Winners Archive Aug 2009

Accolade winners
Accolade Global Film Competition
Paranoid Pictures
(Canada), Growing Op, feature film, is a coming of age film about a teen boy living in a family that operates a “grow house”, and home-schools him to cover their criminal activities. When he emerges to a public school he creates a wholesome identify to lure the first love of his life. Great storyline, excellent performances by a stand-out cast including the delightful Rosanna Arquette, and a stunning sound track by noted Canadian artists.

Accolade Global Film Competition

Bogart Reininger Films, Artois the Goat, feature film, is a nicely shot, skillfully directed art comedy. Directors Cliff and Kyle Bogart do a masterful job of developing the plot and creating interesting characters. It’s an off-beat reflection on love and creating meaning in our “flyspeck lives” that will certainly entertain and delight audiences.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Title Entertainment
(Canada), The Quantum Tamers: Revealing Our Weird and Wired Future, feature documentary, explores how the new age of quantum technologies is shaking our world and shaping our future. Stars the planet’s brightest minds such as Stephen Hawking. Shot in 16 cities in six countries, and uses 2D and 3D animation to explain this complex topic.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Panta Rhei Media, Inc.,
Taming the Flame: The Refractories Institute, industrial/technical/business, pays tribute to non-metallic materials that can stand high-heats and which are used for the linings for furnaces, kilns, incinerators and reactors. This well-crafted and tightly-edited film manages to make a topic which most people would think uninteresting both entertaining and educational.

Award of Excellence words
Award of Excellence Winners – Film

Anna Costa e Silva (Brazil), Vozes, short documentary
Aware Productions, Paper Boys (AKA) Boys of the Wrecking Crew, feature film
Brooke Sebold, The Last Cigarette, short film (student)
Columbia College Chicago, Loose Grip, short film
Creation Studios, Generation Y, short film (student)
Dead Cat Films (Canada), Sans Dessein, feature film
Deadeye Films, LLC, Deadland, feature film
Digital Tap, LLC, Zap Squad and The Sands of Time, animation
Fricero Films (France), La Dernière Leçon du Parrain, short film
Good Dog Films, Limited (Ireland), Fight or Flight, feature documentary
Haole Boy Films, In Fidelity, short film
Helene Muddiman, Skin, original score
John Trinh Studio, Agent Orange: 30 Years Later (“A War No One Wins”), feature documentary
Monica Surrena, King of the Road, short film (student)
OceanVision, Altered Oceans – Acrid Seas, feature documentary
Old Virginia Films, LLC, Lilly’s Thorn, feature film
Prashant Nair (France), Max & Helena, short film (student)
Random Acts Production Company, Baby Boomerang, feature documentary
Red Thorn Productions, Savanna, short film
Spotted Frog Productions, Which Way to the War?, research
The Commune Movie, LLC, The Commune, sound overall impact
Three Legged Race Productions, Lambs, short film

Award of Excellence Winners – Television

Andrea Vestrand, Recycle, music video
Bryan World Productions, LLC, GV7 Random Urban Static, arts/cultural/performance
Cheyenne Mountain High School, Swan Song – Brightwood, music video (student)
Dori Media Group (Israel), uMan, reality programming
Durami VMPC, Lose Yourself In Me, music video, original song (Lose Yourself In Me) and cinematography
Paul Sheehan, Tales From The Trail, pilot program
South Hollywood Productions, Lock Speed Action, low budget
Zhejiang Zhongnan Group Animation Video Company, LTD (China), Zheng He’s Voyages to the West Seas (Episode #1, A Glorious Voyage), animation

Award of Excellence Winners – Videography

Scott Corder, Inc., The Haworth Story, corporate/stakeholder communication
Tribe Pictures, KPMG: Great Place To Build A Career, corporate/stakeholder communication
University of Tennessee, The Tent City Story, college/university
World Class Productions, LLC, Olomana

Film festival awards
Award of Merit Winners – Film

AAA Productions (France), Le Chat Noir, short film
Afterall Productions, G Love, short film
Alan Williams, Pajama Gladiator, original score
Alder Sherwood, Timetravel_0, feature documentary
Andy Andersen, Folsom Prison Blues, feature documentary
Aragón Cinematográfica (Spain), Bonsái, short film (foreign language)
Asperger’s Pictures, Coming Soon, short film
Aware Productions, Paper Boys (AKA) Boys of the Wrecking Crew, editing, supporting actor (Sean’s Father: Robert Hatch) and post-production overall
BaK Productions, Consumed, short film
Bedazzled Pics, Inc. (Canada), Replay, short film
Beetlejuice Films, The Yanks Are Back, feature documentary
Bio/Pic Films, The Ballet of Dyslexics On Dyslexia, short documentary
Black Sox Productions, The Next Gift, short film and leading actor (Sophia Reinero)
Braide Keyland, Phobia, short film
Charlie Mac Productions (Canada), Let Them Eat, animation
Chris Ordal, Earthwork, feature film
Christopher Bradley, Carter, short film (student)
Cola Kat Productions, Another Day, Another Dime, short film and direction
Columbia College Chicago, Among All Creatures, short film (student)
Concept Films (United Kingdom), The Good Muslim, short film
CouryGraph Productions, Cam Stryker – Man From Trash, experimental
Dave Reiss, Incubator, feature film (faculty/tenure track)
David Baas (Canada), Skylight, animation
David Sheahan, Together!, animation
Derick Alexander, The Last Days of Toussaint L’Ouverture, short film
Dirty Duck Productions (United Kingdom), Isha’ Allah, feature film (student)
FPS Productions, Slick, short film (student)
Ed White – Yale University, Two Face, short film (student)
Entertainment Development Company, Save The World, feature documentary
Esoteric Productions, Sunny Day, short film and direction
Evolution Pictures, Window Pain, experimental
Five Talent Films, Inc., My Angel, feature film and leading actor (Character: Brad Curtis: Actor: Tim Blore)
FreeForm, Reconciliation, short documentary
Freshwater Haven, Tapestries of Hope, feature documentary
Gabrielle Lui, A Broken Heart, original score (Red Rose of Eros: Henry K. Lui, II)
Georgia Southern University, JamesWorks Entertainment, & JMP Entertainment, Theater of the Mind, feature documentary
Gold Films (United Kingdom), Barry Brown (The Life of a Stripper), short film
Golightly Productions, Scream of the Bikini, feature film
Greg Kerr Productions, Unremembered, feature film
Hefner Brothers Productions, The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada, short film
Horns and Tails Productions, Ltd., Till You’re Told To Stop, feature documentary
Hrvoje Krsticevic (Croatia), Thunder, feature documentary
Jack Marshall Films (United Kingdom), Intruder, short film
Jesse Grce, Cher Papa, short film; and The Letter, short film
Jim Carty, The Confession, short film
Jim Grollman, The True Story Behind The Plot To Blow Up The Washington Monument, short documentary
JPNT Films, Live and Die, lead actor (Lee Thomas: Tom Lyle)
KarmaComa Studio (Canada), What If, short film
Kevin Gallagher, Green Tunnel, experimental
Kimberly Horning, Agnes Moorehead Is God!, short film
Kyle Pugsley, Soulful Photos, short film (student)
Last Night of April Productions, Night Things, feature film
LEJW Productions, Finding A Place, short film (student)
LESS Productions, PolyCultures: Food Where We Live, feature documentary
LJP Films, Mystical Fire, short documentary
Lycan Entertainment, Boys of Summerville, feature film
Loisaida Productions, LLC, My Normal, feature film
Marvin Choi, Said Black, animation
Maxirita (Mexico), Buroinfierno, short film
Midtown Film, Wild Nature, original screenplay
Mike Dacko, Lightheaded, animation
Mitlas Productions, A Hero in Heaven, feature documentary
Monkey Kingdom Productions, Tumbling After, feature film
Montage 3 Films, Mistaken, short film
Moving Still Productions, Ni Aqui, Ni Alla (Not Here, Not There), feature documentary, editing and viewer impact: content/message delivery
New Mexico State University, Monsters, short film (student)
Nikolai Galen (Turkey), Shut Your Eyes, experimental
Odin Valkar, Evo Revo, feature documentary
Philip Kim, Downstream, feature film
Poi Dog Pictures, Poi Dogs, short film (faculty/tenure track)
Poppies Production, LLC, Poppies: Odyssey of an Opium Eater, feature film
Prairie Coast Films (Canada), Open Your Mouth And Say … Mr. Chi Pig, feature documentary
Pro Bono Productions, Neshoba, feature documentary
Proper Ginko (Italy), Crawling Thieves, short film
Rebecca Rojer, Beauty Machine, short film (student)
Robert Killian, Ballad of Jackson, short film (student)
Rockin’ Van Entertainment, Psyche on Melrose, short film
Roy’s Boys Productions (United Kingdom), Homemade Vigilante, feature film
San Diego State University, Diecast, short film (student)
Sea to Sea Records, LLC, Sam’s Rain, feature film
Senthil Kumar KG (India), Simplicity, short film
Shinken Productions, Shanked, feature film
SM Productions, The Perfect Woman, feature film
Spotted Frog Productions, Which Way to the War?, feature documentary
Still Productions, The Secret of Oz, feature documentary
Striped Socks Productions, The Other Side of Paradise, feature film and leading actor (Rose: Arianne Martin)
T.G.C. Films, The Grover Complex, leading actor (Grover: Fernando Noor)
The Commune Movie, LLC, The Commune, art direction and post production overall
Tim Hyde (United Kingdom), Hope, short film
Travis Bigg (Australia), Higher Plane, short film
Trestrece Films (Puerto Rico), Winged Rats, short film
Troy Warwell, Amanda’s Return, short film, direction and leading actor (Amanda: Alexis Zibolis)
University of California Los Angeles, Christmas Thieves, short film (student)
University of Southern California, Girls In White Dresses, short documentary (student)
Unknowneye Productions, Call the Clock, short film
Valerie Harrington, Around the Block, short film, direction and leading actor (George)
Walter Media, Breaking News, Breaking Down, feature documentary
W Films, Lacking Lewis, short film and creativity/originality
Woman Vision, Training Rules, feature documentary

Award of Merit Winners – Television

Asbury College, Friends Like You, low budget
Ben Olson, Domestically Challenged: Episode 1, Phantom Pants, pilot program
Charlie Mac Productions (Canada), Everything Burns, music video
Claire Wasmund/Karen Bullis, Delayed Teen Angst, internet site streaming and original screenplay (Claire Wasmund)
CouryGraph Productions, The Mayor Elaine Scruggs Chocolate Football Challenge, short documentary
Creative Artistry & Fx, Jewish Jesus – CBN Broadcasting, makeup
Derek Pueblo, Greetings From The Grave, music video
Dori Media Group (Israel), uMan, creativity/originality and viewer impact: entertainment value
Durami VMPC, Lose Yourself In Me, creativity/originality and direction
Fast Cloud Films, A Box With A View, short documentary (student)
First American Productions, LLC, Homeland Nation – Mescalero Apache, feature documentary
Homer Azari, Scenes of a party, television pilot
Iron Oxide Productions, Golden Boy, pilot program
It Is Written Oceania (Australia), The Day It Rained Fire, religion/ethics
MIG Productions (Guam), Pacific Home & Garden: Season 2: Episode 11: The Philippines, on-camera talent (Marissa Borja); and Pacific Home & Garden: Season 1: Episode 10: Keep Cool, viewer impact: content/message delivery
NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Innovative Partnership Program, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Paul Sheehan, Tales From The Trail, editing (Paul Sheehan)
Purple Letter Productions, Ghost Bird – Toy Soldier, music video
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Riding Out the Tsunami: The Winning Ticket, drama program; and A Journey Less Ordinary: Work and Play, interview/talk show
Reverie Pictures, LLC, Green Room, television pilot program
Ryan Mooney, Something About Ryan, television pilot
Shant Hamassian, Spaceman on Earth, pilot program
Skydance Entertainment (Canada), The Great Canadian Motorcycle Trek, low budget; and Saddle Up!, videography
South Hollywood Productions, Lock Speed Action, pilot program, creativity/originality and leading actor (Randy)
University of Delaware, Left Behind: Chrysler’s Newark Assembly Plant: Past, Present and Future, college/university
Vahid Farzaneh, Another Family Show, comedy program
Wesley Mission Sydney (Australia), Christmas Past & Present, contemporary issues/awareness raising; and Rise & Shine: Gladys Staines, interview/talk show
WGVU, Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes, low budget

Award of Merit Winners – Videography

AVCOM Productions, Inc., Chester’s 50-Year Journey, special purpose/live events/tributes
Cary Sontag & Samantha Bearden, Winter Music Conference 2009, short documentary
Clayton Boyd, The Job, commercial/infomercial
Erick Boychuk Films (Canada), Angry Ranch, commercial
f-reel pty ltd (Australia), Music of the Brain, arts/cultural/performance
Heinerth Productions, Real Sobriety, contemporary issues/awareness raising
KOO-KI (Japan), Hitachi Baku, commercial/infomercial
Libia Lazcano, Out of Date, documentary
Lineplot Productions, Save Sonny, special purpose film
Mediart01 (Austria), Arcosoleo, arts/cultural/performance
Production Outfitters, Responsible Gambling: What Employees Need To Know, training video
R/com Creative, New Project Earthquake 911: Survive The Big One, special purpose production
Syed Danish, The Unreal Reality, training video
University of La Verne, City of La Verne Profile, history/biographical/travel