Winners Feb 2014

ron howard film festival

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A Man With No Hands Productions, Borderlands

winning film festival

A Man With No Hands Productions, Borderlands, Latino/Hispanic, is a love song to Mexican American mothers along the South Texas border and a tribute to their unwavering devotion to family and their hard earned heroism. That said, it is unlike any portrayal you’ve likely to have seen in other Chicano or Mexican American films. The heroine, Maria Lara, a 74 year old Mexican-American woman played by Sandra Bojorquez, is a woman hell bent on having the last word, fiercely protective of her family, and dysfunctional as can be. She is not a gentle, Zen-like grandmotherly woman. She is loved as well as feared and will go to extremes to get her way. This is not a pastoral view of Mexican American mothers as long-suffering women in their oppression. Sandra Bojorquez’s commanding performance offers a reminder of the determination of mothers and grandmothers around the world to do what needs to be done to protect the ones they love. Director Hector Bojorquez delivers a powerful plot and engaging film. The film is in honor of Gerald Pettit. link:
Award of Excellence wordsAnton Cavka (Australia), Journey to the 100 Man Fight: The Judd Reid Story, short documentary
Ball State University, The Lenape of the Wapahani River, short documentary
Carey-It-Off Enterprises, Mr. Hopewell’s Remedy, short film
Caroline Harding Productions, A Different Kind of Farm, feature documentary
Christina Yoon, White Rabbit, Asian American
Craig Newland (New Zealand), 3 Mile Limit, feature film
Damien Dematra (Indonesia), Let’s Play Ghost, direction (Damien Dematra)
Educational Television Unit – Education Bureau (China), Ying Yang Harmony, Strive to Improve Oneself, arts/cultural/performance/plays
Emanuele Michetti (Italy), Love in the City, experimental
Essential Media & Entertainment (Australia), Dingo: Wild Dog at War, feature documentary
Gary Null & Associates, Chew on This: Dangers of the American Diet Exposed, feature documentary
Golden Era Productions, The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda, use of film/video for social change
Jasmine Lalonger Bernier (Canada), Tchaikovsky’s Experience, short documentary
Jeremy Paul Kagan – University of Southern California, Well Played, disability issues
Josh Duboff, Twenty Five, webseries
Jreamwriter Entertainment Global, Jreamwriter’s Bent, women filmmakers
Monarex Hollywood Corporation, Yangzhou – A City of Timeless Culture, short documentary
Petong Sakulchai, Ticket to the Haunted Mansion, short film
Phexo Pty, Ltd. (Australia), Wanderers, webisode
Principle Entertainment, LLC, One Small Hitch, feature film
Raw Power Productions, Oksana, leading actress (Olivia Prado)
RJF Productions, Past Tense, leading actress (Natalie Nielson)
Silo Way Films, Finnigan’s War, short documentary and voice over talent (Mark Hamill)
Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Splendr, short film
W&B Productions & Trilok Fusion Media, Garwin, feature documentary

Award of Meritwords7-10 Pictures (Canada), Buffalo Calling, Native American/Aboriginal Peoples
Aaron Rudelson, What to Expect, humor/humorist
Alfred Dong (China), A Bridge’s April, experimental
Alistair Fowler (United Kingdom), Voice of Sapmi, feature documentary
Annunciation Films, Zach & Addie, feature documentary
Aria Studio Limited (China), Cherished Memories, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Artmedia, Courting Chaos, feature film and direction (Alan Clay)
Assaad Yacoub, Cherry Pop, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Ball State University, The Lenape of the Wapahani River, cinematography and title/credit design
Brute Choir Films (Canada), Local Girls, short film
Chasing Light Pictures, LLC, Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery, feature documentary
Christopher Boyer, Bob’s Beagle Basics, educational/instructional
Christopher He, Forerunner, short film
Chuck Gloman – DeSales University, So Little Time, originality/creativity
Colin Gerrard (Netherlands), I Know You, short film
Creative Impulse Entertainment, JFH: Justice for Hire, animation
Creative Share Studio, Lamentations, use of film/video to enhance website
Crossbow Studio, On Blitzen, short documentary
Damien Dematra (Indonesia), Let’s Play, Ghost, leading actress (Natasha: Natasha Dematra) and editing (Irene Christina and Virda Anggraini)
Dan Kimbrough & Melissa Sgroi, Vote – The Disabled Democracy, short documentary
Daniel Goldberg, The Master Cleanse, short film and creativity/originality
Diane Villavieja, Suppose the Night Tasted Like Sugar, feature film
DW Dentsche Welle (Germany), Germany by Scooter: 2473 Kilometers in 80 Days, on-camera talent
Educational Television Unit – Education Bureau (China), Good Habits in Public Places, educational/instructional
Elevating Entertainment, LLC, Walls, music video
Elsewhere Pictures, LLC, Friends of Mine, feature documentary
EPC Productions, Narcissist, short film
Family Acceptance Project, Families Are Forever, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Forty One Paperclips Productions, Life Lessons from a Young Girl, disability issues
Fricero Films (France), The Hunting, short film
Gary Null & Associates, Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines, special purpose films
Gisela Productions, The Otherworld, feature film
Golden Era Productions, The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda, feature documentary
Gull Films (United Kingdom), Monty Mouse, children/family programming
H2 Crew Productions, Paper Hearts, short film
Helicon Arts Cooperative, R.U.R. Genesis, short film and leading actress (Sulla: Chase Masterson)
Howard Community College, In Focus: Howard Community College, interview/talk show; and Horowitz Center, editing
James A. Rada – WHUT-TV Ithaca College, Meet Me at Equality: The People’s March on Washington, documentary program
Josh Duboff, Twenty Five, script/writer
Katarzyna Kochany (Canada), Dust Bunnies, Christian; and Horse for Sale, children/family programming
Kelly McKenna, Hanna Teachey and Rhonda Chan Soo – Wake Forest University, Unconditional, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Larry Rosen, Throwing in the Towel, short film
Lorena Fernandez, Dance of the Books, women filmmakers
M3 Creative, One World Futbol Project, documentary program/series, post-production overall and viewer impact: motivational and instructional
Marieke Niestadt (Norway), Bittersweet, feature documentary
Marina Shron, Sea Child, short film
Maud Lazzerini, Juliette, women filmmakers
Maynard Seider, Farewell to Factory Towns, feature documentary
Micaela Femiano, One Light, short documentary
Mike Breyer, Lock Box, short film
Mohammed Jassim (Bahrain), The Last Drop of Oil, animation
Motion Picture House, LTD (United Kingdom), Share 2014, viewer impact: entertainment value
Napesni Motion Pictures, Four Winds, Native American/Aboriginal Peoples
Nic Barker (Australia), Pint, short film and leading actor (Jackson: Jackson Tozer)
Noam Osband – University of Pennsylvania, Adelante, Latino/Hispanic
Nobody’s Girl, Inc., The Only Real Game, feature documentary
One Planet Films (Australia), The Assange Agenda: Surveillance, Democracy and You!, short documentary
One-Eyed Cat Productions, Mama Sue’s Garden, feature documentary
Oscar Lalo (Switzerland), Tuesday, short film (Germany), Ivory Must Become Worthless, use of film/video for social change and viewer
Peter Gallay – Quinnipiac University, The Doctor Will See You Now: The Changing Face of Primary Care, short documentary
Peter Guenther – University of California Riverside, Letting Go, Christian
P&R Productions, Tomato Republix, feature documentary
Proddigi Films, S.L. (Spain), The Only Man, short film
Raw Power Productions, Oksana, short film
RJF Productions, Past Tense, feature film
Sasha Fox, Superdate, children/family programming
She Troupe Production Company, Airport Douchery: Boarding & Hoarding, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Sherry Thomas, Life Changing Moments, short documentary
Spork Productions, The Passion of Jimmy, animation
Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Splendr, script/writer; Last Ditch, short film and dramatic impact; and The Yellow Flag, short documentary
Tory Nelson, Ocean, music video
Track Productions, Roulette, short film
Transparency, Inc., Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, feature documentary
Troy Hollar, Grace of a Stranger, short film
Vera Tomilova, Fallen Angel, women filmmakers
Warrior Entertainment, Blood Fare, feature film
White Bamboo Productions, The Waiting Room, webisode
Wolf Circle Productions, Red Cloud: Premonition, tube length videos
WPBS-TV, The Thousand Islands Bridge: An Arm of Friendship, history/biographical
Xin Tian, Lost in New York, short film
Yuqi Kang – School of Visual Arts, Cities and Memory, experimental