Awards of Recognition September 2023

Film festival awards

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Aaron Phelps (USA), Slanted Perspectives: My Life with SMA, Disability Issues (Student)
Adeena Michelle Karasick (USA), Eicha: The Book of Lumenations, Experimental, Jewish
Alexandra Maria Manda (Romania), Thank You, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Arvind Narale (Canada), Kuntal Kala, Film Short
ASAM Productions (USA), Favors, Actress: Leading (Agnete Strand as Alison), Actress: Leading (Amie Mitchell as Penny)
Ashton K. Bracciodieta (USA), Stringout, Film Short
Barron Myers (USA), Something More, Film Short
Bihong Sha (USA/China), See Me Once More, My Dear Kid, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Bob Spletzer (USA), SpaceWalk, Television – Program / Series
Charles & Mary Love (USA), Catastrophe Now! The Era of Global Boiling, Documentary Short
Daniel S. Janik (USA), Winnowing, Original Score
Dionne Wynn (USA), Lashing Out, Web Tube Length Video
Emily Anzalone (USA), Read, Film Short (Student), Editing (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Evie Abat (USA), Dad’s Gone Wild, Direction
Federico Raúl Bongiorno (Argentina), THE HOUSE OF THE MINOTAUR, Latin / Hispanic, Direction
Firdaus Kharas (Canada), Dementia: You Can Make A Difference, Special Purpose Productions
Hamidreza Zakiani (Iran), To See, Experimental
Ibrahim Kececi (Germany), Prussian Blue, Film Short
Jamie Sage Cotton (USA), Black Sheep, Film Short
Jeff Lukeski (USA), Teasing Elitism, Film Short
Joy Peter Halder (Bangladesh), PRITHIBI, Film Short

Recognition Colorful

Kai Dayoung Maeng (USA), Discord – “Your Place to Talk”, Commercial / Infomercial (Student), LGBTQ+ (Student)
Karen Driver (USA), Rodney, Disability Issues
Katreeva Phillips (USA), Wednesday’s Child, Women Filmmakers
Keyonda Smith (USA), Deserted in Bertie, Public Service Programming / PSA, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Kulbhushan Sarin and Ilaa Jain (India), Where Shall I Go, Now?, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Li Zirui (China), An Inescapable Chain, Actress: Leading (Student) (Li Zirui as Depressed Girl), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Asian (Student), Film Short (Student)
Maria Politano (USA), The C Train Is Waiting, Women Filmmakers
Mathias Magnason (USA), Leaving California: The Untold Story, Reality Programming
Matthew Nalbandian (Canada), GENESIS, Film Short
Melanie Belmonte (Spain), K I L L E R, Experimental, Script / Writer
Michael McQuown and Melissa Robison (USA), The Night Slayer, Direction (Michael McQuown), Film Feature (Michael McQuown and Melissa Robison)
Milena Stoykova (Bulgaria), Amsterdam, Vermeer and Keukenhof, Web Tube Length Video
Mouayed Zabtia (Libya), Story of Godia, Web Series
Nader Mohandesi (India), Repudiation, Asian, Film Short, Direction, Concept
Nicole Rozema (Canada), Hunted 2: Lost Pursuit, Original Score (Daniel Zea)
Olivia N’Ganga and Mikaël Dinic (France), Broken, Actress: Leading (Olivia N’Ganga as Olivia)
Omid Shenavar (Iran), Attila, Asian
Peggy Marie Kiefer (USA), Beneath the Curtain, Actress: Leading (Peggy M. Kiefer as Jennifer), Direction, Film Short, Women Filmmakers



Recognition Colorful

Peter Xifaras (USA), While My Guitar Weeps For Mehdi Rajabian, Music Video
Phillip McConnell (USA), Letters from an Immortal: Coffee Shop, African American
Qi Chen (China), Love and Dark Matter, Documentary Feature
Ramona L Taylor (USA), Compassionate Release, African American, Actor: Leading (Ronald Dillard, Chas Grayson)
Ricardo Daniel Kauffmann Lee (Germany/Mexico), To Kyiv and Back, Documentary Short
Rick Bedrosian (USA), I Could Eat, Pilot Program / Series
Roman S. Koenig (USA), Red Blooded, Actor: Leading (Sean Dillingham as Don Green), Actor: Supporting (Cayden Dillingham as Benjamin Green)
Sadie Duarte (Spain), Sheltered from Time, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (Iván Gisbert as Adam/Almaaz)
Sean Breathnach (Ireland), Don’t Open The Box, Actor: Leading (John Ryan Howard as Mike), Film Short, Direction
Shihyun Wang (Norway), Northern Exploration- Svalbard, Norway, Iceland and Greenland, Tourism / Travel
Sierra Productions (USA), TRANSFORMATION, Actor: Supporting (Ross Turner as Judge), Ensemble Cast
Silvia Sandra Martini (Spain), Amnesia, Women Filmmakers
Tobias Elvhage and Liza Morberg (USA), Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities, Documentary Feature
Vanessa Ozinger (USA), Behind the Curtain, Actress: Leading (Vanessa Ozinger as Kate), Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Xiaolei Bai (China), Lawyers of China, Public Service Programming / PSA
Yannick Borit (Myanmar), What if Schools Taught Us to Love, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Composed by Bruno Dalo and Pierre Djordjian)
Zaza Marquez (El Salvador), EL PLACER DE DAR PLACER, Dramatic Impact


Recognition Colorful


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