Winners Archive Feb 2009

Accolade winners
Best of Show Winners Television

Val Kilmer Val Kilmer 21 days Accolade Global Film Competition
(United Kingdom), XIII: The Conspiracy, miniseries, is a far-reaching conspiracy which threatens to overthrow the US adrenaline charged, two-part television thriller has masterful performances by veteran actors Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff. Once again, Power Corp. delivers high-energy, action-filled television entertainment.

Val Kilmer 21 days Accolade Global Film Competition
Ansje Germann
(Germany), Startrip Chattabago, television pilot, is a unique on-the-road chat show. It combines elements of comedy, documentary and reality as guests join a comedy duo in their Winnebago as it travels about Britain spotlighting the lives of everyday people. Humor and content will make this a hit with television viewers.

Best of Show Winners – Film

Val Kilmer 21 days Accolade Global Film Competition
Helicon Arts Cooperative,
Yesterday Was A Lie, feature film, is fresh and stylish, and successfully merges an interesting plot into a film noir and science fiction crowd-pleaser. This classic detective mystery has a notable Bacall-like performance by Kipleigh Brown. Writer/director James Kerwin teases the boundaries of reality and delivers a film that will entertain both young and old.

 21 days Accolade Global Film Competition
Michelle Mama
(Canada), 21 Days to Nawroz, feature documentary, is a study of experimental democracy in post-Saddam Kurdistan. Master filmmaker, Michelle Mama, captures the portraits of three very different Kurdish women: a feminist attorney, an eight year old girl, and a tech-savvy young woman. It is a story of courage and hope as these Middle Eastern women look to the future.

Accolade Global Film Competition
OCN Films,
Blue-Eyed Mary, short film, is a story about free-spirited Johanna, a beautiful sixteen-year-old with the mind of a child, spends her time climbing trees, catching frogs, and half-heartedly helping her grandmother with the household chores. But when the handsome neighbor comes by to mow the lawn, everything changes in ways both predictable and utterly unexpected.

Best of Show Winners Videography

Accolade Global Film Competition
Golden Era Productions
, Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, documentary, rips the mask off psychotropic drugging and exposes a brutal but well-entrenched money-making machine. Psychotropic drugs fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry. Well-crafted, filled with facts, this documentary deserves wide distribution.

Award of Excellence words

Award of Excellence – Film

Anjours, Inc., Open Air, short film
Appleseed Entertainment, Le Chat est Mort, short film
Boxcar Creative, Different Abilities: Not Like the Others, title/credit design & viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Carey-It-Off Enterprises, Worth, short film & art direction
Fat Man Media, On The Bus, leading actor (Larry: Mark Schrier)
Filmmakers Alliance, Melancholy Baby, short film
Frank Simkonis, Motion, Documentary Feature
Incendiary Features & 2 Productions, Desdemona: A Love Story, feature film
Jennifer Smith, Girl Talk, short film (faculty/tenure track)
Living Spirit Pictures (United Kingdom), Gone Fishing, cinematography
Lost Summit Films, A Gentle Walk, feature documentary
Palladium Productions (France), Dieu est Americain, feature documentary
Martha Elcan, Crossing the Line, short film
RD Productions, Life Between Interviews, experimental
Richmond Riedel, Target Practice, feature film
Rose Mountain Productions & Hamzeh Mystique Films, Bleacher Boys, feature documentary (Director/writer/producer: Ziad H Hamzeh, Producer: Karen Hunter)
Sean Conly (Canada), Jabbawaki, animation
Skylight Cinema, I Am The Bluebird, feature film
Tafsiri Entertainment Group, The Cardinal Code, feature film
Vinh Dickson, The Veiled Commodity, short documentary
Yung-Jui Lee, Fat-tastico, animation (student production)
Zeltia Montes, Pradolongo, original score/song

Award of Excellence Winners – Television

ABC News, Delta Queen Dethroned, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Barany Productions (Canada), City of Noise, music video
Creative Liquid Productions, Jonesboro Committed, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Laska Productions, Johnson and Johnson: Wonderful World, commercial/infomercial
Power (United Kingdom), The Summit, miniseries
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Life on the Margin: Ah Lan’s Heaven, drama program/series

Award of Excellence Winners – Videography

Alaska Native Heritage Center, Gunia: Growing Up Native in Alaska, short documentary
Hewlett Packard, Touchsmart Video, sales/branding/product demonstration
Omohundro Institute, The bloody Writing is forever torn, history/biographical
Weddings By SML, Erin & Greg: Save the Date, weddings

Film festival awards

Award of Merit – Film

24 Films, The Visited, short film (student)
Admanium, 20 Wheels to Memphis, feature documentary
Alex Weltlinger (Australia), Natural Selection, short film
Alyssa King (Canada), The Calling, short film
Ample Films, Ltd. (New Zealand), Jinx Sister, feature film
Andre LeBlanc, Mindbender, short film
Anjours, Inc., Open Air, dramatic impact
Bio/Pic Films, Bliksem, short documentary
Blueprint Film (United Kingdom), Vigilante, short film
Boaz Lavie (Israel), Ha’agam, short film
Caesar Productions, Every Second Counts, feature documentary
California State University, The Plastic Perils of the Pacific, animation
Carey-It-Off Enterprises, Worth, original score/song
Carl Flood, ‘Tis Wonderful, short film
Casey Hallen, Straight On Till Morning, short film (student production)
Chris Ortiz/SuddenCut Productions, One Son, short film
Christopher Racster, Decoding Alan Turing, short documentary
Colin Studebaker, The Dying Western, short film
Cosmic Kat Productions, Stand Up Face The Fear, feature documentary
Creative Post, The Cheapest Man In The Room, short film
Dalila Droege, The Girls of Alden, short film (student production)
Dana Gedrick, Witnessing Headlines, feature documentary
David Cho, New York Nooria, feature documentary
Deadmeat Productions (United Kingdom), Fever, short film
Desert Sky Pictures, Mind’s Eye, feature film
Design & Media (Singapore), Gym Lesson, animation
Dev-TV (Switzerland), Paraiba Meu Amor, feature documentary
Diane Kelber, The Path, short film
Doom Bunny Films, Ernor, short film
Dusan Sekulovic, Pussyfoot, feature film
Edell Films, 37 Million and Counting, feature documentary
Elemental Productions, 40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy, feature documentary
Elysium River, Messages of Hope from the Autistic Spectrum, feature documentary
Emulsion Films, Interregnum I, experimental
Endlight Entertainment, Ninjas Vs Zombies, feature film
Entropy Films, Beyond Our Differences, feature documentary
Envision Films, Darkfield, short documentary
Exposition Picture Company (South Korea), The Name of God, feature film
Eyesolo Pictures, Help, short film
Fahn Field, LLC, Old Dogs, short film
Family Education Foundation, Hidden Damage, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Fat Man Media, On The Bus, direction (Willie Ford) & editing (Clark Morris)
Fernando Usón Forniés (Spain), Última Función, short film
Fevered Dreams Productions, The Lost Sparrows of Roodepoort, short documentary
Fiveman Films, Small Town Silver Screen, feature documentary
Foresight Productions, Secrets to Love, feature documentary
Gabrielle Lui, Sweet Seduction, short film (student production)
Gary Null & Associates, Autism: Made in the USA, feature documentary & research
Grassroots Films, The Human Experience, feature documentary
Guilty, LLC, Guilty, feature film
Hamilton/Kohlhaas/Barefoot Workshops, The Babies Got the Blues, short documentary
Happy Trails Animation, Gideon The Great: The Flying Ace, short film
HeuMoore Productions, The Widow’s Might, feature film
Hope Boat Films, Jack Turner and The Reluctant Vampire, leading actor (Jack Turner: Russell Whaley)
Ilse Rumes, Kalaripayat: When the Body Becomes All Eyes, short documentary
Incendiary Features & 2 Productions, Desdemona: A Love Story, lead actor (Gil Garcia: Jorge A. Jimenez)
Iverson White, Self-Determination, short film
Jennifer Smith, Girl Talk, title/credit design
Jinming Dong, The Hysteria, experimental, 7 Savvy Secrets of Job Winners, commercial/training/industrial film
Josh Henning, Silent Questions Bridge Views, feature documentary
Joshua Hume, William’s Christening, short film (student production)
Justin Keppler, Mississippi Drug War Blues: The Case of Cory Maye, short documentary
Katherine Cunningham-Eves, Kidnapping Caitlynn, short film
King Love Films, The Narcotic Farm, research
KwolfMedia, Madness, short film
Last Pictures, Country Line, short film (student production)
Lawrence Krauser, Horrible Child, experimental
Linda Phelan, Sisters of the Hood: Stories from the Sisterhood of Cancer, feature documentary
LionHeart FilmWorks, Gettysburg: Darkest Days & Finest Hours, feature documentary
Lisa Marie Wilson, Deadline, short film
Little Cat Films, Looking for Nick, short film
Living Spirit Pictures (United Kingdom), Gone Fishing, short film
Lost In Time Pictures, The Summer Fall, short film
Lost Summit Films, A Gentle Walk, cinematography
Lotus Girl Films, The Hands, short film
Loyola Marymount University – Film School, Last Deal at the Mt. Carroll Gun Club, short film (student production)
Luca Di Paolo & Joseph Fontano (Italy), Censored 2009, experimental
Luke Randall (Australia), Reach, animation
Magician Pictures (United Kingdom), Big Mistake, short film
Make, Fruitless Efforts: Fruit of the Womb, animation
Mallory Sohmer, The Living Documents, feature documentary
Martha Elcan, Crossing the Line, direction
Metavision (Paraguay), Fuego, short film
Matthew Clark, Red Weather, feature film
Ms. Chillacious D Productions (Canada), Perfect Obsession, short film
New Masters Film, Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo, short film
Olivia Motley, A Likely Story, short film (student production)
Ophis Entertainment, Herpers, feature documentary
Peter Besson, True Beauty This Night, short film
Piedmont College, On Air In Love, short film (student)
Regent University, School of Communication, Snowed, short film (student)
Rohit Gupta, Another Day Another Life, short film (student)
Rowan University, Acasa, short documentary
Sabotage Entertainment, Interpretation, short film
Sacrifice the Movie, LLC, The Sacrifice, short film
SAI Productions, Backup Thesis, short film
SAT 2000 (Italy), Gio, short film
Seventh Year Productions, Second Thoughts, short film
Shadow F/X Films, Refuge of Dragonflies, direction
Sheldon Schwartz, The Bridge, short film
Shoshana Productions, Allie & Claire, short film
Skwatta Camp Productions, Guerilla Midwife, feature documentary
Smalltown Pictures (Canada), Pricks, short film
Social Imaging, Gifts of Seeing, short documentary
Soundwalk, Kill the Ego, sound editing/sound mixing
Square One Cinema, Fan Mail, short film & creativity/originality
Tanya Sleiman, If Not War?, short documentary (student production)
Texas Christian University, Whiskey Sour, short film (student production)
TigerEye Productions, No One Island, short film
Todd Holland, Wig, short film
Tom Schneider, The Willing, feature film
Tomas Solli (Norway), Nodutgang, short film
Try It Productions, Try It On Everything, feature documentary
University of Notre Dame, Gotta Get Out!, short film (faculty/tenure track)
Vigilance Films, The Season, feature film
Virtual Realms Productions (India), The Eyes of Silence, animation
Warm Milk Productions, Purgatory Comics, feature film & casting
Zeltia Montes, El Camino Del Cid, original score/song

Award of Merit Winners – Television

ABC News, Delta Queen Dethroned, news/weather
Alan Williams, The Speech That Saved America, original score
Ansje Germann (Germany), Startrip Chattabago, low budget
Associated Television International, Eyes on Kenya, feature documentary
Cosmic Kat Productions, LA Sales, pilot program
Daniel Hale, STD PSA, public service announcement
Dori Media Group (Israel), Amanda O, internet site streaming
Coury Graph Productions, Science Olympiad Promo, special purpose production
KCSM-TV, Spotlight!: Episode #105, low budget
Igor Szczurko (Canada), The Hitchhiker Project, television drama
Lancer Entertainment Group, Savvy Salon: Stand Out In a Crowd, commercial/infomercial
Lori Kuffner (Canada), Drug Class: Episode 107: Travis’ Story, educational/instructional
Mind-Bending Pictures, One Word Song – Time Stood Still, music video
Montgomery County Public Schools, The Math Dude: Graphic Representations, educational/instructional & low budget
New Gestalt Studio (Taiwan), The Joys of Virtues, children/family programming
Peace Point Entertainment (Canada), Real Fight Club: The Path of the Warrior Spirit, short documentary
Piggyback Productions, Comedy Wacked, television pilot
Power (United Kingdom), Crusoe, drama program/series
Shawn Brennan, Tijuana Hercules: Down in the Bottom Lines, music video
Spectrum Video & Film, Paranormal Matrix, pilot program
Tasty Frame, Inc., Little Lady Lane, children/family programming
Tinygiant, Man of the People, television pilot
WGVU, Wendy’s Work, arts/cultural/performance/plays

Award of Merit Winners – Videography

Greg Watkins, This Is Macbeth, concept & educational/instructional
Health & Safety Institute, ASHI: Basic First Aid, training video
Omohundro Institute, The bloody Writing is forever torn, documentary
Protect the Sharks Foundation (Netherlands), Gimme A Hug, low budget
Syracuse University, In Transition, college/university
University of Texas – Health Science Center, HEADS UP: The Immune System & Infectious Diseases, educational/instructional