AWARDS of MERIT August 2014

Film festival awards

Award of Meritwords

Film Festival AccoladeAdam Schwartz (USA), Zom-Com, television/pilot program
Alberto Aguilar and Jennifer Rachel Carrasco (USA), PSA Drunk Driving, public service programming/PSA
Alexander Komarov (Russia), Techfilm, commercial/infomercial
Alexandra Jackman (USA),
A Teen’s Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism, documentary short
Ange McLane and Dimitri Moore (USA),
LU5TRO, experimental
Anna Troyanskaya (Russian Federation), Another’s Evil, film feature
Annie Grosshans (USA), Acts of Witness, film short
Art Herbig (USA), Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11, educational/instructional/training
Artem Makarevich (Russia), The perfect drug, film short, Award of Merit: use of film/video for social change
Ball State University (USA), A Legacy Etched in Glass: The Ball Brothers in Muncie, direction, documentary short
Ball State University (USA), Set In Stone, film short, leading actor (Caleb Donahoe), art direction, cinematography, direction, lighting, original song (Set in Stone), script/writer, sound editing/sound mixing
Brian Fabian (USA), Left Over the series, webisode
CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS (New Zealand), UTU PIHIKETE, film short
Che Grant (United Kingdom), One Night Only, film short
Cheyanne Kane (USA), Dispossessed, film short
Chris Rowe (USA), Inner Horizon, film short
Chris Shimojima (USA), 6-minute Mom, film short
Christopher Nation (USA), SO IN LOVE, movie trailer
Christopher Rithin (United Kingdom), Outside the Box, webisode/internet programming
Cindy St.Vil (USA), Solo Cypher Music Video, music video
Connor Hastings (USA), Trail of Light, film short
Craig Williams (USA), The Last Piece, film short
David Dibble (USA), Moon-Lite, children/family programming, original score (Moon-Lite)
David Whittet (New Zealand), Rere’s Children, film feature
Derrick Small (USA), Art-Is-Umm: The Way To Heal, disability issues
Dragos Bratasanu (Romania), The Amazing You, educational/instructional/training
Eli Halbreich (USA), Bum on a Bench: A Fight to the Death at Storybook Park, experimental
Elizabeth Gracen, Flapper Films (USA), The Damn Deal, documentary short
Emanuele Michetti (USA), A Chance By Chance, experimental
Eulàlia Comas (Spain), Collective economy. Europe’s last revolution, documentary feature
Fiona Cochrane (Australia), All In Her Stride, Women filmmakers
Francesco Faralli (Italy), As in the movies, disability issues
Franco Esteve (Spain), Consequence, The Doll Chronicles, film short
Fred Schwartz Jr. (USA), Back to the Yard Episode 6, webisode
Georgia Gwynne Gruber (USA), The Courier, film short
Grace Chuang (USA), In Your Shoes, film short, women filmmakers, Asian American
Greg Laurie’s Harvest Ministries (USA), Caught Inside, Christian
Gregory Graham (USA), Heavy Metal Greg, remixes/mashups
Guy Davidi (Palestine), High Hopes, liberation/social justice/protest, Native American/aboriginal peoples
Guy-Roger Duvert (France), Cassandra, film short
Harper College (USA), Love Janine Pommy Vega, educational/instructional/training
Holger Klussmann (Germany), Kyrie, documentary short
Homer Azari (USA), Lay with Me, film short
Jennifer Nicole Stang (USA), Broken by Way Jose, film short
Jeremy Newman (USA), A Cosmos of Patterns, documentary short
Jorge Bortolussi (Mexico), Comerte a Besos, Latino/Hispanic
Joyce Storey (USA), Enchanted Forrest, children/family programming
Kaleb George (USA), Oatmeal, Christian
Kevin Flint (USA), Tama Ora (Child Alive), disability issues
Kevin Machate (USA), #RIP, film short
Larry Hankin (USA), How To Become an Outlaw, experimental
Laura Enem (USA), The Loonies (3Ep), webisode/internet programming
Leon Liberman (USA), Chiefed, film short
Leslye Abbey (USA), Buffalo Nation: The Children Are Crying, liberation/social justice/protest
Liliane de Kermadec (France), Le Murmure des Ruines, film feature
Linda Jewell and Dorian Kingi (USA), Violence, film short
Lois Bielefeld (USA), Ladies Out, documentary short
Lorenzo Berghella (Italy), Too Bad., animation
Luciana Lagana (USA), Dr. Luciana Show – Aging and Falling, educational/instructional/training and Intimate Temp Agency, women filmmakers
LuisMartinFlores G. (Canada), CIERRE a BLANCAS, Latino/Hispanic
Marcus Henderson (USA), Shotgun, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Maria Luskay (USA), Green Vs. Gold: Brazil’s Race to Balance It’s Sports-Fueled Tourism Boom, documentary feature
Mark Gendala (Australia), The Betrayal, documentary short
Matthew Marshall (Canada), Daughter of the King, Christian, leading actress (Debra van Gaalen), direction
Matthew Smolen (Australia), Chris & Josh (Season 2), webisode/internet programming
Matthew Woodget (USA), Flavor & Fuel – A Story of Modern Craftsmanship, experimental
Megan Rohrer (USA), Zanderology, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Mengyi Xu (USA), Zuzumi, animation
Michael Buckley (Canada), Plundering Tibet, documentary short, liberation/social justice/protest
Michael Eckels (Russia), Exit, documentary short
Michael Rhodes (USA), Near Fall, film short
Michael Whalen (USA), The Farmer & The Chef, documentary feature
Michael Zack (USA), Captain Bill’s Fun, Fun, Funship… of Madness, Mayhem, and Music, television/pilot program
Mike Vannelli (USA), Sunday Story, film short
Mitchell Klebanoff (USA), Drown The Alarm, music video
Mo Lai Yan-Chi (China), N+N, film feature
Nicolas Caicoya (Spain), Hyena´s Blood Trailer, movie trailer
Nima Beltijeh (Canada), Utopie, film feature
Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz (Mexico), Eternal Vendetta, Latino/Hispanic
Ozfrank and Polygranate (Australia), The Castle of Macbeth’s Head, film feature
Paolo Pizzi (USA), The Blue Marble Of Joys And Sorrows, music video
Peter Varsics (Hungary), A Strange Kind of Love, film short
Philippe and Maxine Carillo (USA), Inside the Garbage of the World, documentary feature
Qing Mei (USA), White Summer, film short
Rachel Lamping (USA), Different Not Less, disability issues
Richard J. McCollough (USA), The Art of Architecture, nonprofit/fundraising
Robert Bryce Milburn (USA), American Hell, film short
Rodney Daughtrey (USA),  Waves Through The Windows – Away, music video
Rosalie Tenseth (USA), Failure Groupies,  women filmmakers
Rose of Dolls and Oliver Mend (Spain), Gifted Corporation, webisode/internet programming
Roxi Khan (United Kingdom), Night of Light, animation and Peace Man, movie trailer
Ryan Huang (USA), The Root of Evil, film short, feature film, movie trailer
Ryan Weaver (USA), One Month Later, movie trailer
Sahand Nikoukar (USA), The Magic Shoes, film short, children/family programming
Sanjay Patel (Canada), If You Love Your Children, film short
Sean Finley (USA), Water Monster – Southern Lights, music video
Shekhar Bassi (United Kingdom), No Love Lost, film short
Shyama Bhargava (India), Antarpravaah (Under Current), film short
Simon Birks (United Kingdom), Last Contact, webisode/internet programming
Skyler Cooper (USA), HERO MARS, liberation/social justice/protest, women filmmakers
Sundiata Cowels, CTS (USA), Designed for Battle: VTOL Model 49 and AAFSS Program, documentary short, creativity/originality, research
Tammy Ann Casper and Alex Downs (USA), Healing My Sister: Detox, documentary feature
Thomas Haley (USA), Officer Down, film short, leading actress (Brooklyn Haley), direction
Tim Wilkerson (USA), Oracles Of Pennsylvania Avenue, documentary feature
Tracey Birdsall (USA), Do You Like Your Balls?, leading actress (Tracey Birdsall)
Victoria Zika (USA), Little Treasure, women filmmakers
Vincent Panepinto (Belgium), Room 149, documentary feature
Walter Reuben (USA), The David Whiting Story, film feature
Will Sanchez (USA), Save the Putnam Nature Trail, liberation/social justice/protest
Xin Yin (USA), A Flower In The Box, animation
Youxin Yang (USA), PEACE-Melody under Brushes 1. Baby, get rid of that dark obsession, please!, experimental, music video, arts/cultural/performance/plays