Winners Archive Nov 2008

Accolade winners
Accolade Global Film Competition
Konwiser Brothers/GoWB, LLC, Mad as Hell: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, feature documentary, lays a legal case for holding President Bush “criminally responsible” for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. It features Vincent Bugliosi, well-known author and a Los Angeles county prosecutor, who batted a thousand in murder cases: 21 trials, 21 convictions, including the Charles Manson case. This is a well crafted, carefully shot and tightly edited documentary with an interesting and controversial storyline.

Accolade Global Film Competition

Light On A Hill (Australia), Ubuntu: The Street Child Story, feature documentary, records the plight of street children in urban Africa. Raw and authentic; the children share their stories. Matt Nelson, the talented young director, lived among the street children for several months as he documented their difficult circumstances. Ubuntu is a serious documentary with an urgent message.

Accolade Global Film Competition

Detrick Lawrence Corporation, ZEB: Schooner Life, feature documentary, tells the story of a legendary mariner who kept sailing his working schooner along Martha’s Vineyard well into the age of oil and gas. Captain Zeb Tilton became a local celebrity and American folk hero as he kept alive a way of life as other skippers consigned working sailing vessels to the dustbin of history. A fascinating tale for those drawn to the sea.


Award of Excellence wordsAward of Excellence Winners – Film
Abnormal Productions, Norman Normal: A Modern Metamorphosis, short film
Donnie Meals, El Corrido: The Two Sides of the Song, feature documentary
Fabian Giessler, Zwischen Licht und Schatten (Fading Away), short film
Gary Hebert, Daniel Finds His Walking Stick, animation
Holly Hood Productions, Inc., Repentance, short film
Hunter College, Beneath, short documentary
Longhouse Media, March Point, feature documentary
Matt Bloom (United Kingdom), Small Things, short film
Moving Images Group/Coral Gate Media, LLC, All for Liberty, feature film – tenure track and leading actor (Captain Felder: Clarence Felder)
Mystic Artists Film Productions, Who Does She Think She Is?, feature documentary
New York University, Excision, short film
Other Films, Inc., ESPN Yankee Stadium – Yogi Berra’s Bronx, cinematography (Scott Duncan)
Sandy Crichton, Catskill Films (New Zealand), Karearea: the pine falcon, feature documentary
Severe Enterprises, Toy Room, feature film
Swimming To The Moon, Down a Dark Road, short film
Whalen Films, A Christmas in Tent City, short documentary: faculty tenure track
Award of Excellence Winners – Television
CTN/WFUM Television, Austin’s Movie, short documentary
Imperial Pictures, Inc., Visa: Breakout the Violins, music video
Maya Vision International (United Kingdom), Darfur: Between the Lines, feature documentary
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Glamour of Sports: Chinese Heritage: Eternal Harmony, sports/fitness
Wesley Mission – Sydney (Australia), Flying Through Christmas: The Three Fathers of Christmas, feature documentary
WGVU, Battle Creek: Celebrating Flight 2008, videography
Award of Excellence Winners – Videography
University of Oklahoma – The Independent Film Project, The Grand Ride of the Abernathy Boys, feature documentary
University of Texas – Center for Aging, Elder Loving Care: Safe Transfers, educational/instructional/how-to

Film festival awards
Award of Merit Winners – Film
447 Productions, In the Land of Opportunity, short film
6 Foot 1 Productions, Open Your Eyes, short film
Abnormal Productions, Norman Normal: A Modern Metamorphosis, original screenplay
Adventures In Creativity Productions, Word Salad, experimental
Amir Kaufmann (Germany), Moments of Awakenings, short film
ArbatFilm, Frautschi, feature documentary
Arc Of A Bird, Arc of a Bird, short film
Bad Animus Films (United Kingdom), Cry of the Widows, feature film
Bigfoot Entertainment, Hui Lu: Irreversi, feature film
Big Johnson Productions, A Pornographer, short film and direction (Mike Campbell)
Bob B. Bob Productions, Zombie Girl: The Movie, feature documentary and editing
Bonniere Films, Elle and Guy, short film
Bullhead Entertainment, LLC, The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clay, animation
Chapman University, An American Tragedy, short film
Christopher Werner, Homesick, short film
Chump & Clump (Germany), Klotz & Klumpen, animation
Cleveland High School, Distant Voices, short film
Comelliscope (France), Santa Clause Is Back In Town, short film
Cosmos Kiindarius, Family Recipes, short film
Crystal Pyramid Productions, The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans, feature documentary
Dara Bratt, In Vivid Detail, short film
Dennis White, Travel Riot: Castellers, short documentary
Diane Mayne, Unhinged, short film
Dixie Productions, The Acceptable Sin, short documentary
Donna Bassin, Leave No Soldier, feature documentary
Dorian Kingi, Tranquility, short film
Enic Producciones (Columbia), Yo Soy Otro, feature film
Fischtick Productions, Magritte Moment, experimental
Hamburg Media School (Germany), Land Gewinnen, short film
Hap Kindem/GK Productions, Winning Isn’t Everything, feature documentary (faculty/tenure track)
Harvard University – The Pluralism Project, Fremont, U.S.A., feature documentary
Hope Boat Films, Jack Turner and the Reluctant Vampire, short film
i812 Productions, Spank Bank, short film
I Am Enough Productions, Award Winning, short film
Jamie Moffett Media Design, The Ordinary Radicals, feature documentary
Josephine Green-Yang, In Case of an Emergency, short film
Kid With A Camera Productions, When You’re Ready to Say It, short film
Kinetik Films, Bollywood Beats, feature film
LCW Productions, LLC, Where Do I Turn?, special purpose film
Light On A Hill (Australia), Ubuntu: The Street Child Story, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Mari Kawade, Vanishing Point, short film
Matt Bloom (United Kingdom), Small Things, humor/humorist
Michael Sheridan, Instant Noodles, experimental
Mindbreak Entertainment, The Secret, feature film
Moving Images Group/Coral Gate Media, LLC, All for Liberty, sound overall impact (Jeffrey Stern)
Nelson Alley Media, The Substitute, short film
New Valiant Productions, Trash Day of the Dead, special purpose film
Other Films, Inc., ESPN Yankee Stadium – Yogi Berra’s Bronx, editing (Todd Crites)
Parrot Press, Little Miss Dewie: A Duckumentary, feature documentary
Peter Coventry (United Kingdom), Boardfree OZ, feature documentary
PIC, Compact Only, short film
Protect The Sharks Foundation (Netherlands), Gimme A Hug, short documentary
Reginald Brown Productions, Witness to a Dream, feature documentary
RTSea Productions, Island of the Great White Shark, feature documentary
Running On Faith Productions, Leave Me Behind, feature film
Ryerson University (Canada), Author Moore and the Lone Wolf, short film
Scorpio Films (Hong Kong), This Darling Life, feature documentary
Seat Of Your Pants Productions, Dog Years, short film
Seven/Seventy – Nine, Ltd., The Turtle, short film
Show-Me Pictures, Genius Among Us: Young Composers in Missouri, short documentary
Skye Kelly, HandiCaned, short film
Smith Hage Productions, How to Be a Loan Shark, viewer impact: entertainment value
Stuart Bennett, Eugene, feature film
Supernatural Productions, LLC, Triptosane, feature film
SvetShop, The Zeppelin Parable, short film
Swimming To The Moon, Down a Dark Road, direction
Taylor Media (Australia), Courting with Justice, short documentary
Tiger Lily Productions, LLC, Key Lime Lie, short film
Timothy Reckart, Token Hunchback, animation
Tombstone Film (United Kingdom), Everybody Wants a Sheffield Band, short documentary
Toms Shoes, For Tomorrow, feature documentary
Tough Guppy Productions, The War of Game: Episode #1, short film
Wei Zhang, Nora’s Fish, experimental
Zak Melms, Volition, short film
Award of Merit Winners – Television
BICREF (Europe), Waves of Life, feature documentary
canalmicro (Spain), See & Enjoy, concept
Dmitry Torgovitsky, Spy Commercial, commercial
Darmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Welcome to the Intensive Care Nursery, health/medicine/science; and Welcoming You: Employee Orientation, corporate/training/communication
Dennis White, Static Revenger: Satellite, music video
Foundation For A Drug-Free World, Medicine Chest, PSA/public service programming
Jeremy Sklar, Hollywoodn’t, pilot program
JLB Media Productions, Inc., Ignis Fatuus, music video
Lucky Dog Productions, Partially Stalked Love, music video
Mark Nelsson, Open Mic Nite, pilot program
Maya Vision International (United Kingdom), Darfur: Between the Lines, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Out of the Dirt Productions, Where the Ocean Meets the Sky, cinematography
RIT SportsZone, RIT SportsZone Season 7: Episode 1, sports/fitness
¡Sorpresa! Network, Luz, Cámara, ¡Sorpresa!, children/family programming and editing
United Nations – International Association of Applied Psychology, United Nations NGO Profiles, on-camera talent
University of Southern Mississippi, Deadstring Brothers Live & the BAMA Theatre, musicals/dance/variety/entertainment
University of Tennessee, The Long March, short documentary
Wesley Mission – Sydney (Australia), Santa’s Forgotten People, feature documentary; and Rise & Shine (Episode 40/08), interview/talk show
WGVU, Stefon Harris: The Art of Listening, arts/culture/performance/plays
Award of Merit Winners – Videography
Audio Visual Factory, The Joel Spiegal Story, special purpose/live events/tributes
Champ Williams, Attack of the Sea Slugs, nature/environment/wildlife
Children’s PressLine, Robert H. Clampitt Tribute, tribute
Creators Media Group, Inc., 2008 Environmental Leadership Award, nature/environment/wildlife
Cupertino Strings, See-Like-Me, Play Like a Pro Video Virtuoso Series: The Swan, educational/instructional/how-to
Great Expectations Video Productions, A Safe & Healthy Home for Every Person, nonprofit/fundraising
Monument Pictures (Canada), Big Rock Beer: Zombies, commercial/infomercial
Panta Rhei Media, Inc., MEDRAD for Life, corporate/stakeholder communications
University of Tennessee, Evolution of the Video Journalist, humor/humorist
World Class Productions, LLC, World Class Restaurant Service, training/industrial film