Awards of Merit November 2014

Film festival awards

The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

Award of Merit Special Mention
Airdog Media(Canada),
underEXPOSED Season 1 Trailer, Creativity / Originality
Film Festival AccoladeAlec Asten (USA),
Fell’s Point – Prize of the Chesapeake, History / Biographical / Travel, Creativity / Originality, Educational / Instructional / Training,
Brandon Freer (USA), Capsized, Film Short
Colin Gerrard (Netherlands), I KNOW YOU, Film Short
DeadLizard (USA), Finding The Spark Within – The WAE Center for the Developmentally Disabled, Disability Issues
Edward King, III (USA), Riddle Me This, Film Short
Jennifer Bonior (USA), Embalmer’s Gray, Women Filmmakers
Jessi Gotta (USA), LATE NIGHT LOCAL, Women Filmmakers
John Sanborn (USA), ALLoT (A Long List of Things), Experimental
Lauren and Nina Graham (United Kingdom), The Secret Life of Balloons, Women Filmmakers
Leonardo Liberti (Brazil), The secret of the sauce, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Mohamed Karim (Egypt), The Visit, Film Short, Direction
Natalie Burn (USA), Awaken, Film Feature
Rainier Rubin (USA), Side Trails, Film Short
Robert Marshall Wells (USA), Waste Not: Breaking Down the Food Equation, Documentary Short
Shahriar Adham El Kosht (Argentina/Canada), El Tiempo del Agua (Time of the Water), Latino / Hispanic
Shelagh Carter (Canada), Is It My Turn, Experimental, Creativity / Originality, Original Score (Is It My Turn)
Valerio Esposito (Italy), State of Grace, Special Purpose Productions
Warren Bass (USA), THE URBAN WORLD, Documentary Short
Wojtek Jezowski (Poland), 2020: The Series, a production of Black Rabbit with Trend Micro, Webisode / Internet Programming
Wonder Wheel Productions (USA), The Shoot, Film Feature
Yi Zhong (USA), Mara, Women Filmmakers

Film festival awards
Alex King (USA),
Given Our Chance, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
Alexxiss Jackson (USA), Sleeper Cell, Music Video
Amp Dulyatat Sripimanwat (New Zealand), Last Stop, Film Short
Andreas Heinrich (Switzerland), JEANNE , Film Short
Ann Bromberg (USA), Mbeti: The Road to Kisesini, Women Filmmakers
Ben Magana (Mexico), In Solum, Film Short
Big Spence (USA), Set Me Free, Film Feature
Bill Madden (USA) & Gaëna da Sylva (Canada), Francesca, Music Video
Billy Marchese (USA), Relatives, Documentary Short,
Brianna O’Donohue (Australia), Kali’s Date, Women Filmmakers
Chengliang Cai (USA), Six Dreams About a City, Experimental
Damian Overton (Australia), The dead bird, Film Short, Actor Supporting Role (Ryan Light), Editing
Dane Neves (USA), Poison Apple, Film Short
Daniele Bonarini (Italy), Like if.., Disability Issues
Daphne Rosenthal (Netherlands), Meanwhile, Looking elsewhere, Experimental
Denise Carey-Costa (USA), Tony’s Tale, Tragedy in Arizona, Documentary Short
Diana Galimzyanova (Russia), february 28, Women Filmmakers
Diane Glancy (USA), Four Quarters, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Eddie Goines (USA), 12 Days of Christmas, Script / Writer
Edson Luiz de Almeida (Brazil), The Bell, Documentary Short
Edward King, III (USA), Riddle Me This, Actor Leading (Eric David Ritter), Actor: Supporting Role (Don Harvey), Actor: Supporting Role (John Theodore)
Eleanor Bell (USA), Time Is Money, Documentary Short
Emil Nera (Philippines), The Confessional, Tube Length Videos
Fabian Hee (Malaysia), Google is Skynet is Nokia, Film Short
Fumi Hancock (USA), Of Sentimental Value, Film Feature, Women Filmmakers
Gerry Orz (USA), Conserve water PSA, Public Service Programming / PSA
Gina Szajnuk (USA), The Szajnuk (Zanik) Family Whole Genome Sequencing Mission, Special Purpose Films, Children /Family Programming
Guy Soulsby (United Kingdom), Devil Makes Work, Film Short
Hadley Hillel (USA), The Talk, Film Short
Hank Isaac (USA), LILAC – Series Pilot – Getting the Point Across, Webisode/Internet Programming, Actress: Leading (Elora Coble), Original Song (Broken Sky), Direction, Cinematography
Hedva Goldschmidt (Israel), Mekimi, Miniseries – The Accursed, Miniseries
Ihab Mardini (USA), Plastic Glory, Animation
Jaime Lee (USA), Bittersweet Monday, Film Feature
James Kicklighter (USA), A Few Things About Cancer, Documentary Short
James Newman (USA), Ashes to Ashes, Film Short
Jason Lange (USA), Share, Film Short
Jefferson Stein (USA), Tumble Dry Low, Film Short
Jesse Rosenberg (USA), Life Sentences, Documentary Short
Jim Ford (USA), Girl’s Bike, Film Short
Joe Carter (USA), Anything in the World, Animation – Shift, Documentary Short
Joe Castro and Steven Escobar (USA), FRANKENFAKE, Documentary Feature, Editing, Creativity/Originality, Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery,
Jon Leonoudakis (USA), The Day the World Series Stopped, Documentary Short
Joseph Spadaro (Italy), Upstairs, Television – Pilot Program
Jose Solomon (USA), CAPRICHOSAS, Latin American/Latino/Hispanic
Judith Morrow (Canada), The Healing of Heather Garden, Documentary Short
Julie Perion (Netherlands), The Heat and the Cold War, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
June Vutrano and Erin Lovall (USA), Seeking Truth in the Balkans, Documentary Feature
Kai Waker (Russia), Melancholic Park, Music Video
Kaleb George (USA), Peace – The Untold History, Christian
Kelley Slagle (USA), Of Dice and Men, Film Feature
Kristen Palana (Italy), This Too Shall Pass, Women Filmmakers
Lab51 Media (USA), Placefull, Creativity/Originality
Lance Barnett (USA), Professor Isle’s Laboratory, Television – Pilot Program
Liliana Colombo (United Kingdom), They Pose for Their Portraits, Documentary Short
Linda Millar (Australia), Long Shadows, Movie Trailer
Meredythe Dee Winter (USA), She Rocks The Planet! TV #SheilaEICON, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Mike Ray (USA), The Helen Lindsey Story, Documentary Short
Mugshot Films (United Kingdom),  Love Me Tinder, Film Short, Actor Leading (Tom Lorcan)
Mukesh Asopa (Canada), Chambers Gate, Film Feature
Nathanael Draper (Canada), Framz – Run Past the Future (feat. Jeff Baker), Music Video
Noel Schwerin (USA), In An Ideal World, Documentary
Odyssey Networks (USA), Habitat for Humanity and the Theology of the Hammer, Documentary Short – People of Faith March to Save The Planet, Documentary Short, – Reuniting Immigrant Families on Long Island, Documentary Short
Olivier Duchene (France), Les Nautres, Liberation/Social Justice/Protest
On the Leesh Productions (USA), What You Can Do Presents – Drought, Extreme Weather and Our Marine Animals, Use of Film / Video for Social Change & What You Can Do – What You Need to Know About Mercury, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Paul Kaitson (USA), Antique Prayers, Christian
Pei Jung Wang (Taiwan), Not Much To Say, Music Video
Roberta Cantow (USA), Not a Still Life, Documentary Feature
Robert McBride (USA), The Madness at Midnight, Film Short
Rosalyn Rosen (USA), The Other Kind, Women Filmmakers
Runze Zhou (China), Copyright Warfare, Film Short
Simon Camp (Australia), The Cowboy – The Beginning., Webisode / Internet Programming
Tim Gruenewald (Hong Kong) and Ludwig Schmidtpeter (Germany), Sacred Ground, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Tomasz Wiśniewski (Poland), Central Park, Documentary Feature
Mugshot Films (United Kingdom),  Love Me Tinder, Film Short, Actor Leading (Tom Lorcan)
Tuo Wang (USA), Vanitas – A Study for Human Opera, Experimental
Wayne Schoenfeld and Mailis Burgaud (Canada), Liberia: Emerging from the Shadows?, Documentary Short

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