Winners Archive April 2004

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment, The Quest For Nutrition, branded documentary, traces the science and history of efforts to improve personal health through development of nutritional supplements while promoting the Nutrilite Health Institute.

Bert Kersey, Backyard Barn Owls, Nature/Wildlife

National Terrorism Preparedness Institute, CoMNET – August 27, 2003, television news magazine

Brent Altomare and Matthew Midgett, Mama’s Kitchen, Fund Raising
Brent Altomare and Matthew Midgett, California Dream Homes, Title & Credit Design

Creative Motel, BBC America’s The Office: Good News, Bad News, commercials

Douglas Technical Services
, ICU: Visitor Instructions, Health/Medicine/Science

Jason Hinkle,
My Life, documentary

Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment
, Bone Health, Commericals

National Terrorism Preparedness Institute
, CoMNET – August 27, 2003, Contemporary Issues/Awareness Raising

The PPI Group, Sensory Heaven
Elemis Spa, Special Purpose Production

Urban American Outdoors,
Major Montage, Sports