Winners Archive Aug 2011

Accolade winners

Film festival awards

Ali Scher, The Maiden and The Princess (USA), short film, is the tale of a precocious ten-year-old girl, Emmy, who marches to the beat of her own drummer. Emmy makes her move and kisses Alice, but not without consequences. Strong characters, carefully crafted.

Film Festival Awards
Dori Media Group (Israel), Diggers, children/family programming, has 60 thirty minutes episodes directed toward a teen audience. Kids experience a magical adventure with intrigues, mischief and heartbreak, and tons of laughter and humor.

Award of Excellence words
4 Score +7 Music, Walk A Mile in My Pradas, original score
AARP, Rostros de la Crisis, on-camera talent
Agnleszka Bezubik (Poland), The Simple Story About Love, film feature
Ahh.. Raza Films, Hermoso Silencio, feature film
Assassin Films, Ltd. (United Kingdom), West Is West, feature film
Backcountry Pictures, California Forever, feature documentary
bio/pic films, at the feet of a harlot, music video
Carrie Lynn Certa, A Day in the Life of Plain Jen, leading actress (Jen Harper: Carrie Certa)
Digital Magic, Wake Up (Director’s Cut), music video
FOX6 WBRC, April’s Fury: An Intimate Journal, news/weather
Liliane de Kermadec (France), He Film, feature documentary
PCCW Productions, Ltd (Hong Kong), Japan Earthquake: Back to the Crisis Zone, television documentary
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Beyond Foodways – The Big Blue, nature/wildlife
Regent University, The Fire That Sweeps the Pine, short film
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, The Amnesiac’s Birthday, short documentary
Spiderwood Studios, Flight of Magic, animation

Film festival awards
AARP, Rostros de la Crisis, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Alex Lora, Odysseus’ Gambit, short documentary
Another America at Last Productions, Ain’t I a Person, feature documentary
Artcirq (Canada), Raven, public service programming/PSA
Attila Adam, June Gloom, social justice
Belloq Productions (United Kingdom), Perseverance, short film
Big Red Hat Productions, The Traveling Trio, children/family programming
Bring Chase Productions, Just Another Thing, music video
CMM Productions (Malta), The Tal Qadi Stone, history/biographical and direction
Courage Films Pty Ltd (Australia), I Wish I Were Stephanie V, feature film
Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant, short documentary and script/writer
Dori Media Group (Israel), Diggers, drama program/series
Elisabeth Fies, Scrutinize, dramatic impact
Enchanted Forest Tales (United Kingdom), Bicycles and Balloons, short film
Enlighthouse Entertainment, What’s Up?, short documentary
Frederic Casella (United Kingdom), Tooty’s Wedding, short film
f-reel pty, ltd (Australia), Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese Falcon, feature documentary
Gatling Whale, Apocalypse Twins: the Series, webisode
Guillermo Gómez-Alvarez (Puerto Rico), Una Identidad en absurdo Vol. 1 (An Absurd Identity Vol. 1), feature documentary
Ithaca College – Roy H. Park School of Communications, Deeds Not Words: The Buffalo Soldiers in World War II, documentary program
Jingyang Cheng, A Heart Felt, short film
JohnMark Triplett, Horror Movies Suck, short film
Jordan Harker, Jackie O, short film
Jungleboys (Australia), Tram Inspector, music video
Limitless Films, LLC, Kin, short film
Lois Lipman, A Place to Belong: Asperger’s and a School, educational/instructional
Matt Nager Photography, Campania In- Felix (Unhappy Country), cinematography
mediaco-op (United Kingdom), Mikey and Jools Keep Safe, educational/instructional
Miami Vision International, LLC, Miami Latin Nights, television pilot program and Melody of Love, music video
Milo Productions, LLC, Bracher Brown: Who I Am and How It Feels, short documentary
Mirto loanna Kassis, Day Off, short film and direction
Moonboys Productions, Inc., PWNERS, feature film
Moonshine Movies (Australia), LIFE Before Death, feature documentary
MORE Media Group, LOL-Leaders Online Base Camp 101 Training, educational/instructional
OutreachArts, Inc., Loves Me Not, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Peter Jin, Portrait of Leonore, short film
Projections, Incorporated, Kellogg-Bringing Our Best To You, training/industrial productions
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Skirted, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Regent University, Humble Pie, short film
Spark Media, Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Studio Conus (Russia), Fear and Tremble: short film and direction
Surging Media Group, FoodSaver System, commercial/infomercial
T-Films Limited (Hong Kong), Beach Spike, feature film and leading actress (Sharon: Chrissie CHAU)
TK Productions, 50,000,000 Tribute Fans Can’t Be Wrong, documentary feature
Tony Rago, Whacked, webisode
TY2K Productions, Burned, pilot program/series
W&B Productions, 300 Miles to Freedom, short documentary
Wen Ren, Streets To Nowhere, music video
Wonlord Productions, What is a Notary Public?, educational/instructional