Winners June 2013

ron howard film festival
best of show words copy Tiffany Heath, Mulberry Stains, feature film

MulberryStatinsThreeAn emotionally charged, gritty family drama in which the childhood secrets of a young mother’s childhood refuse to stay buried. She challenges her Southern kin’s code of silence to get to the truth of her past and wash away the stains of her troubled life. The audience is introduced to many remarkable characters that have their own unique take on life. Written and produced by Tiffany Heath; directed by Tony Villalobos.
Award of Excellence words
Alan WilliamsEstefan, original score
Aries Group of Companies (India)DAM 999, feature film
Ball State University – Department of TelecommunicationsVisit Indiana – 2013, tourism/travel
Blue Socks Media LLCRaggs, children/family series
Caution Zero NetworkThe Coffee Table, webisode
David O’Brien (Canada)Silent Voices, liberation/social justice/protest
Deadmeat Productions Ltd. (United Kingdom)FEDZ, feature film
Ellesse Productions, LLCBegin Again, feature film
FRESH TV (Canada)My Babysitter’s a Vampire – Fanged and Furious, children/family programming
GAPC Entertainment Inc. (Canada)The Prime Radicals, Season 2, children/family series
Gerrarda O’BeirneA Bit of Bad Luck, feature film
Johan Palmgren (Sweden)The Flogsta Roar, feature documentary
Jonathan A. Yabes (Philippines)Wedding Highlight, weddings
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany)Cayman Emotrailer: Gut Feeling, sales/branding/product demonstration
Malcolm ClarkeThe Lady in Number 6, Jewish
Michael Cusack (Australia)Sleight Of Hand, animation
Mutual Abundance Media (Canada)Passing the Flame, feature documentary
Owen VideoA Real Date, concept and creativity/originality
Paw Media And Communications (Australia)Coniston, aboriginal peoples
Petra PearceReturn to the Hiding Place, feature film
Picture This Productions (Canada)Computation Arts Program, Concordia University, college/university
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia)Dream Obama, feature film
QuestusThe Naked Brand, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Richie Sherman & Judy MaltzFrom The Black You Make Color, feature documentary
Shooting Creek FilmsHouse of Good and Evil, feature film
Superfilm Filmproduktions GmbH (Austria)Braunschlag, television and leading actor (Robert Palfrader as Gerri Tschach)
Tell Tale Productions (Canada)Counterfeit Culture, documentary program
Vassar College Department of Film – Zach HerwitzMake Lemonade, children/family programming
Venkat KrishnanButterfly Dreams, short film
Award of MeritwordsAlexander Delnevo (Italy)Transhumances, experimental and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Andrew BlumShow Me ‘Round, music video
Anthony WilsonMistake, public service programming/PSA
aRTy Pictures (Australia)Leederville, short film
Ball State University – Department of TelecommunicationsMuncie’s Stewards: The Rebirth of the Old West End, short documentary
Belloq Pictures (United Kingdom)Level Playing Field, short film
Billy HayesFranky and The Ant, short film
Bipolar PicturesFour Days, short documentary
Bryce HirschbergCounterfeiters, short film
Cameron GranadinoComrade Sunshine, short documentary
Caring For The World FilmsHearts in the Himalayas, public service programming/PSA
Carole RyavecWind Shadows, short documentary
Catvision Film Productions, LLCBoondocks, feature film
Cecop – Cicopa Europe (Belgium)Together: How Cooperatives Show Resilience to the Crisis, short documentary
Collaborated GeniusNothing Real, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Compathos FoundationDrawn From Water, short documentary and use of film for social change
Davi Soesilo (Australia)Safety, liberation/social justice/protest
Diana NicolaeA Poem of Green and Light, short documentary
Displaced Yankee ProductionsForget Us Not, feature documentary and editing
DixieMouse ProductionsHate Me, women filmmakers and leading actress (Sam: Alexis Adkins)
Emanuele MengottiThe Plague Doctor, movie trailer
FRESH TV (Canada)My Babysitter’s a Vampire – Fanged and Furious, direction
GAPC Entertainment Inc. (Canada)The Prime Radicals, Season 2, special effects: animation
golightly films, inc.Take My Hand, nonprofit/fundraising
Heart Anchor Productions, LLCIt’s Your Habit to Leave Me, music video
ImperfectfilmsFrancis of Brooklyn, Christian
Inspired Minds Film Kids’ CampColor Me Invisible, children/family programming
John Martin (Australia)Soylent Greenpeace, animation
John NordlingerBoots, pilot program/series
Jon Anctil (Canada)Marathon, short film
Kalpana Film (India)Songs in Oblivion, short documentary
Kamuela VanceKalo Culture, feature documentary
Karata Film (Slovenia)On Sight, short film
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany)Reverse Parking Challenge, special purpose internet productions
Kids at PlaySocial Media Anonymous, short film
LORAGE ProductionsAnimal Crackers (Pentimenti), short film
Lucio Lepri (Italy)The Stranger, short film
Luke McClureNietzermann, feature film
Misfit Media (Germany)Wake Up!, short film
Monde Films (Canada)Saving the Life Keepers, nature/environment/wildlife
Moonshadow ProductionsCalling Home: A Collaboration to Protect Elders, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Moonshine Movies (Australia)Little Stars: Value Every Life, use of film/video for social change
Mutual Abundance Media (Canada)Passing the Flame, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
MYA Studios Inc. (Canada)In the End, feature film
Nate TownsendThe Painter, African American
Nathaniel Winckler & Stephen ShunkCharged, animation
NES Health Ltd. (United Kingdom)Choice Point – Align Your Purpose, feature documentary
Nic Barker (Australia)Worth, short film
Niloy ChakrabartyManasik, short film
Oscar Studio Productions (Cyprus)Dragana & Fady: A Cinematic Wedding Trailer, weddings trailer
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia)L4 Lupus, feature film; and Dream Obama, direction and leading actress (Natasha Dematra as Margareth)
P2P Production (Canada)Sawdust, movie trailer
Phil SwinburneMetropolis II: Highway to Heaven, short film
Primitive Films SCCL (Spain)Only for Survivors, short documentary
P.T. Damien Dematra Production (Indonesia)Dream Obama, direction and leading actress (Natasha Dematra as Margareth)
QuestusThe Naked Brand, short documentary
Quinnipiac University – Michael CaliaJustice is a Black Woman, short documentary and research
Radio Television Hong Kong – Carman Tsang (Hong Kong)Love. Zero AIDS, short film
Raymond BarbosaMisperceptions, short film
Richie Sherman & Judy MaltzFrom The Black You Make Color, cinematography
Rob Allen Productions (Australia)Penguin Island Western Australia, feature documentary
Rough Actor ProductionsMourning in China, short film
Saba ZerehiBusted, commercial/infomercial
Sherese Robinson LeeIf I Were a Bell, women filmmakers
Silver Tongue CinemaContrition, Latino/Hispanic
Smile Music & Film Productions (Canada)Victor Crowl’s Victory, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Sonia Stenius (Finland)Je T’aime, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Stefan Langthaler (Austria)Alone, short film
Stornoway Communications (Canada)Your Money Or Your Life, documentary program/series
Sunlight PicturesThe Price of Happiness, feature film
Superfilm Filmproduktions GmbH (Austria)Braunschlag, direction and leading actress (Maria Hofstätter as Herta Tschach)
Take 2 Productions, Inc.Look Up !, use of film/video for social change and creativity/originality for original app
Thompson Films, LLCThis Dewdrop World, disability issues and script/writer
Tommy YacoeLife Gets Better, short film
Vassar College Department of Film – Matthew Elisofon15 Minutes of Name, short documentary
Vertigo Charitable Foundation, LLCPursuit of Truth: Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Seeking Justice, liberation/social justice/protest
Waterston Entertainment (South Africa)Movieride FX App, mobile/cell phone media
Wendi McArthur (United Kingdom)Wendi Mcarthur’s Mono Loco, pilot program/series