Winners Nov 2012

ron howard film festival
best of show words copyRussiaNew Page Communications Ltd. (China), Evolution of Russia, industrial/technical/business, is a four-part television documentary series that reviews the significant changes in Russia’s social, economic, political and cultural development in recent years. The production is carefully crafted, researched and intended for viewers in Hong Kong.


Valenti Figueres Jorge (Spain), The K Effect. Stalin’s Editor, feature film, is a most unusual tale, an adventure into the dawning of cinema and utopias, an historical road movie during a century shaken by the dreams of new societies and dreadful nightmares. This is a dreamy fiction movie with fabricated memories of self-importance constructed with fragments of reality.
Award of Excellence wordsAlan Williams, Cowgirls N’ Angels, original score
Copenhagen Film Company (Denmark), We Make Change Happen, corporate/employee communication
Craig Miller Productions, Inc., The Farmer’s Dream, sales/branding
Deutsche Welle (Germany), The Strange World of Max X., comedy series
Elemental Productions, Afflictions: Culture and Mental Illness in Indonesia, feature documentary
Elena Niagolova (Italy), Uncommonly Long Instance, short film and set design (Daniela Ranieri)
Heart Stone Pictures, Faith under Fire, feature documentary
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), 911 Emotrailer “Carwash”, sales/branding
Kids at Play, LLC, Downton Arby’s, webisode
L.A.F. Productions, It’s All About Youth #145, interview/talk show
Lancer Entertainment Group, LLC., I’m Sorry, short documentary
Marco Orsini (Monaco), Dinner at the No Gos, feature documentary
Mark Smith, A House, A Home, music video
Metro Studio Films (Columbia), The Invention, children/family programming and art direction
Montserrat Espadale, Crescendo, leading actress (Montserrat Espalde as Maria Magdalena)
Mosaic Entertainment (Canada), Truckstop Bloodsuckers, feature film
Pouria Heidary Oureh (Iran), Beyond the Deadend, short film
Sioux Cloud Productions, Red Cloud: Deliverance, leading actor Jake Red Cloud (Alex Cruz)
Taste Media (Australia), The Interviewer, disability issues
Tile Films Ltd. (Ireland), Saving the Titanic, feature film
Tribe Pictures, The First 200 Years, college/university/government
Xebec Media Ltd. (South Korea), Soul of China, short documentary and direction
Award of Meritwords7 Ponies Productions, Frock My World Episode 2, webisode
Agustin Falco (Argentina), Fabula, Latino/Hispanic
Alan & Tsvete Smith, Born Equal, feature documentary
Andrew Trainor, Lotusland, short film
Anthony Vescio, Granted, feature film and leading actor (Avery)
Bearcat Productions, The Essentials, feature film
Beaumont Films, Inc., Scar, short film
Berger Bros Entertainment, Jew, Jewish
Brian Arnold, Invisible Hero, animation
Charles Shyer, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, commercial/infomercial
Chulki Choi, BeLoved, Christian
Conner Haler, PSA: The Dangers of Texting and Driving, filmmaker 17 years and younger
Danny Burke, I Always Knew, music video
DARKmania Productions, Seadrift vs. the Big Guy, short documentary
Design Laboratory, Inc., Why Lab51 Media?, sales/branding and creativity/originality
Deutsche Welle (Germany), The Strange World of Max X. – Bicycle Pump, comedy program/series
Elena Niagolova (Italy), Uncommonly Long Instance, costume design (Alessandro Bentivegna)
Film Habit, Inc., Thunder May Have Ruined the Moment, experimental
FILMama Productions, Fingerprints, feature film
Frank Gunderson, Human Skab, feature documentary
Front Porch Film, Cardboard, filmmaker 17 years and younger and leading actress (Tara-Nicole Azarian)
golightlyfilms, inc., See the Future, special purpose productions/live events
Green State Productions, LLC, Broken Paradise, short film
Harley Brown’s Cafe Pictures, The Bicyclist, movie trailer
Heart Anchor Productions, LLC, El Duelo, music video
Holly Kaplan, Private War, short film
Katharine O’Brien, Illusive Fields, short film
Kelly Donnellan, I is Another, disability issues
Kids at Play, LLC, Good Karma $1, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Laura Graham (Northern Ireland), Imbolc, women filmmakers
Lets Ring The Bell Productions (India), Swen, feature film
Lutfu Emre Cicek, Mac & Cheese, short film
Mara Consoli (Italy), Vittorio, Captain Pistone and all the others, disability issues
Mark Smith, A House, A Home, art direction
Masumi Higashi (United Kingdom), Motorbike Midwife, short documentary
MaxTheatrix LLC, Lifeless #BeingKindaDeadSortaSucks, special purpose films
Metakwon Filmworks, Along the Roadside, feature film
Metro Studio Films (Columbia), The Invention, cinematography
Michael Rotchadl/Blue Crest Pictures & Chandra Moore/Girl Power Productions, The Ave, webisode/internet programming
Ms. Chillacious D. Productions (Canada), The Closet, short film
Naga Kataru, What’s Art Doing?, public service programming/PSA
Nanyang Technological University – Mark Chavez (Singapore), Vengeance + Vengeance, animation
New Page Communications Ltd. (China), Evolution of Russia, research
On the Leesh Productions, What You Can Do, contemporary issues/awareness raising and use of film/video for social change
Oppenheim Films/The Opp-Guide, The Dogmatic, short documentary
Oscar Studio Production (Cyprus), The Temple of Love, weddings
Petong Sakulchai, Revenge Flame of Hayabusa, Asian American
Phexo Pty Ltd. (Australia), 30 ½, disability issues
Productions Forever (France), The Symphony of our Life, music video
Robert Reitano (Australia), Trick or Treat, short film
Rogier Beeck van Calkoen (Spain), The Storykeeper, short documentary
Sama Waham (Canada), Resight, short documentary and creativity/originality
Sam-Son Productions, Inc., Conyngham, PA: Jewel of the Valley, documentary program and history/biographical/travel
Sioux Cloud Productions, Red Cloud: Deliverance, Native American/Aboriginal Peoples
Southern Underground Productions (New Zealand), Transcendence, short documentary
Tatiana McCabe, Restoring Sight in Bangladesh, health/medicine/science
Tribe Pictures, Sunwing, sales/branding
USC School of Cinematic Arts – Chiyume Sugawara, Singing Moon, short film
WGIFilms, A Quest for Peace: Nonviolence among Religions, short documentary
Wim Vanacker (France), The Naked Leading the Blind, short film
Xebec Media Ltd. (South Korea), Soul of China, research