Winners May 2014

ron howard film festival

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David Wasson & Akhil Bali, Do You Think I’m Pretty? feature film

film festival winning

David Wasson & Akhil BaliDo You Think I’m Pretty?, feature film, is a gritty and stark portrayal during which a young woman struggles with lost self-esteem, natural insecurities and drug addiction. She meets a well-balanced and loving man but is desperate for love and comes unraveled when he takes an assignment in another city. This film is a visual treat with outstanding performances by Marion Elaine and Darryl Sorrentino. This is writer/director David Wasson’s first feature film who was fortunate to have Bollywood trained director of photography and producer Akhil Bali.Award of Excellence wordsArizona State University – Cronkite PR LabNational Newspaper Association: Community Newspapers: Where Lives Touch, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Beijing Great Century Media Co. LTD (China)Parallel Maze, feature film
Bildersturm Filmproduktion, (Germany)Das Maracana-Stadion in Rio de Janeiro – Tempel der Emotionen, feature documentary
Cope and Dalton (United Kingdom)Future Duck!, webisode, creativity/originality and humor/humorist
Cottage Court ProductionsNursery Rhyme, feature film
Cristina FrancoIn the Black , short film
David Whittet Films (New Zealand)Amiri’s Child, feature film
DENKmal-Film (Germany)Unter Menschen, feature documentary
Elizabeth MitchellMoving Out, music video
Ema Shah (Kuwait)Masheenee Alcketiara, music video and art direction
Gianpiero Alicchio (Italy)The Date, short film, leading actor (Gianpiero Alicchio: Manuel Ricco) and leading actress (Camilla Bianchini: Stella Sacca)
In The Light ProductionsLove Thy Nature, feature documentary, cinematography and voice-over talent (Liam Neeson)
Layalina ProductionsGeneration Entrepreneur, television documentary series
Marina LoosFatty, short film
Michael CurtisGift, short film and direction
Mohammed Jassim (Bahrain), Hodgkin’s, short documentary and direction
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia)I’m Star, feature film and leading actress (Natasha Dematra as Mella)
Pineapple Movie Limited (Hong Kong)Twilight Online, feature film and leading actor (Inspector Gu)
Point One Designs (Bali)Tovid & Steffi, weddings
Rahdy Elwan (United Kingdom)Undressed, short film
Say Yes Quickly ProductionsBeautiful Faces, disability issues
Silver Girl PicturesDinner with Ana, women filmmakers
Spheroid ProductionsLove Carries, short film
Spiderwood StudiosDarker than Night, movie trailer
Telsius Productions, LLCWhere’s My Food?, feature documentary

Award of MeritwordsAaron Southgate (Australia), Laajool: a fifteen year film school, short documentary
ABG Productions (United Kingdom)The Wishing Horse, short film
Anne McGrathSlushamed, women filmmakers
Aria Studio Limited (China)Cherished Memories, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Arizona State University – Cronkite PR LabNational Newspaper Association: Community Newspapers: Where Lives Touch, script/writer; and Tempe Coalition: Reach HIGH: Volleyball Player, public service programming
augenschein Filmproduktion (Germany)Wer ist Thomas Mueller?, feature documentary
BAK (Australia)Life and Perception, music video
Beecher Reuning – Regent UniversityThe Other Side, short film
Bettina Bilger, In The Dark, short film
Brian Sepanzyk (Canada)Seventh Prayer, music video
Bryan BeasleyDracula’s Angel, animation
Cara PictonOn A Dime, leading actress (Cara Picton as Sophie)
Casey Hayward – Bentley UniversityControl Yourself, short documentary
Chasing Frames Productions, Ltd. (India)Gawah, short documentary, cinematography and direction
CMM Productions (Malta)Hal Far Airfield, short documentary and research
Dean Karalekas (Taiwan)The Kiss of Lady X, feature film
Dusable FilmsLook in the Mirror, feature film
Elliot Smith, Sitting Duck, short film
Ema Shah (Kuwait), Masheenee Alcketiara, direction and costume design
Eric Esser (Germany)We Weren’t Given Anything For Free, feature documentary
Esteban UribeSchlock Fish, short film
Florianfilm GMBH (Germany)John Irving und wie er die Welt sieht, feature documentary
Gianpiero Alicchio (Italy)The Date, script/writer
Glass City FilmsChrysalis, feature film
GolightlyFilms, Inc.Deleria, videography
Guang Cheng Shie (Taiwan)The Caramel Corn Riot, experimental
Health & Safety InstituteFlammable Liquids: Know your Risks, training/industrial
HQ CreativeNatsanat, liberation/social justice/protest
In The Light ProductionsLove Thy Nature, direction
iPro FilmsTaking it for Granted, short film
J. Van AukenT.B.I., short film
James HiattMidnight, by Ships Have Sailed, music video
Jason HuberUnconventional, pilot program/series
Jeremy Newman – The Richard Stockton CollegeCity in a Garden, video remixes/mashups
John Smith, Indigo, feature film
KaneStar ProductionSomething of Love: A Tribute to Roger Amm , educational/instructional/training
Katherine Jacobs, For A Reason, short film
Klayton Stainer (Australia)I Remember the Future, short film
Layalina ProductionsYemeniettes, feature documentary
Little Hawk Films (New Zealand)Song of the Kauri, feature documentary
Ludovica Lirosi (Italy)Desperate People, webisode/internet programming
Maida Hals (Norway)Violence Done Well, music video
Mark Chavez (Singapore)The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate, animation
Maureen Zalloum (United Kingdom)Anemone, women filmmakers
Michael AddisonWe’ll Be Coming Home, music video
Michael GunterChutes and Gates, short film
Michael HornAnd Did They Listen?, feature documentary
Michel Demers (Canada)The Garage, feature documentary
Misfit Media (Germany)Let Go, short film
MissMottMedia, LLCSanFranLand, webisode/internet programming
Neeti Fidurko, Paxtor Promo, experimental
Nikolay Bogomilov (Bulgaria)The little man Michail, short film
Ninesky Studio (Canada)The Glimmering Light, short film
Noah Shulman, Confluence, experimental
Northern Voyage ProductionsSole Reconciliation, short documentary
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia)I’m Star, direction
Phexo Pty Ltd. (Australia)On the Road, Asian American
Pineapple Movie Limited (Hong Kong)Twilight Online, leading actress (Ngai Yor Yee)
Point One Designs (Bali)Monica & Alan, weddings
Quadrolux (Germany)Preon Box, industrial/technical
Quiet Center Films, LLCEureka! The Art of Being, feature documentary
River Stone Pictures (Australia)Who Mines the Riches – Strange Tenants, music video
Robert MoiseClose Friends, webisode/internet programming
Roman SimonyanLittle Things, short film
S.W.A.T.S. FilmsDirty Shield, feature film and direction (Edgar Jimz)
Sarah SwingleySet in Stone, women filmmakers
Simon Camp (Australia)EOTW, short film
Spheroid ProductionsLove Carries, direction and leading actor (Bert Schultz)
Spiderwood StudiosDarker than Night, lighting and special effects: non-animation/stunts
Taylor Made ShortsThe Co-Star: Master Acting Class, leading actress (Jeanne Taylor)
The Rich Matteson FoundationPortrait of an Original, feature documentary
The Weather Channel & Efran FilmsAlive: Fire in the Sky, Webisode
Thomas CznartyAfter the Sweat Dries, short documentary
Tracey Anarella, Jesse and the Fountain of Youth, short documentary
Wendy MarieDetermined: Believe and Never Give Up, children/family programming and educational/instructional
YAM Motion PicturesPositive, short film
Yoann Luis (France)Forest Monument, music video
Zeke HunterSleeping Alone, music video