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AFTER FOREVER Season 3 – Jennifer Pepperman & Kevin Spirtas

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talent
Jennifer Pepperman (USA)
, AFTER FOREVER Season 3, Web Series – The final potent season of the 6x EMMY AWARD winning Digital Drama Series. Emmy-winner Kevin Spirtas leads an exceptional all-star cast delivering an achingly authentic and brilliantly nuanced performance. In the aftermath of his husband’s untimely passing, which shattered the illusion of a flawless existence, Brian’s journey takes a profound turn. Acknowledging the need for support, he courageously seeks guidance from a therapist to navigate the labyrinth of grief. Through the therapeutic process, punctuated by evocative flashbacks and the haunting presence of his beloved Jason, Brian embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery and untangles the intricate web of emotions that bind him. This poignant series offers an authentic and multifaceted exploration of grief, weaving together moments of humor, heartbreak, and warmth.

Insightful and compelling writing (Emmy-winners Kevin Spirtas and Michael Slade), deft direction from Emmy-winner Jennifer Pepperman, and delivered through a remarkably talented cast and crew. Stars: Emmy-nominee Mitchell Anderson – (Doogie Howser, MD), Emmy-winner Erin Cherry (With A Cherry on Top), Emmy-nominee Anita Gillette (Moonstruck), Tony-winner & Emmy-nominee Cady Huffman (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Linda Purl (General Hospital), Emmy-nominee Lenny Wolpe (Baby Talk), Peter Kim (The English Teacher), Christopher J. Hanke (Breaking Fast), David Dean Bottrell (Modern Family), Robert Emmet Lunney (Blindspot), Bill Brochtrup (Major Crimes), Mike McGowan (Law and Order), Jim Newman (Hustling). Produced by Emmy-winner Allison Vanore (Dark/Web), theme song by Emmy-nominee Craig DeSilva, hair / make up Emmy-nominee Angela-Lynn Ware, music Rob Gokee.

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Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentIara Cardoso (Brazil), Human Era, Doc Feature – A colorful journey showing how our thoughts and emotions shape life and drive climate change. Emmy-nominated actor and environmentalist Marcos Palmeira highlights issues and interviews scientists on deforestation, extinction, renewable energy, and the role of indigenous peoples. Journalist Iara Cardoso’s diverse team amplifies marginalized voices, inspiring climate action.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentGreg DeHart, Sunn Stream (USA), Symphony of the Holocaust, Doc Feature – A poignant doc about Shony Braun, a Holocaust survivor and master violinist. Surviving four Nazi death camps, he composed the haunting symphony as a tribute to millions murdered. After his death, Braun’s daughter locates her father’s violin and persuades its new owner to let an Armenian musician perform his “Symphony of the Holocaust” at Auschwitz, turning his dream into a powerful testament of hope and resilience.

Mark Gorobetz (Russia), Dugout (Блиндаж), Film FeatureMark Gorobetz (Russia), Dugout (Blindazh), Film Feature – Two friends, a German and a Russian, accidentally travel through time, ending up in 1941 and find themselves in the trenches of war. They are forced to make decisions and cope with difficulties they could not imagine. Will their friendship survive the obstacles and which side will Paul and Sergei take? Nika Award winner Igor Petrenko, Aleksey Shevchenkov, Veronika Mox.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentDamian Walshe-Howling (Australia), Unspoken, Film Short – Deft direction and strong performances deliver a powerful story of 1979 Australia. As volatile protests for Croatian independence break out across Sydney, Croatian born Marina is forced to expose a secret love affair with her Australian boyfriend, as escalating violence spills into her childhood home with devastating consequences. Goran Grgić, Kat Dominis, Tom Wilson.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentAntonio Hrynchuk (Canada), Paramedics, TV Program / Series – This captivating series plunges into the intense world of Saskatoon’s paramedics, spotlighting their heart-pounding 911 responses and the unpredictable drama of each call. With raw footage and firsthand accounts, viewers are immersed in the high-stakes realm of EMS, unveiling the unwavering dedication and bravery of these heroic first responders. Aired CBC.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentPatrick Dunne (Australia), Impact, Doc Feature – The gripping tale of skydivers Mark Lucchiari and Ben Lucock, who endure a harrowing and traumatic near-fatal skydiving collision. It poignantly chronicles their years-long journeys of healing as they overcome extreme mental and physical hurdles. It is ultimately the story of resilience and hope and powerfully emphases the importance of mental health, recovery and friendship.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentLiam O’Rinn (Canada), Butt Seriously, Doc Short – A playful, colorful, and informative science doc follows “The Nature of Things” host Anthony Morgan as he explores the wild world of the anus. From beetles using their rears as weapons to invertebrates with butts in their gills, to Japan’s scientific exploration to our cultural obsession with tushes, it offers a cheeky global journey to the bottom of the bottom. Aired CBC

Elisabeth Harris (USA), Stand UP Speak Out, Reproductive Rights: Know Your Rights – This compelling short, historical documentary tells the story of American women’s 200+ years and ongoing fight for reproductive rights, from no say over our own bodies, to rights to contraception and abortion, to Dobbs v. Jackson and the on-going fight for reproductive autonomy.  A potent documentary relevant to our current times.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentKhatuna Vashadze (Georgia), Devil’s Paradise, Film Feature – This captivating film intertwines two parallel stories in a restaurant and a hospital room over one night. It explores complex inner worlds, relationships, and life’s profound themes with rich character development and surprising plot twists. Compelling script and performances. Stars: Rezo Chkhikvishvili, Zurab Kipshidze, Mariam Jologua.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival Oscar winners to hot new talentBarney McCoy (USA), Running Towards the Fire – A War Correspondent’s Story, Doc Feature – With meticulous research, it captures the pivotal role war correspondents played in the defeat of the Nazis, unsung heroes who risked their lives to inform the world about the sacrifices of Allied forces. Through Robert Reuben’s memoirs, it salutes those who fought tyranny and boosted morale through articles, radio broadcasts and film reports. Aired PBS.

  Award of Excellence words

Alexander Franskevich-Leie (Israel), Stork of Hope, Jewish Theme
Antonio Hrynchuk (Canada), Paramedics: Emergency Response, Season 7, Direction, Editing
Bob Celli (USA), Because I Love You, Actor: Leading (Bob Celli as Marco), Actress: Leading (Jennifer Plotzke as Joanna), Direction (Bob Celli), Film Short (Bob Celli and Laura Delano), Original Score (Dave Fox), Editing (Cecilia Potenza Jimenez)
Camryn Murphy (USA), Sword Fight, Animation (Student)
Elisabeth Harris (USA), Stand UP, Speak OUT – Reproductive Rights: Know Your Rights, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Elisabeth Harris (USA), Stand UP, Speak OUT – 200+ Years: American Women Fight and Rise, Documentary Short
Fei Chen (China), Returning on the Golden Fields, Film Feature / Asian Theme
Frida Ding, Gina Yang and Hayley Lin  (USA), Apes in the Finery, Animation
Hilary Fennell (Ireland), Art Behind Bars, Documentary Program / Series, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays

Iara Cardoso (Brazil), The Human Era, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Iva Kevra (Ireland), Love of Magdalena, Original Score (George Ivanovich)
Jennifer Pepperman (USA), AFTER FOREVER Season 3 – The Final Season, LGBTQ+ Theme, Script / Writer (Michael Slade and Kevin Spirtas), Actor: Leading (Kevin Spirtas as Brian Stone), Actor: Supporting (Mitchell Anderson as Jason Addams), Actress: Leading (Linda Purl as Dr. Evelyn Myers), Direction (Jennifer Pepperman)
JJ Hollingsworth, Nikolay Khozyainov and Kimber Rudo (USA), Come To The Table, Original Score
Kalyn Elizabeth Wood and Hal Waghorn (United Kingdom), Screaming Silence, Actress: Leading (Kalyn Elizabeth Wood as Elizabeth), Experimental, Film Short
Kassi Crews and The Beacon House Association of San Pedro (USA),, Heart of Recovery, Documentary Short, Nonprofit / Fundraising
Kelly Moneymaker (USA), Drum Song: The Rhythm of Life, Direction, Documentary Short
Kelly Moneymaker (USA), Reclamation, Music Video
Kevin Short (United Kingdom), BONNIE & CLIVE, Film Feature

Khatuna Vashadze (Georgia), Devil’s Paradise, Ensemble Cast
Michele Josia (Italy), Joachim and the Apocalypse., Original Score
Mokhless Al-Hariri (USA), Chanting of the Dunes, Documentary Feature, Original Score, Script / Writer, Direction, Editing
Oleksandr Lozytskyi (USA), Vibes of the Planet: Mexico, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Patrick Guthrie (USA), RugbyTown Season 2, Television – Program / Series, Web Series
Patrick Norris (USA), Revamped, Film Short
Peter Issac Alexander (USA), Sci-Fi’s Forgotten AI Visionaries, Documentary Short, Television – Pilot Program, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Philip Escobar-Jung (Puerto Rico), La Línea Imaginaria, Original Score (Marcel Barsotti)
Qiang Chu (China), Her, Asian Theme

Roland Paul Marconi and Gary Null (USA), Sublimation Nation, Documentary Feature
Rui Wang (China), TOP RED, Animation
Susan Agostinelli (USA), Making of a Saint, Script / Writer
Timur Khvan and Alexander Guryanov (Russia), Commander, Film Feature
Wei Zhang (China), REDEMPTION WITH LIFE, Film Feature
Xaque Gruber, Sneak Preview Entertainment (USA), SALLYWOOD, Actress: Leading (Sally Kirkland as Sally)
Xiangdong Gui (China), Echoes of the Reminiscence, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Yifei Tang (China), Homeward, Eastward, Cinematography, Women Theme
Yishan Yang (China), The Iron Mountain, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

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