa Police Service, 150 Years Of Policing In Ottawa, post-production overall
Out World Entertainment, Codename: Sell, short film
Penrose Productions, Terror Alert, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Qcam Productions, An American Dream, short documentary
Romesburg Media, Chase To The Checkered, television
San Jose Police Department, Community San Jose: Muslim, government/political
Scott Buzz, Rowdy, post-production overall
Seven Three Media, Ph.D. Recruitment Program, internet site-streaming