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best of show words copyINXS: Never Tear Us Apart

INXS took on the world. And for a while they owned it. Never Tear Us Apart is their story.

INXS series
Kerrie Mainwaring (Australia) The moving story of six Sydney boys turned rock gods.  Beyond the music; beyond the sellout crowds, were the parties, planes, drugs and girls.  A story of mateship, success, excess and Michael Hutchence’s tragic death. Exquisitely crafted, incorporating original footage, this film takes you on a pulsing ride through the decades to the heart of an incredible story.

Film festival winnerAlfre woodardAbby Ginzberg (USA), Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa, documentary feature – Set in dramatic events leading to the overthrow of apartheid in South Africa this film powerfully follows freedom fighter Albie Sachs with passion and powerful experiences of commitment, justice and forgiveness. From executive producer Alfre Woodard.

From the SkyIan Ebright (USA), From the Sky, film short – A heart-warming and heart wrenching film exploring the impact of drone strikes on civilians in the Arab world. It explores the roots of extremism, family bonds and asks the universal question: When we are harmed, will we respond by retaliating, or in life-giving ways?

Paul ScottPaul Scott (Australia), Redesign My Brain, documentary/program/series -Entertaining and well-crafted series features Todd Sampson putting brain training to the test as he undergoes a brain makeover with the revolutionary science of brain plasticity. He shows that anyone can become smarter, improve their memory and reverse mental ageing.

Child K film awardRoberto De Feo and Vito Palumbo (Italy), Child K, film short, special purpose films, leading actor (Lorenzo Patanè), art direction, cinematography, dramatic impact, direction, original score (Rosario Di Bella), script/writer – A true story it starts with a  religious couple and their efforts to conceive during the war and ends with a letter that cost 250,000 lives.

Film Festival awardTara Lynn Orr (Germany), Bis Gleich, film short – An unspoken connection deepens when two neighbors, who share a daily ritual but have never actually met, face the inevitable…together. A charmingly crafted film the viewers are taken on a journey full of heart and soul.

Yatao Li  Carry on ChinaYatao Li (China),
Carry On, film short – The harrowing, heart-warming and heart-breaking story of a father trying to protect his young daughter during the brutal Japanese occupation of China during World War II takes the viewer on an emotional journey striking the chords of family bonds and love in everyone.

Award of Excellence words

Artem Makarevich (Russia), The perfect drug, film short, cinematography, direction
Ball State University (USA), A Legacy Etched in Glass: The Ball Brothers in Muncie,  cinematography, lighting, special effects-animation
Bouha Kazmi (United Kingdom), The Ramona Flowers Tokyo,  music video
Brian Herskowitz (USA), Bucky and the Squirrels,  film feature
CAS’n’OVA PRODUCTIONS (New Zealand), Letter For Hope, film short
Ema Kugler (Slovenia), Echoes of Time, experimental
Filise Persaud (USA), Harvest,  experimental
Francesco Roder (Italy), Snowflake, gay/lesbian/transsexual, leading actress (Ele Keats)
Giovanni Coda (Italy), Naked Rose, feature film
Jill D’Agnenica (USA), Life Inside Out, feature film
Jill Sachs (USA), Ever Eve, film short
Karim Ouaret (France), Lapsus, film short
Kerrie Mainwaring (Australia), INXS – Never Tear Us Apart, miniseries, leading actor (Luke Arnold), leading actress (Samantha Jade), supporting actor (Damon Herriman), supporting actress (Georgina Haig), direction, script/writer
July Allard (France), O, women filmmakers
Luke Eve and Rebecca Hu (USA), Low Life, webisode/internet programming
Mark Ang (Taiwan), Replace the Short, film short, trailer
Matthew Woodget (USA), Flavor & Fuel – A Story of Modern Craftsmanship,  commercial/infomercial, documentary short, film short, reality programming, remixes/mashups, special purpose productions, tube length videos, webisode/internet programming
Meghdad Asadi Lari (USA), Simorgh, animation
Nick Graalman and Erin Fowler (Australia), Gaia, experimental
Paul Robert Lingas (USA), Just Ask…,  film short
Peder Thomas Pedersen (Denmark), Ghost of a smile, music video
Philippa Wong (China), The Boy Under the Piano, film short
Prasad Narse (USA), I M Possible, animation
Ronald Eltanal (USA), Nostalgic, Asian American
Rosalie Tenseth (USA), Failure Groupies, children/family programming
Sandeep Rampal Balhara (Poland), CottonDreams, liberation/social justice/protest
Sarah Deakins (Canada), Greece, film short , women filmmakers
Sergei Pikalov (Azerbaijan), The Last One, film short
Sergey Zhigunov (Russian Federation), The Three Musketeers, television/pilot program
Steven Molony (USA), Efficiency, leading actor (Steven Molony), feature film
Yolanda Centeno (USA), Zugzwang, film short

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