Awards of Recognition December 2023

Film festival awards

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Adrian Thomas Haverkate (Australia), Jim’s Second Chance, Christian
Anatoly Gun’ko (Russia), Fregatter – Winter Romance, Music Video, Original Score, Original Song
Angelique Benicio (USA), Gifted, Experimental
Anna Ma (USA), Romeo and Benvolio, Film Feature
Asiyeh Amirsardari (Iran), My Body, Film Short
Aylee Sunstrom (Australia), Phone-nomenon, Women Filmmakers
Carsten Fuhrmann and Mark Klotz (Germany), …der Flitter graut. Es bleibt Verpasstes übrig., Experimental
Charlotte Cuthbertson (USA), Gotaways, Special Purpose Productions
Christopher Kulikowski (USA), Gimme Shelter Part Three, Script / Writer (David Davidson)
Christopher Pennington (United Kingdom), An L.A. Story, Script / Writer
David Bermudez, Goofbird Entertainment (USA), Ghosted, Ensemble Cast
Dino Di Moia (Italy), THE IMPORTANCE OF LIVING 61 MINUTES MORE, Film Feature, Script / Writer (Dino Di Moia), Humor / Humorist
Dr. Vertna West (USA), In The Flow, Episode 1: How It All Began, Animation, Webisode

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Dragan Cotic (Germany), Assassination Orders from Belgrade, Christian
Dylan Dalton (USA), Homestead, Special Purpose Productions, College / University / Government (Southern Utah University production for Frontier Homestead State Park)
Elias Ellison (USA), Thursday, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Frank Reyes (Spain), Dante, el Prisionero de la Torre, Actor: Leading (Juan José Sanz as Dante), Actress: Leading (Coco Evers as Sol), Film Short, Direction (Frank Reyes), Editing (Cristobal Reyes)
Geraldine Pearl Bright, Band Of Strangers Films (USA), The Job, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Original Score, Original Song (Lovely People composed by Charlie Deane of Sleeping Lessons)
Gregory Klino and MJ Palo (USA), Beyond the Door, Film Short, Direction, Script / Writer (P James Norris)
Harun Kazaz, TripsOfDiscovery ASC. (USA), Rising Wings, Documentary Short
Hunter Nickless (USA), Beyond the Gate, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Cinematography (Student), Editing (Student)
Jian Liu (China), The Vanishing Kindergarten, Documentary Short (Student)
Jo O’Donnell (USA), ReImage, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Supporting (Julia Tutko-Balena as Fortune Teller)
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), Americans in Israel, Documentary Short, Editing, Film Short, Jewish, Music Video
Kareem J. Mortimer, Henrietta Cartwright and Lavado Stubbs (USA), This Is Paradise, Ensemble Cast (Dana Deveaux, Julia Woolley Chatwin), Television – Program / Series
Kekang Zhang (China), Whirl Bus, Film Short
Ken Moff (United Kingdom), The Highway to Hermitage, Special Purpose Productions

Recognition Colorful

Kevin John Veatch (USA), Chicken and Mr. Birke, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Mia McGlinn as Chicken)
Khatia Maglakelidze (Georgia), Migrating Textile, Documentary Short
Larry Guernsey (USA), Oyster Bay Rebellion, Animation
Lilton Stewart III (USA), Getting Hit On, Ensemble Cast
Marc Parisel (Thailand), The Mandate (Where will you Stand?), Asian
Mark A. Tarrant (Australia), Skull Crack – Covid Safe Domestic Violence By The State, Chapter III, Documentary Short
Mark Xie (China), Psalm, Experimental
Mauro Bussani (Italy), Green Forge 2030, Experimental, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing, Creativity / Originality
Maxim Timofeev (United Arab Emirates), YOUR DREAMS (?), Experimental, Direction
Maxim Timofeev (United Arab Emirates), THERE ARE NO SMALL OR BIG DECISIONS, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Melody Tally and Roderick Giles (USA), Zero Gravity In A Black Box, Actress: Leading (Melody Tally as Millicent)
Michael Buckley (Canada), Planet Ocean Blues, Documentary Short
Michael Howard (USA), Hello Cannabis, Television – Pilot Program
Michael Long (USA), Gorilla Tactics, Humor / Humorist

Recognition Colorful

Michael Shocket (USA), Witness, Documentary Short
Nadia Guo (China), The Film, Direction, Film Short
Nathan Schiltz (USA), Spring, Film Short (Student)
Neill Fleeman (as P.E. Marston) (USA), A Little Touch of Harry, Film Feature, Direction
Roman Balmakov (USA), No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?, Documentary Feature
Scott Kelston (USA), Untitled Trailcam Footage, Experimental
Sheldon A. Woodson (USA), Vessel, Actor: Leading (Joshua Christian-Azali as Marcus Surgeons), Actress: Leading (Mya Richardson as Vanessa Downs), Concept, Actor: Supporting (Sheldon Woodson as Manny Mullen)
Shihyun Wang (USA), Prophecy to Infinity and Beyond, Editing, Web Series
Shihyun Wang and James Chen (Taiwan), Urban Soldiers in Taipei, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Susan Weiss (USA), LIA: A Bodybuilding Story, Web Series, Web / Internet Programming
Timothy Wenzel (USA), The Gale II, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Tom Knoff and Kurt Hemmer (USA), American Joyride: 100 Lines for the Kerouac Centenary, Film Short, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Wafa Kanan (USA), Awakenings, Special Purpose Productions

Recognition Colorful


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