Winners February 2012

ron howard film festival
best of show words copy

2B Productions, Irena Sendler: In the Name of Their Mothers, women filmmakers, a 95-year-old Polish heroine Irena Sendler tells the unknown story of a conspiracy of women who outwitted the Nazis and rescued thousands of Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during WWII. This is an engaging, well-crafted documentary.

Josh Tuthill, A Song for the Undertaker, animation, is a short animated film about a recluse, who is given one last chance to express his love for life, before death comes knocking on his door. This short has an every-person storyline, exceptional hand-crafted animation and great music.

bollywood film festival

Prashant Nair (France), Delhi in a Day, feature film, is an English/Hindi dark comedy that examines class differences in the context of a pampered, nouveau-riche, contemporary Delhi family. When the money of a British visitor disappears the household staff is given twenty-four hours to replace it or face the consequences.
Award of Excellence words1A Productions, Ltd. (United Kingdom), KJB – The Book that Changed the World, Christian
Apple Bandit Productions, Currency, feature film
Altermain Productions (Australia), Brush, feature film
Bee Holder Productions, Kevorkian, feature documentary
Brusta Brown, Natural 20, short film
Burning Haywagon Productions, Consider the Conversation, short documentary
Creative Share Studios, Quartet, video blogging
Exposure Productions, LLC, College Life, feature documentary
Garland Waller Productions, No Way Out but One, feature documentary
Health and Safety Institute, ASHI: CPR and AED, training/industrial productions
Jenkev Productions, Inc., The Silent Thief, feature film
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), What Makes Us Human, health/medicine/science
Liquid Creations (Australia), Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, short documentary
Live Wired Productions, Without A Net, feature documentary
Moon Tribe Studios, Population: 2, feature film
New Democracy Productions (Canada), The Memory Box, short documentary
Other Films, Red Bull Signature Series Show Open, cinematography
Rocket & the Rizz, Paul & The Tall Trees – The Little Bit of Sunshine, music video
The Creation Lab, The Irrigationist, feature documentary and cinematography
The Monk Studio / Noble Tales, Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!!, animation
The Moxie Institute, LLC, Connected: An Autoblogography about Love, Death & Technology, feature documentary
WDR College (Germany), Love Stories from Moscow 1993 -2009, documentary feature
Xebec Media, Ltd. (China), Trollbeads World Tour – Hong Kong, sales/branding/product demonstration
Award of MeritwordsAcadia Pictures, Men at Work: Voices from Detroit’s Underground Economy, feature documentary
Adventist Media Network (Australia), Beyond the Search, Christian and cinematography
Air Visionary Production Company (China), Flipping, feature film
Alagna Films (Australia), The Last Race, short film
Andrey Kochkin, Grab Hold Tight, music video
Arizona State University, Intel, corporate/employee communication and special effects: animation
Arran Murphy, The Twenty, sound mixing
Arsenal Entertainment, Levi’s – The Rescue, animation
Atheaton Media Center (Greece), Bittersweet Symphony of Life – Wedding Trailer, movie trailer
Avi Quijada, Just Like Her, short film
Bahcesehir University (Turkey), Erik Zamani, short film
Barbara Garvey Myers, Destiny Knows My Name, music video
BBluesky Company Limited (China), Asia Society Hong Kong Center: The Future of The Past, cinematography and corporate/employee communication
Bright Forest Productions, LLC, The Rubicon, director
Burning Haywagon Productions, Consider the Conversation, concept and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Carriage House Media, LLC, Fish the World, educational/instructional
Chandlery Productions, Lakeside, movie trailer
Chapman University, A Salton Soul, short documentary; and Worlds Apart, Native American/aboriginal peoples
Chen Zhus (Australia), Hang in There, short film
Chris Cresci, Among Giants, liberation/social justice/protest
Collaborated Genius, Most High, short film and leading actor (Robert S. Martin as Dikahyos)
Columbia University, FaceTime, tube length videos
Cousins, Newlyweds, commercial/infomercial
Craig Miller Productions, Inc., I Am Novelis, corporate/employee communication
Dream Wild Productions, Arlington, music video
Double B Films, The Lucky One, short film
Ecstasy Film, Inc. (Canada), Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, feature film
Edespeeds Media, Los Angeles Noir, short film
Ellen Tripier, Dying Green, short documentary
Ellenor Argyropoulos (Australia), Life Through A Lens, women filmmakers
Erin Davis, Meat Man, short film
Forestfire Productions, Real Truth: The Brian Scalabrine Story, short film
Garage Films, New York Showcase, documentary feature
Golightly Films, Inc., +100 Years of Art and Design, college/university/government
Greg Mansur, Adrift, short film
Grillbust Productions, Video Stop, feature film
Health and Safety Institute, Medic First Aid: CarePlus, training/industrial productions
Iliana Sosa, Child of the Desert, Latino/Hispanic
Inward Productions (France), Meeting in the Heavens, religion/ethics
Jens Roth Produktion (Germany), Berlin Angels, Christian
Just2Me Productions, I Do, short film
Justin Olstein (Australia), Adam’s Tallit, Jewish
KANdo Productions, To You To Us, dramatic impact
Kosher Meatball Productions (Canada), Never Far From Home, short documentary
Lancer Entertainment Group, LLC, Trinity Goodheart, editing
Leomark Studios, iKUZTOM Season One, reality programming and post-production overall
Live Wired Productions, Without A Net, cinematography and editing
LOOM Films, Dear Chelsey, feature documentary
Low Rain Productions, The Muse, feature film
Magee TV & Gorilla Milkshake Productions (Canada), I Kill Monsters, webisode
Margarida Sardinha (Portugal), HyperLightness ad absurdum, experimental
Marlee MacLeody, Ever After, video remixes/mashups
Marni Films (Greece), Directing Hell, feature documentary
Matthew Modine, Terence Ziegler, & Adam Rackoff, Jesus Was a Commie, short film
Matthew Pillischer, Broken On All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S., liberation/social justice/protest
Misfit Media (Germany), Bipolar – A Narration of Manic Depression, short film
Mitlas Productions, LLC, Ferring National Sales Meeting, training/industrial productions
Monsanto, STLGROWN – Jennifer Gutierrez, corporate/employee communication and use of film/video to enhance website
Montana Casey, Jungle Dog Fang Hell, music video
Munkytown Productions, Sides of the Track, liberation/social justice/protest
Nathan Waire, The P.A.C.T., pilot program/series
Naumann Film GMBH (Germany), Sovello: Powering Tomorrow, training/industrial productions
Norbert Yates Productions, WAN Consolidation, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Odyssey Networks, Serving Life, documentary program/series and editing
Om Productions, LLC, Sacred Spaces, reality programming and on-camera talent (Cary G. Weldy as show host)
On the Leesh Productions, What You Can Do Presents the Pink Ribbon Army, use of film/video for social change
One Shoe Films, The Drop, disability issues
One Way or Another Productions, Uptown, leading actor (Chris Riquinha as Ben)
Other Films, Red Bull Signature Series Show Open, creativity/originality
Part Time Movie Guy, LLC, Office Ninja, feature film
Pete Anderson, Break, feature film
Quadrolux GbR (Germany), Famously Unpronounceable, sales/branding
R/Com Creative, 911: LA Remembers, short documentary
Red Rock Westerns, The Adventures of Loop & Rhett, television pilot program/series and direction (Michael Su)
Regent University, Bama $ Fred, short film
Regina Tan, Transit, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Ross Louis Klein, The Shifty Planet of Dr. Strange, short film
Rough Actor Productions, Pill Bottle Angels, short film
Santa Clara University, Thicker Than Blood, Asian American
Satyricon Pictures, Silver Case, leading actor (Brian Keith Gamble as Barabba)
Scythe Supply, Mowing Techniques with the European Scythe, educational/instructional/how-to, Ali Fathead, commercial/infomercial
Single Son Productions, On the Contrary, short film and supporting actor (Manna Summons (Phommathep) as Rico)
Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, X-Fest 2.0, arts/cultural
Spark Media, Hesar, special purpose productions/live events
Split Film Productions, Sacred Spaces, editing
Starr Films, Ltd., Rules of Love, short film
Stav Koznitz (Israel), What?, pilot program/series
Stewart Redwine, Audiolytics, use of film/video to enhance website and creativity/originality
Surround Media, Rogue Saints, Christian
Tania Khalaf, Gaza Shield, short documentary
Tarantula Entertainment, The Pact, feature film
Toy Gun Films, You Told a Lie, music video
University of California – Irvine, L.A. Bros, short film
University of North Carolina, Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity, short documentary
Venkat Krishnan, Shark, short film
Wayne Bradford (Australia), People Watching, short film
WDR College (Germany), Under Control, documentary feature
WPI Productions, Inc., Qualifying featuring Richard Petty, commercial/infomercial
Xebec Media, Ltd. (China), Trollbeads World Tour – Hong Kong, direction
Youth Performance Company, The Boy Show, educational/instructional/how to
Zadig Productions (France), The Job, feature documentary
Zak Mulligan, i’m not me, feature film