Success Stories

Film festival awards

The Lady in #6Accolade winning inspirational film earns an Oscar!

For years director Malcolm Clarke resisted meeting 109 year-old holocaust survivor and concert pianist Alice Herz Sommer and creating another documentary about Holocaust survivors.  But the instant he did met Alice he realized this was a story about so much more.  A  labor of love, a crew that worked for free and the impact of this remarkable woman changed everyone involved.  Read More:

Ron Howard When you find meAcademy Award Winner Ron Howard’s very unique collaboration

What happens when 2-time Oscar winner Ron Howard teams up with Canon to solicit user submitted photographs to be the basis of a Hollywood Short Film?  100,000 photos later and a special collaboration with his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard a magical film is born.  Read More:


Bucky and the SquirrelsEmmy Nominee Allan Katz dishes on Success, Movie Making and Defrosting Squirrels.

Few people have a list of credits as long as veteran writer, producer and actor Allan Katz.   Bucky and the Squirrels is a university project turned  into a full length feature film about a band and their one-hit wonder “Do The Squirrel”.  Katz shares insights, wisdom and a creatively seasoned outlook on life in the industry.  Read More:


Who Does she think she isWho Does She Think She Is?

How many women have said to other women? Academy Award Winner, executive producer and director, Pamela Tanner Boll, of Mystic Artists Film Productions, spent the last 5 years exploring this question with fascinating results!  Read More:



Life! Camera ActionRohit Gupta, the “just do it” filmmaker

One of the most modest filmmakers to ever win multiple awards, Rohit Gupta also possesses a crazy witty outlook on life. Gupta remains unassuming while  he discusses winning awards and how he developed his filmmaking career. Read More:



Mirror MirrorStudent Thesis to Award Winning Film

Raven Thibodeaux and Cydney Tucker share a fondness for the work of Tim Burton,  Grimm’s fairy tales and  surreal environments of Alice in Wonderland.The resulting film is a visually stunning yet spooky coming-of-age tale about a young woman who travels to dream-like landscapes by jumping through mirrors.  Read More:


London Film makerFrom a Tree in Africa to an Action Flick

London filmmaker “Q” was sitting under a tree in Africa, while acting in movie directed by Australian director Bruce Beresford, best known for Driving Miss Daisy, when it occurred to him that he might be able to break into Hollywood by writing a book. Read More:



Dori MediaSatirical and sensitive breaking barriers for Arabs and Israel

Dori Media Group is making huge waves in the Middle East, and across the world. Creating ‘new-velas’ programs with elements of traditional telenovelas with an edge – updated, fast-paced, innovative shooting and editing. Read More:


David Crabtree3’8″  with Eight Feet of Talent!

David Crabtree navigates from a successful career as an editor (Psych, NYPD Blue, Las Vegas) to award winning filmmaker.  A journey filled with trials and the launch of his film Broken Dreams brings David shares his passion for the film and for his amazing co-star Nicole Gerth. Read More: