Winners March 2013

ron howard film festival
best of show words copySusannah Lane Bragg (United Kingdom), Hermit, women filmmakers


A short film about a world-famous author who hasn’t left her bedroom in twenty years. Shortly after her 28th birthday, she runs out of ideas. Now she must leave her slightly surreal and off-kilter world and venture out of her room. This delightful little film has a beautiful set, outstanding performance by the leading actress (Mariam Bell) and engaging storyline.

Wonder Wheel Productions, Knuckle Jack, feature film

NuckleJackBOSInvolves two banged-up, lonesome souls. Uncle Jack needs his weed; eight year old Frankie needs her sick mom; but before long they need each other. It’s a delightful tale of small town life, lovable losers and larceny. The film has remarkable, memorable performances by John Adams (Jack) and his real-life daughter Zelda Adams (Frankie). This is a crowd-pleaser. LINK 
Award of Excellence words Axis Media, The Age of Fear: Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror, feature documentary
Carnegie Mellon University – Julie Downs, Seventeen Days, health/medicine/science
Education Bureau – HKSAR (China), More about Mixed Operations (II), educational/instructional
Front Porch Film, OperHator, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Golden Era Productions, Scientology, The Fundamentals of Thought, educational/instructional
Hans-Peter Metzler (Germany), Carte Blanche, feature documentary
Health and Safety Institute, Medic First Aid Pediatric Plus, training/industrial productions
Ice Neal – The Soob Productions (United Kingdom), Eva’s Diamond, feature film
Julie Shuk Yee Lam (China), A Life of Tempestuous Waves, feature documentary
Legend of the Hawk Productions, A Grain of Sand, feature film
Macov Media (United Kingdom), Titanic Love, short film
Michael Alton Lowder, Southern dysComfort, short film
Mirror Films, Silent Night, Christian
Pavel Nikolajev, Headsome, feature film
Regent University – Jordan Imhoff, The Ratio, short film
Richard Stockton College – Jeremy Newman, Living Things, video remixes/mashups
Ryan Moody, Last Call, short film
Silver Bullet Productions, Canes of Power, feature documentary
Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, Wampler’s Ascent, feature documentary
Sun Arts & Production (Republic of China), Solar City, educational/instructional
Tribe Pictures, The Greatness Before Us: Agnes Scott College, college/university/government
Unity Productions Foundation, Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World, feature documentary
VOAT Films – Thanasis Protatos (Greece),  The Journey, weddings
Award of MeritwordsA Midnight Ghost Productions, The Baby: 1st Date, pilot program/series
Aleksey Berdennikov (Russian Federation), Alienation, experimental
Andrew Budziak (Canada), I Have Lost, short documentary
Angry Baby Monkey Pictures, Angry Baby Monkey Short Film Showcase, entertainment/drama
Arizona State University – Cronkite PR LAB, Sealed Sweets: Uniquely Sweet Gifts, creativity/originality and sales/branding
ARTtouchesART Films (United Kingdom), Study, feature film and leading actor (Paolo Benetazzo)
Asbury University – Doug Smart, Friends Like You: I Should Have Known Better (Episode 404), comedy program/series
Atlas Distribution Company, Atlas Shrugged Part 2, feature film
BD Gunnell, Birds of a Feather, feature film
Bjarki Thomsen (Faroe Islands, Denmark), No Conflict, short film
Black Spur Productions, A Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, short film, art direction and costume design
Bryan Cosgriff, John in Transition, short documentary
CedarTree Productions, Undergrads Pilot – The Mixer, pilot program/series
Chop Socky Boom Films, LLC, Chop Socky Boom Auditions, webisode/internet programming
Chris Spies, Gold Stars, feature film
CMM Productions (Malta), 120741, editing and creativity/originality
Creative Media Institute, Ensuring Child Safety Upon Parental Arrest, training/industrial productions
Cullen Films, Cherchez La Femme, short film
Dailey Pike Productions, Bob Barry – Jazzography in Black & White, feature documentary
DavidLynn Productions, Off Leash, pilot program/series
Dean Watts, Waiting for Reneau, short film
Deutsche Welle / DW (Germany), Schumann at Pier2, feature documentary
Digital Eyes Film, Salmonboy: A Story of Fire & Water, feature documentary
Dixie Films, Woody the Redneck, experimental
Dominion Post, The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint, documentary program/series
Dragon Eye Films, The Blood Poet, short film
Education Bureau – HKSAR (China), Delightful Cantonese Opera, arts/cultural/performance/plays; and  Soybean Homecoming, documentary program/series
Electron Unlimited LLC, Mystic Coffee, short film
Elemental Productions, Afflictions: Culture & Mental Illness in Indonesia, feature documentary
Esteban Uribe, Riff, short film
Filmmaker Online Productions, Butterfly Wings, disability issues
Floating Stone Productions, The Cardboard Bernini, feature documentary
Front Porch Film, OperHator, leading actress (Tara-Nicole Azarian)
Fusion Radio Networks, A.M. Mayhem: The Story of Tucson’s Power 1490AM, feature documentary
Gary Null and Associates, War on Health, FDA’s Cult of Tyranny, feature documentary
Glass City Films, Hangers, short film
Global Health Media Project, The Story of Cholera, animation
Golden Era Productions, Scientology, The Fundamentals of Thought, special effects: animation
Green River Pictures, The Opiate Effect, public service programming
Hollie Olson, Gabby’s Wish, feature film
Howard Community College – TV, In the Spotlight, entertainment/drama/dance/variety
Ice Neal (United Kingdom), Eva’s Diamond, leading actress (Ice Neal playing Eva Marlin/Miss Phillips)
Illuminate Productions (New Zealand), Dark Teachings, short film
Jarin Foster, Quietus, short film
Jay Parupalli, Isn’t This Love?, short film
Johnathan David Holmes (United Kingdom), What Is Hidden, May Be Found, feature documentary
Juan-Carlos Asse, Unsupersize Me, feature documentary and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Julie Shuk Yee Lam (China), A Life of Tempestuous Waves, direction
Justin S. Lee, Iris, short film and script/writer
Kai-Ting Wu, Paper Lotus, short film
Kvon Chen, The Elf Who Killed Santa, short film
LeliMelo Productions, Inc., Strain, short film
Leonie Thoene (Germany), Game Over, short film
Lynne Delaney, Southern dysComfort, leading actress (Kelly Lowder: Lynne Delaney)
M.Y.R.A. Entertainment, Telling A You, women filmmakers
Mantis Eagle Productions, No One Lives Forever, feature film
Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam (Canada), Pandi, disability issues
Mathieu Turi (France), Broken, short film
Michael Alton Lowder, Southern dysComfort, leading actor (Michael: Michael Alton Lowder), leading actress (Annie Mae: Lynne Newton), art direction (Pauline Schulman/Jake Harris), and set design (Pauline Schulman/Jake Harris)
Nelaable Film Series, True, Beautiful & Good, documentary program/series
NY30 Class Association, 07-07-07 Amorita’s Unlucky Day, feature documentary
One Take Films (Norway), The Common Sense Rebellion, short documentary
Park MultiMedia, Vote, disability issues
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Cultural Heritage: The World’s Highest Railway, arts/cultural/performance
Rafael Film, LLC, Pastriology, feature documentary and editing (Katey Bright)
Range Pictures (Canada), The Young Pornographers, short film
Reel Stuff Productions, LLC, Persephone, feature film
Richard Corbin & Tricia Gilfone, Assistant Living, webisode and comedy program/series
RJF Productions, Twice, feature film
Roman Pictures, Dissensions, webisode/internet programming and editing (Carlos Etzio Roman)
RSB Project LLC, My Way, feature documentary
Sam Kauffmann, Rachel Descending, short film
Samuel S. Arcure, House of Pain, short documentary
Signe Veje, If Only CATS Could Talk, short documentary
StoryCorps, Making It, short documentary
Tamara Laine Productions, Scratching the Surface, short documentary
Taroko National Park Headquarters – Hsiang-wen Yang (Republic of China), Echoing Taroko, short documentary
Tech TV (United Kingdom), The Earth’s Nervous System, cinematography
Thumbsdown Productions, Carnival De Peche, short film
Tonya Lehman, Emmanuel Our God Is Here, music video
Toy Gun Films, Half Good Killer, short film
Triple Horse Studios, A Cry for Justice, movie trailer
Trust Tour, Trusting Todd, feature documentary
Vassar College Department of Film – Geri Cosenza, CCYL: Chinatown Community Young Lions, children/family programming
Videoview (Greece), Antonis & Nertaria, weddings
WAIV Productions, Talent, short film
Wen Ren, Couple in the Bedroom, Asian American
WPBS-TV, The Raquette River, tourism/travel
Yamie Chess Ltd., King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields, animation
Yasmine Ghorayeb (Canada), Saudade, short film, leading actor (Kamal), cinematography and original score (Barnabas Folk, Ivan Folk, Milan Kuli)