Winners Archive December 2006

Accolade winners

Best of Show – Film

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Walk On The Beach Productions, Broken, feature film, combines a strong, but dark plot, with excellent character development. Hope (Heather Graham) makes acquaintance with Will (Jeremy Sisto) who is determined to take deadly measures to ensure that he and his true love always remain together – whether in the comforting light of life, or the cold embrace of death. (2006)

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Freak Short Film Agency (Spain), Contracuerpo, short film, is a stylized, interpretive portrait of a young, anorexic woman who loses herself within the labyrinth of her obsession to transfer her herself into a mannequin-like body. Psychologically complex and visually compelling. (2006)

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Maxim Pictures, Ltd. (Ireland), Ghostwood, feature film, is a thriller that delves into Ireland’s still-living supernatural mythology. The story is told through the eyes of a New Yorker who returns to Ireland for his father’s funeral and becomes absorbed in the mythology and Christanity of a remove village. (2006)

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Out Of The Way Productions, The Joy Cafe, motivational/inspirational, is written and directed by Lis Anna, a powerful new force in filmmaking. This short film is a heart-warming story of a café owner who decides not to sell her business when she discovers that her customers and employees need the big plate of joy she always delivers. (2006)

Best of Show – TV

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Break Thru Films, The Trials Of Darryl Hunt, feature documentary, filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg used years of research and interviews tell the story of one man’s wrongful imprisonment and his long and painful road to eventual justice. The documentary was screened to enthusiastic reviews at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. (2006)

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Minds Eye Entertainment (Canada), Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, network television & lead actor ( Michael Therriault), is the story of an unstoppable political force who eaarned the respect of millions of Canadians. Powerful storytelling and surperb character development. Joining Michael Therriault as Tommy Douglas are some of Canada’s greatest stars including Kristin Booth who plays Irma, Tommy’s universally-respected wife.  (2006)

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Sarah Elgart, Lies, music video (2006), is the Accolade’s first every Best of Show award to a music video. Surperb cinematography, cuts and mixing of black & white and color against a multi-ethnic, urban setting. Conceptually the lyrics suggest that hatred and intolerance are taught to children and offers images that are both disturbing and inspirational.

Best of Show – Video

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Gandy Dancer Productions, Where Does It Hurt?, special purpose production, was produced to brand and sell services for Injuryed Workers Pharmacy. Smart script, quick cuts, and carefully planned camera shots effectively communicate the benefits of using the vendor’s services. (2006)

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Hank Isaac, The Gift, nonprofit/fundraising, unlike almost every other short videos to support fundraising efforts, this production avoided using “talking-heads”, opting instead to subtly communicate the value of the nonprofit by following a little girl as she navigates through the landscape of the nonprofit’s services. (2006)

Award of Excellence words
Award of Excellence – Film

Amateur Productions, LLC, Mercy, feature film, direction, art direction, & leading actor (Gary Shannon)
Lila Films, Inc., Shaken, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales, SL (Spain), Luminaria, short film
Maxim Pictures, Ltd. (Ireland), Ghostwood, cinematography
Night Owl Entertainment, LLC, Nostalgia, feature film
Push World Wide, Razortooth, film
Scott Patch, Last Night, short film
Spring Arbor University, Grave Robbers, student production
Starfire Pictures, The Gold Necklace, short film
Zelle Bonney, Full Circle, script/writer

Award of Excellence – TV

Animated Family Films, The Legend Of The Sky Kingdom, animation
D & J Productions, Searching For Orson, feature documentary
Don Maxwell, Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories, arts/cultural
Minds Eye Entertainment (Canada), Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, direction & script/writer
Sarah Elgart, Lies, direction

Award of Excellence – Video

Rafael Films, Women Behind The Camera, contemporary issues/awareness raising
University of Oklahoma, Dido & Aeneas, arts/cultural
U.S. Allegiance, Inc., To Form A More Perfect Union: Milestones Of The Civil Rights Movement, short documentary
Women In Focus Productions, Inc., Thai Women: Challenging AIDS, short documentary

Honorable Mention – Film

Amalfi Films, LLC, Dreamers And Gamblers: Spirit Of The Pioneer Wildcatters, short documentary
Blake Whitman, Haven, cinematography & short documentary
Central Michigan University, Crazy Or What, feature documentary
Joe Rogers, Pancho And Lefty, short film, leading actor (Lefty: James Duval) & supporting actor (Davey: Kean Cronin)
Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales, SL (Spain), La Familia Espanola, short film
Ken Morris, Honest Abe, student production
Out Of The Way Productions, Rutherford County, short film
OutWorld Entertainment, After The Fall, short film
Scott Patch, Last Night, editing
The Seventh Bottle Films, Broken Glass, leading actor (Valentin – Gustavo Camelot)

Honorable Mention – TV

Alan Williams, Suits On The Loose, original score
Brigham Young University, Riding The Wave, college/university, & The Truth – Cough, public service announcement
Don Maxwell, Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories, direction
Hannover House, Samurai: The Last Warrior, short documentary
L.C.A. Films, Optimystic, music video
Minds Eye Entertainment (Canada), Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, art direction, editing & sound: overall impact
Palomar College Television, From War To Peace And Beyond, low budget
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Po Lin Monastery Centennial Special, religion/ethics/science
Rafael Films, Women Behind The Camera, editing
Rochester Institute Technology – SportsZone, RIT SportZone: Season 5 – Episode 1, special effects: animation; RIT SportZone: Season 5 – Episode 3, special effects: animation; RIT SportZone: Season 5 – Episode 5, sports, post-production overall & special effects: animation; RIT SportZone: Season 5 – Episode 6, special effects: animation
Spirit Works Studio, The Rivoli Revue: Making The Road Home: Concert Video, music video
UTVS Television, Silent Souls – Riverside, student production
University of St. Thomas, Integrating Cultures: A World Away From Somolia, short documentary
WGVU, Fall In Love With Michigan, tourism/travel

Honorable Mention – Video

Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, Journeys Below The Line: ER – The PropMasters, educational
ADi, Epic Imaging: Our World, special effects – animation
Artistic Circles, Ties That Bind, religion/ethics
Bix Six Films, Oedipal Eats, animation
Cayuga Community College, A Tale Of Two Lakes, student production
Committee For Citizen Awareness, Where We Stand, government
Colorado Ridge Church, Untamed, religion/ethics
Coury Graph Productions, Sphere Factor, entertainment/comedy
Denver HighDef, Home Street, feature documentary
Eyes Of The World Productions, Drug Abuse Treatment And International Cooperation, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Fineline Multimedia, Ultimate 4 JC Fest, post-production overall
Gregory Gash, David – Hilliard Wedding, wedding
I. A. Powell & Associations, Inc., Beautiful Iceland, travel/tourism
Lumen Catechetical Consultants, Inc., Vocation To The Religious Life For Women, religion/ethics
Neva Video Productions, Rock ‘n Art: Kids Beating Cancer At Hard Rock Café, nonprofit/charity
Jackson Group Interactive, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church: Retiring The Debt, fundraising
Lennexe Productions, EggCo First Ever Video, claymation
Michael Cuddy Media, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, contemporary issues/awareness raising & Women’s Bioethics Project Bookclub: The Author And The Ethicist, internet site streaming webcast
Office Mental Retardation, New York State, Options For People Through Services (OPTS), government
Panta Rhei Media, CENTRIA – Prove It, sales/branding/product demonstration
Simply Interactive, LLC, Recovery And Hope: The Impact Of ARH, motivational/inspirational impact
St. Vincent College, Time & Place: Memories Of The Saint Vincent Prep School, history/biographical
Studio 23, The Bridge: A Video Project, industrial/technical
Towson University – Media & Film, Baltimore County 9-1-1 Recruitment, low budget
Windsor Broadcast Productions, A Day In The Life, health/science/medicine
Working Pictures, Inc., Plattsburgh State University: Jump Into It, college/university