A Joy to be a Part of this Festival!

I was thrilled with the Rick Prickett, who was so hands on in getting us the laurels, info and so very professional. I wish everyone handled themselves like him. It was a joy to be part of this festival!

Merit Based Judging Gave Us Insights!

Thank you for accommodating “The Sun Behind You” and for this very unique criteria and merit based judging that gave us insights about the strengths of our film.

Feedback and Encouragement is Invaluable!

Grateful to Accolade for providing filmmakers a fair forum to display all the hard work and dedication we give to our projects… their feedback and encouragement is invaluable… how else will we know how well or not we’re doing? And how would we improve otherwise? So God Bless all the good people at Accolade for helping us give our work more meaning….

One of the Most Important Festivals in the US

This extraordinary Festival lets me think that it is certainly one of the most important short film festivals of the United States because of its remarkable sense of the organization and the prices granted. The excellent quality of the certificates awarded is matched only by the exceptional quality of the trophies which, even if they have to be bought, will leave their happy recipients an unforgettable memory! Long live at “The Accolade Global Film Competition!”