Winners Archive April 2011

Accolade winners

Accolade Global Film CompetitionØ, THE BOOK, feature film: “They” are already among us. They look just like us and they want to share The Book which has a formula for utopia, or is it utopia? This unusual film is a fantasy thriller that has the potential to become a cult classic. Well crafted, stylistically radical.

Accolade Global Film Competition
UFA Fernsehpoduktion GmbH
(Germany), O Leipzig: Geiste, miniseries: Four police officers trace murders in Leipzig, Germany. The series is already a success with prime-time audiences because of its powerful storytelling and engaging character development.

 Award of Excellence words
Bohemian Industries, An Evening with My Comatose Mother, short film
Bottle Rocket World Entertainment (Canada), The Paper Nazis, short documentary
Golden Era Productions, How to Use Dianetics, educational/instructional
Melanie Abramov, Dame Factory Inc., experimental
Monarex Hollywood Corporation, DALI – Love at First Sight, feature documentary
Mutt & Jeff Pictures (United Kingdom), Fairytale of London Town, short film
New Masters Film, Max Dear Boy, short film
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Kung Fu Quest (The Series), documentary series; Zen Combatant – Shaolin, documentary program; and At the Apex of Wudang, arts/cultural
Red Creek Productions, Sins of My Father, feature documentary
Shahrain Jamaluddin (Malaysia), SALADIN – The Animated Series, children/family programming
Simplexity Films in Association with Tusk Films, The Lair, short film
Spotlight (Bulgaria), Facing Agrippina, arts/cultural
Television TVN (Poland), My Pole, feature film
Tower 17 Productions, Twentsixmiles, leading actor (Eric Lange as Murph in Episode 6)
Tuomas Kantelinen, The Italian Key, feature film

Film festival awards
4 Dude Entertainment, Buskers, reality programming
Ariodite Films, Extraction Point, movie trailer
BBluesky Company Limited (China), Restoring King Yin Lei, college/university/government
Black Jelly Bean Productions (Canada), Shining Star, music video
Blue Passport Pictures (Canada), The Princess and the Beer, commercial/infomercial
Building for Life, Inc., Building for Life, feature documentary
Califa Productions, LLC, Direk Aşk, short film
California State University Fresno, Studio A – Episode 1.5, entertainment/drama/dance/variety and direction
Charles-Henri Avelange, Arthur, original score
Cortron Media, LLC, Veteran’s Justice Partnership, public service programming/PSA
David Whittet (New Zealand), Amiri & Aroha, short film and concept
Dirt Totem Productions, The Sanctum, short film
Eclectrix, Inc., Beatboxing – The Fifth Element of Hip Hop, short documentary
Educational Television Unit of Education Bureau (China), The Diversified Beauty of the Flow of Dots and Strokes (1) (Use of the Writing Brush), educational/instructional; and Learning Has No Boundaries – Non-Chinese-Speaking Students Learning Chinese, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Escobar Indie Pictures, Ltd., The Summer of Massacre, experimental
Fox Learning Systems, Friendship Circle, nonprofit/fund raising; and Common Cause of Infection-Bloodborne, educational/instructional
Golden Era Productions, How to Use Dianetics, script/writer; and The Problems of Work, educational/instructional and script/writer
Heart Stone Pictures, I Love You Mom, Please Don’t Break My Heart, history/biographical/travel
Houston Independent School District, Within Our Walls: Booker T. Washington High School, short documentary
Illumine Productions, Challenging Impossibility, short documentary
Ivana Corsale, Campania In-Felix (Unhappy Country), short documentary
Joonki Park, Friday Night Tights, animation
Joseph James Films, The Masonic Map, feature film
Karen Wilson (Australia), Possession, short film
Keppler Entertainment, The Secret, leading actor (Agency Owner: Reichen Heimlich) and casting (Rick Keppler)
Key Frame (Italy), Vundes Vun Van A Man, short documentary and history/biographical/travel
Kristi L. Simkins, Something Special, short film
Lisa Talley, Mad World, short film
Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Changing Hearts: Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative, short documentary
Mankind Omnimedia, Stage Time, feature documentary
Mantis Eagle Productions, Love Eterne, short film
Massachusetts School of Law, MSL Educational Forum: When Everything Changed, interview/talk show; and MSL Books of Our Time: When the Game Was Ours, interview/talk show
Mouton Productions, Fat City, New Orleans, feature film
NAK Productions, SCAMELOT, feature film
Neil McGregor (Australia), The Little Things, feature film
OCN Films, First Match, short film
R/com Creative, Wildfires: LA, short documentary; and LAFD Music Video, music video
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Zen Combatant – Shaolin, cinematography; and All About Music: Tchaikovsky, educational/instructional
Red Creek Productions, Sins of My Father, direction
Regine Richards, Some Things Are Worse than Being Gay, short film
Rupani Films, 200, short film
Saesmark, Eisis, feature film and creativity/originality
Shahrain Jamaluddin (Malaysia), SALADIN – The Animated Series, art direction
Skyler Page, Crater Face, animation
Southern Utah University – TV, Primitives Among Us, documentary program/series
Srikanth Appalaraju, My Cowboy, short film
StoryCorps, Danny & Annie, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Studio PMG, Southern California Walk MS, webisode
Sunny T Films, Naked Innocence, short film
T.G.C. Films LLC, Partners in Pretension, script/writer
Television TVN (Poland), Boxer, feature film
The Conch Republic Media Group, Key West Time Starring Howard Livingston, tourism/travel
The Reel to Real Foundation, The Business of Saving Lives, public service program
The Room Upstairs Ltd. (United Kingdom), Anutha Time, music video
To Blink Studio (Canada), 5 Minutes Each, animation
Tom McIntire, What Light, short film
Tower 17 Productions, Twentsixmiles, supporting actress (Kimberly Caldwell as Taylor in Episode 5)
Toy Gun Films, Paper Flower, short film
University of California Los Angeles, Out on a Limb, animation
Walking Wolf Productions, Inc., Fractured Minds, short film