IMDB Winner Credit is Awesome!

Receiving a Award of Recognition from the Accolade Global Film Competition is a tremendous honor for me, especially because I am now 22 years young and this is my first feature film. Having this unique appreciation and confirmation for my work and my talent from the Accolade is very significant for me and of great importance for my feature as a filmmaker. I’m indeed grateful to be a Award Winner of November 2017 at this wonderful Film Festival. Also the promotion which Accolade Global Film Competition has for its winners is fantastic. Having my great winner credit on IMDb is awesome and I am very happy with all writing with the Accolade Team.
I’m also impressed by the work from this special Festival because they are sending the selected filmmakers a E-Mail. Other festivals don’t do that. Thank you once again Accolade Global Film Competition Jury and Team for all. You’re fantastic