Awards of Recognition June 2024

Film festival awards

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Annabelle Kumaar (USA), Nowhere To Go, Actress: Leading (Shannon K as Emma), Direction
Anurag Srijit, Deep Kadam, Azzam Khan and Kshitij Jagdale (India), Chhava, Documentary Short (Student)
Arniko Kumar Singh (Nepal), DAKINI, Asian Theme, Asian Filmmaker
Arrim Jung (USA), The Red Vow, Asian Filmmaker (Student)
Becky Lee (USA), A Good Night Kiss, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Biyi Zhou (China), Neighbours, Film Short, Casting
C. A. MacFinn (USA), Ariel, Jewish Theme
Caleb Jarvis (USA), Answers, Script / Writer
Caleb Jarvis (USA), A Look Ahead, Experimental
Cherie Belle Kerr (USA), It’s the Gravy, Film Feature, Movie Trailer
Clare Cooney and Mile 213 Productions (USA), The River, Native Peoples Filmmaker, Women Filmmaker
Daniel Glaser (USA), “Lucifer Speaks” opening scene from The “I AM” movie, Christian Theme
Dash Jo (USA), Molasses, African American Filmmaker (Student), Use of Film / Video for Social Change (Student)
Dena K. Miller (USA), Mysterious Origin, Music Video
Diego Zamalloa (USA), Automate, Script / Writer (Student)

Recognition Colorful

Ellie Mae Smith, Ashleigh Ann Wood, and Joe Boi (USA), Hope, Christian Filmmaker (Student), Christian Theme (Student)
Gengqian Yang (Japan), Escape, Asian Filmmaker (Student)
Ginita Sunaina, Global Tara Entertainment (Netherlands / India), Uski Hmm Ki Aankh, Music Video
Halima Flynn (USA), I AM: Muslim/American, African American Filmmaker, Islamic Filmmaker, Women Filmmaker, Women Theme
Hannah Hwang (USA), The Han River, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Hector Eduardo Rivera (USA), People Power, Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ieva Lykos (Italy), The Ejector, Script / Writer
Jack Tempchin and Gregory Page (USA), MIDNIGHT JACK the MOVIE, Film Feature
Jennifer A. Uihlein (USA), Notes on a Page, Personal Growth
JJ Hollingsworth, Nikolay Khozyainov and Kimber Rudo (USA), Come To The Table, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Joe Costa (USA), She Is 17 Again, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Film Short, Women Theme
Josh Evert (USA), Dinner Set Gang – Ceiling Fan, Music Video
Karim El Masri (United Arab Emirates), My Portrait, Experimental
Karl Fallon (United Kingdom), Ghosts Moving Flowers and Physical Mediumship, Documentary Feature

Recognition Colorful

Kassi Crews and Ressel Yu (USA), THE FILIPINO BAKER – Episode1: “Blind Baking”, Asian Theme, Women Filmmaker
Kevin John Veatch (USA), Crayons, Chicken, and Mr. Birke, Children / Family Programming
Kevin John Veatch (USA), Chicken and Mr. Birke Public Service Announcement, Public Service Programming / PSA
Kevin Johns Nabukenya, Familia PablAnu (Uganda), My Love from Another Land, Women Filmmaker, Actor: Supporting (Hisham-Khan Ssemwanga as Lukwago)
Leona Krahn (Canada), Lifelines on the Edge – The Covid Connection in Canada’s Core, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Direction, Documentary Short
Marina Chankova (Ukraine), Dreaming in the Shadows, Disability Issues, Women Filmmaker
Martin Arnaldo (France), metempsychosis, Animation
Meng Wu (China), Today Must Not Be Our Last Goodbye, Documentary Short, Asian Theme
Miguel Angel Castillo García (Spain), Two-tailed Pasha (second part), Documentary Short
Miguel Lopez de Leon (USA), Walk Silent, Actor: Leading (Miguel Lopez de Leon as Peter)
Milena Stoykova and Paulina Gegova (Bulgaria), Cobbled Strings, Women Filmmaker

Recognition Colorful

Natalya Zhuk (Russia), The Steps, Film Feature
Patrick Lee (USA), My Little Boy Wonder, Asian Filmmaker, Asian Theme, Film Short
Rachel Suissa (USA), Greek Mothers Never Die, Actress: Leading (Abby Miner as Ella), Actor: Supporting (Simon Rérolle as Nick)
Rafael Burgos Nieves (USA), This Crowded Room, Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker (Rafael Burgos Nieves), Narration / Voiceover Talent (John Arthur Ricketts), Original Score (Melanie Vlosky and Michael P. Sorrentino, Jr.), Experimental
Rafael Maria Friebe (Germany), We Are One – Hülya, Islamic Filmmaker, Islamic Theme
Rich Dow (USA), CountablyUncommon, Documentary Feature
Rodrigo Villar Martínez (Spain), The End, Film Short, Script / Writer
Sahvannah Rae (USA), Binate, Actress: Leading (Kristine Nevrose as Stella), Film Short, Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker
Shihyun Wang (Namibia), Killings of the Century, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Concept
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Chinese Prophecies, Editing, Script / Writer
Trevor Wilde (USA), I’m on Fire, Film Short
Víctor Peceño (Spain), Way to North, Film Short, Direction
Yuhan Guo (China), THE LI WOMEN, Women Theme (Student), Asian Theme (Student)
Yuriy Chirkovsky (Russia), Дом Арендтов / House of Arendts, Documentary Short

Recognition Colorful


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