Winners August 2012

ron howard film festival
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Eric Chaney, Indigo Children, feature film, is a love story in which the loneliness and uncertainty that comes after the death of the young man’s parents and the disappearance of the girl’s uncle weaves a common thread between them. This subtle, attractive film is by talented director Eric Chaney who excels at character development.

documentary winnerPeoples Production Limited (China), Growing Old with Chinese Pastries, May Food Keep Us Together, documentary series, recalls the lifetime marriage of an elderly couple who have lived and toiled away every waking moment at a pastry shop in a small fishing village since 1960. This is a touching and well-crafted documentary.
Award of Excellence wordsAttercop Productions (United Kingdom), Treasures, short film
Bohemian Industries, Muscle Hawk’s “Electric Light”, music video
Capture (United Kingdom), Hawk, short film
Daniel MacMunn/PROTECT(h)ER Productions, Out of Place, short film
EJI Films LLC, Off Season, short film
Eric Patrick, Retrocognition, experimental
Forest Brothers LL, The Invisible Front, feature documentary
Foster Entertainment, So This Is Christmas, feature film
GAPC Entertainment Inc. (Canada), The Prime Radicals, children/family
George Papanikolaou (Greece), The Designer, short film
Just Yell Fire, Just Yell Fire: Campus Life, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Marc Nathanson, Small Town, Big Dreams: Lake Placid’s Olympic Story, research
Merestone, Emma Stone Intro, sales/branding/product demonstration
Naumann Film (Germany), In the Centre of the World – Deutsche Finance Group, sales/branding
New Page Communications Ltd. (China), Evolution of Russia, television series
New York Film Academy – Guy Malim, Medicine Men, short film
Petulla Pictures, Reversal, feature film
Surging Media Group, Big Boss Soupmaker, commercial/infomercial
Temelkuran Film and Music (Turkey), Know My Name, feature documentary
The Connecticut Council for Education Reform, Great Expectations: Raising Educational Achievement, documentary feature
University of Southern California – Roozbeh Dadvand, Mossadegh, short film
Vassar College, Department of Film – Cassie Gomes, Circle Circle Dot Dot, children/family
Award of MeritwordsAllegro Films (United Kingdom), Everything is a Present, arts/cultural
Alyssa Lomuscio, A Jaded Life, disability issues
Amir Kaufmann (Germany), Cycle of Existence, creativity/originality
Andy Collier (United Kingdom), Fairytale, short film
Aneel Ahmad (United Kingdom), Boy in the Tree, short film
Anna Troyanskaya (Russian Federation, Kathy’s Love, feature film
Anthony Werhun, America, music video
Artful Dodger Productions, American Autumn: An Occudoc, feature documentary
Attercop Productions (United Kingdom), Treasures, leading actress and supporting actress (Sam)
Asbury University – Joshua Overbay, My Brother, My Brother, short film
Bootleg Productions, Safety First, short film
Carlos Florez, I Am Butterfly, short film
Christopher Boyd, The Come Up, short film
Cortron Media LLC, Voices, public service programming
Demian (Brazil), Dia De Preto, feature film
Dena Seidel, Thailand Untapped: The Global Reach of Engineers Without Borders USA, feature documentary
Diana Nicolae, A Private Judgment, women filmmakers
Domenico Ciolfi (Italy), Sally and the Egg, children/family programming
Dreaming Film Productions, LLC, Dreaming American, short film
Edgardo Jimenez, The Evil’s Gate, Latino/Hispanic
Entertainment33 (Canada), Universal Ninjas, feature film
Erik Mueller, Wall Geek, pilot program/series
Erik Sun Productions, How War Ends, short film
Esras Films LTD. (Ireland), Misinérí Radacacha Sa Tsalvador (Episode Two), documentary program/series
Farnham Film Company (United Kingdom), Enchantress, feature film
Garen Thomas, In Brotherhood, pilot program/series
George Papanikolaou (Greece), The Designer, direction
Georgia and John Macey, Dog of Carnage, short film
GooseMan Pictures, The Last Great Romantic Comedy, short film
Grassroots Films, Child 31, short documentary
Haiwei Hou (Canada), Vernal Equinox, animation
Hessam Nowzari D.D.S. PhD. Inc., What Killed the Smile of Hatshepsut: A Woman Who was a Pharaoh, short documentary
Hospice Foundation, Okuyamba, short documentary
Houston Independent School District, Within our Walls, educational/instructional and Memorial Elementary, documentary
Ivan Capillas (Spain), Alienated, original score
John Handem Piette, Dalai Mongol, experimental
Josh Vipat, Carpe Diem, short documentary
John E. Watermen, My Glass Odyssey, feature documentary
Justin Pixler, Pound for Pound, animation
Just Yell Fire, Just Yell Fire: Campus Life, use of film/video for social change
Lytas Networks Co, Ltd. (Republic of China), 100 Secrets of Seeds, animation, art direction and educational/instructional
Marc Nathanson, Small Town, Big Dreams: Lake Placid’s Olympic Story, feature documentary
Mark Birnbaum Productions, Swingman, short documentary
Megan Ebor, Even Me, African American
Mental Productions, Tonight, feature film
Merestone, Fueling The Ages, corporate/employee communication
Michael Chmiel, Charred, short film
MissT Productions, T4Tango, feature documentary
Moonshadow Productions, Meth, Sex & STD’s, educational/instructional
Mozer Films (Israel), The Invisible Men, feature documentary
New Page Communications Ltd. (China), Hong Kong – Moscow: Everyday Heroes, television series
Outreach Arts, Inc., After I’m Gone, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Paul van Zyl, Elegy for a Revolutionary, liberation/social justice/protest
Peoples Production Limited (China), The Banquet Must Go On, May Food Keep Us Together, cultural
Phillip Abraham, Volviendo, feature film
Picardia Films (Chile), Salt, Latino/Hispanic, cinematography and viewer impact: entertainment value
Regent University – Timothy Kay, The Silver Crown, short film
Reuters TV, Egypt: Casting My First Vote, use of film/video for social change
Sean Kinney, Professional Pretender, music video
Seung Yeob Lee, Goose Family, short film, Verlander Fathead, commercial/infomercial
Sinan Chevik (Australia), Minotaur, short film
Single Son Productions, Cocktails and Dreams, short film
Tara-Nicole Azarian, ROTFL, public service programming
Thomas Lounsbury, You Bet, short film
Trevor Hill, The Religious Test, feature documentary
Triangle Road Entertainment, Little Shrink, children/family
Triple Threat Pictures, A Child, short film
University of Notre Dame – Beth Grisoli, Story of Matt Swinton, college/university
University of Toronto – Gina Alexandris (Canada), The Way In, educational/instructional
Vassar College, Department of Film – Patty Cruz, Frozen, women filmmakers
Whalen Films, Gringos at the Gate, feature documentary