Awards of Merit August 2022

Film festival awards

Award of Merit Special MentionFilm Festival Accolade

Ariyanto Yuniawan (Indonesia), Ajisaka, Animation
Brittany Charlotte Smith and Kenzie Yango (Canada), The Care Giver, Actress: Leading (Brittany Charlotte Smith as Dr. Catharine Stowe), Film Short
David P. Crews (USA), A Circle in the Desert, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Composed by David P. Crews)
Gary Null, Ph.D (USA), Science for Hire, Documentary Feature
Lisa Godfrey (USA), Film School, Film Short (Student)
Lisa Godfrey (USA), Seven Seeds Productions, Children / Family Programming (Student), Educational / Instructional / Training (Student)
Mosayeb Hanaei (Iran), Before Darkness, Film Short
Ramin Hosseinpour (Iran), Video Art Of Sculpture, Music Video, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Tom Gordon (USA), Tom Gordon’s BATTLE SCAR Music Video, Music Video
Film festival awards

Andrew F.C. Wall (Canada), The Satanic Panic and the Religious Battle for the Imagination, Documentary Feature
Ara Mnatsakanyan (USA), The American Good Samaritans, Documentary Feature
Benita Vera von Sass (United Kingdom), The Yesterday, Film Short
Brittany Charlotte Smith and Kenzie Yango (Canada), The Care Giver, Health / Medicine / Science
Carmen Rosa Vargas (Peru), Sonata For A Calendar, Actor: Leading (Oswaldo Salas as Alfonso), Film Short
Derek Sitter (USA), Bugtussle, Actor: Leading (John Mese as Crow), Actor: Supporting (Derek Sitter as Coyote), Film Short, Script / Writer (Derek Sitter), Original Score (Composed by James Hutchens and Johnny Bourbon)
Derrek Brajkovich-Horn (USA), Preparation Z, Direction, Editing, Film Feature
Guang Wei Yan (China), Out Of The Abyss, Film Short
Hsiang-Jen Tien (Taiwan), Huture, Film Short (Student)
Ismail Mohmmed (India), Kakitham – Paper, Children / Family Programming

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Jennifer Hathaway (USA), I’m Here, Animation (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jeremiah Hayes (Canada), Dear Audrey, Documentary Feature
Jessica Krummacher (Germany), The Death of My Mother, Film Feature
John R. Bowey (USA), My Otherland: Linden Jordan, LGBTQ+
Lindsey Ward (USA), Dominion, Documentary Short
Lisa Godfrey (USA), Seven Seeds Productions, Animation (Student)
Mateo Padula (USA), Mystery of Art, Experimental
Mathew Tretola (USA), Brownies, Animation, Special Effects: Animation
Mirek Balonis and Jutta Riedel (Germany), No fags, Documentary Feature
Mohammad Hossein Bagherifard and Mohammad Javad Mazroee (Iran), Uncle Saeed, Documentary Feature

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Ortal Odelia Biener (Israel), Daddy Issues, Web Series (Student)
Petra Braun, Robert “Dream” Hobelsberger Production (Germany), Siblings, Actor: Supporting (Robert “Dream” Hobelsberger as Jonas), Film Short
Robin Burke (USA), ripples and pools, Disability Issues, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Roham Rasouli (Iran), The Ring, Film Short
Romi Hasegawa (Japan), Me and Her, Asian, Direction, Film Short
Salaheddin Noori (Iran), My Partner Giraffe, Film Short
Stilvi Psilopoulou (Greece), Phoenix 2021/A Survival Guide, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Thomas Brouns (USA), The Search, Documentary Short (Student), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising  (Student)
Tianyu Tina Gu (USA), CURE, Asian (Student)
Veronica Tullo (USA), For Lonely Nights, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Student) (VO Eros)
Xi Wang (China), Menarche, Asian (Student)
Yizhi Lin (China), Guan C·X8129, Film Short (Student)

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