Winners Archive August 2010

Accolade winners

Accolade Global Film Awards
Athena Productions LLC
, Silent Shame, feature documentary, is about the journey of a Japanese-born filmmaker to confront the darkest memories of her country’s involvement in war crimes during WWII and the impact on today’s society. Well crafted, powerful film by the very talented filmmaker Akiko Izumitani.

Accolade Global Film Awards
Razor Films UK
(United Kingdom), The Honey Killer, feature film, is about a beautiful femme fatale who kills her boyfriends for money. This highly original and stylish comedy was shot in 23 days and in 16 different locations, has colorful characters and entertaining script.

Accolade Global Film Awards
Salem Produções
(Brazil), Vento, short film, in which a small isolated town in Brazil becomes windless. The adults act strange with no hope and no optimism. In the middle of all this, a young boy wants to change his life and pursue his dreams. Unique style and masterful direction.

Accolade Global Film Awards
Tower 17 Productions,
Twentysixmiles, miniseries, is an independently produced, six episode television series set on California’s beautiful Catalina island. It has quirky characters and upbeat, positive messages for families and teens.

 Award of Excellence words
9MM Production (France), Beneath the Surface, short film
Curio Film Productions Ltd (United Kingdom), Curio, feature film
David Krupicz (Canada), Archon Defender, animation
Dori Media Group (Israel), Split – Second Season, drama program/series
EXERO HDTV (Australia), 13 Strings, feature film
Frantic Films (Canada), ‘Til Debt Do Us Part – Blended Family Blues – episode 8100, on-camera talent (host: Gail Vaz-Oxlade)
Ginzberg Video Productions, Sowing the Seeds of Justice, feature documentary
Greg Watkins, This is Hamlet, educational video
High Wire Films (Australia), Lowdown, comedy program and leading actor (Alex)
Horizon Films Pvt Ltd (Australia), Riwayat, feature film
Jamie Moniz & Genie Willett, Stalker Chronicles, podcasts/webcasts/webinars
Joshua Records, LLC, Keiko: The Untold Story, feature documentary
Karolyn Szot, Message Received, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), Cayenne Emotrailer “Against all odds”, sales/branding/product demonstration
Kevin Chan (Singapore), Yours Truly, editing
Liaoning TV Station/LIC (China), Chinese Merganser – Love Birds From the Ice Ages, short documentary
Lost Art Films (Australia), El Monstro del Mar!, feature film
Maitely Inc., Mother Eve’s Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood, webisode
Mark Hagerling, Magic in the Forest, original score
Milo Productions, LLC, Ridin’ The Dog!, feature documentary
Ophir Production (Italy), Deu Ci Sia, short film
Push it to the Limit Pictures (Australia), Chick Flick, feature film
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Cadenza – Colours for the Aged, direction
RIT SportsZone, SportsZone Live RIT vs. Air Force Hockey, live TV events
RNG Films, Life! Camera Action…, feature film
Roy Khalil (Lebanon), All Birds Whistle, short film
RTÉ (Ireland), Single-Handed 3: The Drowning Man, drama program/series
Snagbuddy Productions, Grown Folks, music video
Stephen Schioppo, A Safe House, feature film
Steven Cowan, Priceless, short documentary
Tolerance Through Knowledge, The Desperate, short film
Trost Moving Pictures, A Christmas Snow, feature film
Turner Studios – Original Productions, Grady Health System Foundation “Helping Hand”, viewer impact motivational/inspirational and use of film/video to enhance website
University of Southern California, Signal, short film
Wedmoments (Greece), The Butterfly Effect, weddings and dramatic impact

Film festival awards
1,001 Ways Productions, LLC, 1,001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position, feature film
322 Films, Pleasures, leading actor (Robert Factor)
904 Productions, The 904, feature documentary
Allusion Pictures, The Gypsy, short film
Almost Free, The Obsession, feature film
Andrew Carlberg, Til My Voice is Gone, music video
Appleseed Entertainment, Ellipse, short film
ArbatFilm, Take Off One Ear!, short documentary
Arcata Arts, Sensual Massage Made Simple, educational/instructional
Atlas Productions LLC, Citizen Mayor, feature documentary
Blue Moon Films LLC, Hamlin Pond, feature film
Brian Luke Seaward, Earth Songs: Mountains, Water and the Healing Power of Nature, short documentary
Brian Lynch (Canada), Indelible, short film
Bruce Hyer, Tamassee: The Place of the Sunlight of God, nonprofit/fundraising
Carnegie Mellon University, Ready-girls, health/medicine/science
Chiara Cavallazzi (Italy), Changement l’Histoire à travers les yeux des guinéiens, feature documentary
CIESC, Public Schools Work, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Cinema do Polvo (Brazil), Claudia, feature documentary
City of Titusville FL, A Max Brewer Bridge Replacement and Enhancement Project, public service programming
ClearMetrics, TWINLAB Meat Muscles, commercial/infomercial and creativity/originality
Cooley Productions, Inc., Unaware, feature film
Cristaldi Pictures (Italy), Rita, short film
Darren Horne (United Kingdom), The Maniac Project, feature film
David Kinskey-Lebrada, 1 Year for 2 Minutes, college/university/government
Denkmal-Film (Germany), Scientists Under Attack – Genetic Engineering and the Magnetic Field of Money, feature documentary
Derek Meyer, The Hatter’s Apprentice, short film
Diverboy Films (Canada), The Last Stop, short film
Dream Balloon Animation Studios, The Whisper Home, feature film; and We Are the Head Chefs, music video
DreamStreet Pictures, Positive, short film
DVW Films, Controlled Burn, short film
Edmund Fargher (United Kingdom), Manning the Baton, short documentary
Eman Pictures (Canada), Inner Quest, feature film
Emotive Films (Canada), Determined, short film
ETPNEW, The Hidden Homeless, documentary program
Eye Goddess Films, Pink Smoke Over The Vatican, feature documentary, editing and voice-over talent (Jules Hart)
Fall Risk Films, By Love and Art Scarred, feature film
Feldsott Entertainment, LLC, Under-Tow, short film
Felix de la Concha, La Historia Más Larga de Bilbao Jamás Pintada, short documentary
Fernando Ortigas (Philippines), Reality Check!, short film
Film 38 (United Kingdom), Inbetween, leading actor (Slauvko Stanic: Branko Tomovic)
Film Fatale & Mad-G Productions, Player Hating: A Love Story, feature documentary
Final Cut Productions, Renaissance of the Dead, feature film
Five Strangers Films Ltd (Canada), Poker Face, commercial/infomercial and humorist
Fox Learning Systems, Caring For Those Who Cared For Us: Dementia, health/medicine/science
Frank Raffel (Germany), The Dark Warrior, feature film
Frantic Films (Canada), ‘Til Debt Do Us Part – Blended Family Blues – episode 8100, reality programming
Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows, Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives – The Environmental Footprint of War, feature documentary and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Gideon Emery, Sex Drive, tube length video
Grellman Film, Whiskey Blue, feature film
Hawkeye Productions, Patchwork, short documentary
HAS III Inc., Barbarossa and the Towers of Italy, short documentary
High Wire Films (Australia), Lowdown, direction
Humble Productions, Humble Beauty: Skid Row Artists, feature documentary
In A Minute Productions, Convergences, experimental film
Jeeperz Crow Productions (Canada), One Night Only, short documentary
Jeremy Newman, The Persistence of Forgetting, video remixes/mashups
Jester Pictures, We’ll Be Alright, music video
Jigsaw Films, Adam Blank Gets A Vasectomy, short documentary
Jodi Wu, Arpaio’s America, short documentary
Jonathan Coleman, I’ll Call You, short film
Jordan Mohr, Hollywood Mouth, feature film
Joseph Jolton, Winter’s Discontent, short film
Josephine Mackerras (France), Prayer, short film
JPNT Films, Jimmy Traynor’s “Second Chance”, actor supporting (Rick: Tom Lyle)
Judith Levine, Midlife, short film
Julian Dobrev (United Kingdom), A Spirit To Guide, short film and direction
Karolyn Szot, Message Received, special purpose film
Kat Coiro, Idiots, short film
Katrina Frederick, Imaginary, short film
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), MHP Image Film “It works”, industrial/technical/business
Kevin Chan (Singapore), Yours Truly, short film and sound editing/mixing
Klaus Schrefler (Austria), Intiñahui, experimental film
Law and Order SVU, Mozambique, short documentary
LolitaMoon Productions & and Korry Productions, Of Yesterday and Tomorrow, short film
Loyola Marymount University, Marvin, short film
madnessfilms, A Day in the Life, short film
Meeting the Challenge, Inc., Invisible Voices, use of film/video for social change
Melinda Prisco (Spain), Play Mates, television pilot program
Michael Gorrie, Nothing Personal, feature film
Midnight Blue Films, Two Fireflies, feature film
Milo Productions, LLC, Ridin’ The Dog!, original song (Roll on Home: Opening Song by Alan M. Whitney and Bill Bairley) and viewer impact: entertainment value
Mindflow Media, We Shall Not Be Moved, history/biographical/travel
Miro Digital Arts, Enter The Dark, short film
Miss T, Kitty, short film
Monelli Films, The Grave, short film
Monumental Pictures, The Death of Hollywood, feature film
Moonshadow Productions, Love You to Death, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Mundo Loco Films, The Cycle, short film
Nathan Ruegger, Another Life, short film
Native Sun Teleworks, LLC, “Stubborn As A Mule!”, short documentary
Niko Hronopoulos, The Eater, short film
Ocular Nutrition (Canada), Apocalypse Story, short film
One of Each Productions, LLC, The Learning Curves, television pilot
Phwoar, LLC, Stealing, short film
Picture Trail Productions (Australia), Sent Beyond, short film
Potion Pictures, Up & Down, feature film
Praatiek Dodeja, Mission Rajasthan, short film and direction
President Street Promotions, That Show with Michael Rakosi, interview/talk show
Productions Forever (France), Teenagers, feature film
Quagmire Productions (Australia), The Toll, feature film
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Cadenza – Colours for the Aged, cinematography and leading actress’ and Do Not Gamble Campaign – Don’t Gamble Your Family Away, public service programming
Real World Productions, Backpack the Grand Canyon, educational/instructional
Reality’s Illusion Productions, To Have & Have More, feature film
Ricardo Manavello, The Dive, short film
RIT SportsZone, SportsZone Season 8 – Episode 1 – 106, sports/fitness and post-production overall
RNG Films, Life! Camera Action… , cinematography, direction and dramatic impact
Robert Bruce (Canada), Songs of Human and Divine Love – I, short documentary
Roman Pictures, Mismatch, television pilot program
Ross Bark (Australia), Best Enemies, short film
RTÉ (Ireland), Seamus Heaney: Out of the Marvellous, feature documentary
Scrap and Taffy Productions, LLC, Sniff, the dog movie, feature documentary
Semplice Pictures & Brink Tank Productions, Live My Life, music video
Sergio Camacho, Paradise, short film
Severe Enterprises, Ipon!, animation
Shalamar Records/Three Alexander Music, A journey from the N-Side: an unscripted profile of a jazz/poet, short documentary
Shams Charania, Life of a Cabbie, short documentary
Sheldon Pearson (Canada), Bike Trails: Regaining Balance, short documentary
Snowball’s Chance Productions, Sweet Sweet Baby, short film, dramatic impact and editing
Sonia Eye Documentary, Inc. (Canada), We Can’t See You Beating Us, short documentary and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Stephen Rota (Malta), Il-Hajja (Life Cycle), short film
Steve Ly, Fighter, animation
Tara von Baron, The Samurai of Strongsville, Ohio, short film
Tatvam Productions, In That Moment, short film
The Light Millennium/LMTV, Francis Bacon: “Humans Are Violent”, arts/cultural/performance/plays
The Money Shot (Australia), Northcote (So Hungover), music video
The Walkabout Company, Detective, commercial/infomercial
Tirtza Even, All Day, experimental
Tonya Lehman, 3 Days 2 Buildings 100 People, short documentary
Towson University, Hope: Then & Now, short documentary
Traquitana Filmes (Brazil), Na Madrugada, short film
Tucker Kloetzke, The Dead Body, short film
Turner Studios – Original Productions, Grady Health System Foundation “What If?” PSA, PSA
Union College, Detour, feature film
University of Southern California, Vicissitude, short film
V-Shaw Productions (Canada), Rev: A Buried Treasure, short film
Videoview (Greece), Eutuxis & Eleni, weddings
White Lotus Film LLC, The Name is Rogells (Rugg-ells), feature film
WMCD, LLC, White Men Can’t Dance, feature film
Wordwise Productions, Dying Wish, health/medicine
Z.N. Enterprises, Burning Away, short film