Awards of Merit February 2017

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

Babis Galanakis (Greece), A Journey, Film Short
Carlos Sargedas (Portugal), Cape Espichel – In Land of a Lost World, Documentary Feature
Christian Whittaker (United Kingdom), My Dearest Jean, Film Short
Connor Fitzgerald (USA), Succeeding at Life, Drama Program / Series
Danielle Kronenberg and Jay Palmieri Jr. (USA), Taste, LGBT
Danielle Kronenberg, Sandra Herlog and Jackie  Massar (USA), CANVAS, LGBT
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Surviving on the Strange Island (Argumentative Ability (2)), Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Super Intelligence Duel (Story Endings), Educational / Instructional / How-To
Hunt Burdick (USA), The White Bull, Film Short
INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE (USA), Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate, Film Short
Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Actor: Leading (Steve Carnahan as Billy Nightingale), Actress: Leading (Jacqueline Murphy as Olivia Spencer), Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series
James L. Perry (USA), The Cursed Man, Actor: Leading (Brahm Gallagher as Alister Kunkle), Actor: Supporting (Jim Tavaré as Terry)
Justin Krul (Netherlands), Unseen, Experimental
Kavi Raz (India), The Black Prince, Actor: Leading (Satinder Sartaaj as Maharajah Duleep Singh, Last King of Sikh Kingdom)
Nadav Mishali (Israel), Longing, Jewish (Student)
Niall Doran and Justin Smith (Australia), SIXTEEN LEGS, Original Score (Sixteen Legs & the Siren’s Song: Dean Stevenson and Kate Miller-Heidke)
Richard Anthony Dunford (United Kingdom), Heartbox, Film Short
Seanwen Yang (Taiwan), Postcards from Nanan, Film Short
Staci Layne Wilson, Philly Chick Pictures (USA), Psycho Therapy, Actress: Leading (Brooke Lewis as Tonia)
Tung Sun (Tiger) Tse (USA), Princess Yun, Film Short
Ty Coughenour (USA), Five Dollars, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Victoria Greene (USA), Forgotten Bayou, Documentary Feature

Film festival awardsAdam Gilbert (USA), On Softer Ground, Music Video
Alan De Herrera (USA), The Jumper Maybach Story, LGBT
Alicia Hayes (USA), THE LOOK, Film Short
Andrew Wall (Canada), THE LAST OBJECTORS, Christian, Documentary Short
Assaf Ben Shetrit (USA), Elements of Matter, Film Feature, Script / Writer
Aviv Kegen (Israel), Red Car, Film Short (Student)
bellopropello (Switzerland), cupid is not a terrorist, Animation
Catherine Ventura (USA), It’s All About Me, Music Video
Charles Mandracchia (USA), You Got A Problem…, Animation, Direction
Chris Flook, Ball State University (USA), Everlasting Light: The Story of Indiana’s Bicentennial Torch Relay, Documentary Short, Documentary / Program/ Series, History / Biographical / Travel, Cinematography
Chris Weatherhead, Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina’s Moving Images Group film division (USA), John Laurens War, Documentary Feature, Actor: Supporting (Clarence Felder as Henry Laurens), Cinematography (Richard Almes, UniMedia LLC)
Colin Graham and Laura Graham (United Kingdom), Outcaste – The House that Carol Built, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
David Swift (USA), Mine is the Sunlight: Refugee Youth in Germany, Documentary Short
Deborah Espect (United Kingdom), As We Are, Web Series
Declan Lighthouse (USA), Edition X, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Diana Boylston (USA), A Story Like Mine, Documentary Feature
Dieter – Michael Grohmann (Belgium), follow me, Experimental
Edgar Baghdasaryan (Armenia), The Simon’s way, Film Short, Script / Writer, Direction
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), What kind of question, what kind of investigation?, Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), One’s Conscience Asserts Itself (Selections from Mencius), Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Areas (2), Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Defeating the King of Germs, Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Three-dimensional Shapes (I), Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Eye, Ear, Mouth, Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Humanity and Nature, Educational / Instructional / How-To

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Elan J. Milkes (USA), Finding The Zone, Movie Trailer
Elizabeth Dean (USA), 1943, Women Filmmaker, Original Score (1943, composed by Shie Rozow), Dramatic Impact
Eric Heimbold (USA), BLIND SUSHI, Documentary Short
Fernanda  Dedavid and Renata Baldi (Brazil), TRANS, Documentary Short
Freddie Connor (USA), Sipped, Film Short, Direction, Creativity / Originality, Actor: Leading (Ralph Scott as George)
Han Zhang (USA), Stars, Animation (Student)
Imelda O’Reilly (USA), Eggs and Soldiers, Film Short
Ivan Ruiz Serrano (Spain), My tiredness hasn´t limit, Original Song (From The Enchanted, composed by Ivan Ruiz Serrano, lyrics by Ricardo Dávila and Ángela Boj)
Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Actress: Supporting (Maria Elena Infantino as Starlet Moore), Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Leon Winters as Mr Z), Original Song (When Your Admired, Music & Lyrics-Bridget Brady), Costume Design (Sue Wong, Warden Neil and Rashon Wilson), Original Score (Composed by Ruy Folguera), Direction, Script / Writer (Jacqueline Murphy, Lynne Newton, Leonid Andronov)
James L. Perry (USA), The Cursed Man, Actress: Leading (Brinna Locke as Dr. Anna Lee), Actress: Supporting (Ruth Connell as Bonnie), Film Feature
James William Theres and Chris Windfield (USA), The 30th of May, African American
Jeffrey Teitler (USA), OFFICER DOWN, Documentary Short
Jenness Rouse (USA), Becca on Call, Television – Pilot Program, Webisode, Women Filmmakers
Jo Meuris (USA), Why Use Animation?, Educational / Instructional / Training and Marydean Martin Library, Educational / Instructional / Training
Johan Eriksson (Israel), Hoda’s Story, Documentary Feature
Josiah Engstrom, MotoVike Films (USA), Teach Us All, Movie Trailer
Judson Vaughan (United Kingdom), Soul Breaker, Actor: Leading (Judson Vaughan as Freddie Dale and the Cosmos Creature)
Kamen Casey (USA), Red City, Film Short
Ken Marsolais and Nancy Vick (USA), The Bullish Farmer, Documentary Feature
Kento Masuda and Tomo Oya (Japan), Godsend Rondo, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Marcelo Martindale (USA), The Other Place, Web Tube Length Video
Maria Alvarez (USA), Céline, Women Filmmaker (Student)
Maritza Brikisak (USA), The Lurking Man – FEATURE, Actor: Leading (Daniel Lench as Sariel), Actor: Supporting (Frank Krueger as Wilson)
Matt Cline (USA), Blue Eyes, Music Video


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Melissa Troutman (USA), TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED], Documentary Feature
Melody Shemtov (USA), The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmaker
Michael Boston (USA), Dress Rehearsal, Actor: Leading (Michael Boston as Abner Trust), Film Short
Mischa Marcus and Stephanie Bell (USA), I Am Still Here, Women Filmmakers
Nasser Aldhaheri (United Arab Emirates), A tale of water, palm trees and family, Documentary Feature
Nicole Albarelli (United Kingdom), To Dream, Women Filmmakers
Paula Neves (USA), Pumpkin, Women Filmmakers
Peter Zhaoyu Zhou (USA), Karma, Animation (Student)
Ramana Pmv (India), Living Idle, Film Short
Rebecca Gibson, Eagle Vision (Canada), TAKEN – Emily Osmond, Television – Program / Series
Richard T. Wilson (USA), Under the Flowers, Web Series
Rob Nichols (Australia), Australian Penguins, Penguin Island, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography
Robert Rooy (USA), DEEJ, Disability Issues
Ryan David Tsang (USA), Nocturne, Film Short
Sadhvi Siddhali Shree (USA), Stopping Traffic, Women Filmmakers
Samuel Rich (USA), Lost Kites, Documentary Short
Sherry Malone (USA), What’s My Price?, Documentary Feature
Silver Donald Cameron and Chris Beckett (Canada), Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World, Documentary Feature
Sonia Bajaj (USA), Rose, Film Short
Stefanie Woodburn (USA), POLE, Film Short
Stephanie Neroes (USA), Fauk My Life: Pilot, Webisode
Steven Wishnoff (USA), Life Interrupted – Pilot, Actor: Leading (Mason Reese as Mason Bell), Actress: Leading (Alison Arngrim as Ally Hughes), Actress: Supporting (Dawn Wells as Annie Hughes), Television – Pilot Program
Sunny Tamber (Canada), Finding Spirit, Documentary Short
Tracy DuFlo, WPBS-TV (USA), Discovering Watertown, Documentary Program / Series
Tung Wu (USA), Butterfly, Film Short
Vladimir Kudryashov (Russia), Percent, Film Short (Student)
Ward Anderson, Alexynn Entertainment (Canada), Ward Anderson: Kind of, Sort of, Grown-Up., Humor / Humorist
We Make Movies, Inc. (USA), Off The Grid, Television – Pilot Program
Yeeshai Gross and Matt Scott (USA), Shattered, Educational / Instructional / Training, Jewish

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