Winners Archive Feb 2007

Accolade winners
Best of Show Winners – Film

Accolade Global Film Awards Film Festival

Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment, For Right Or Wrong, viewer impact, is an action-sports adventure that gives the audience an adrenaline rush while examining the many facets that make up snowboarding. One of the Accolade judges said, “This made a big impact on me, I could not take my eyes off it and wanted more when it was over.” (

Accolade Global Film Awards Film Festival

Von Piglet Productions, Circus Of Infinity, short film – independent, draws a parallel between a circus cannon act and the journey of life. The film’s protagonist, Baby Violet, asks if there will be a net to catch her from her fall. The writer/director of this dreamy, existential film, Sue Corcoran, is an emerging force in filmmaking. (

Best of Show Winners – Television

Accolade Global Film Awards Film Festival

Herzog Cowen Entertainment, C.S. Lewis: Dreamer Of Narnia, documentary, explores the beloved fantasy world and life the man behind the mythology of Narnia. It was shot and distributed as a DVD bonus for Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia. First-rate narration, in the form of a letter written to children, is a marvelous storytelling concept. (

Accolade Global Film Awards Film Festival

PowerCorp International, Flood, miniseries, is timely, unthinkable and terrifying. When a raging storm coincides with high seas it unleashes a colossal tidal surge that threatens the lives of millions of Londoners. It has a stellar international cast, including Jessalyn Gilsing and Robert Carlyle, prodigious special effects and stunning cinematography. (

Award of Excellence wordsAward of Excellence Winners – Film
Alan Williams, Disconnect, original score
American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop For Women (Camille Cellucci), Grace, cinematography (Levie Isaacks)
Dream Balloon Productions, Once Upon A Christmas Village, animation/cartoon
Leo McWatkins Films, Push, short film – independent
MacGillivray Freeman Films, Hurricane On The Bayou, feature documentary – independent
Sean Jordan, An Open Door, short film – student
Swenson Media Group, Tibet Hope, feature documentary – independent

Award of Excellence Winners – Television

Clubhouse TV, The Clubhouse, creativity/originality
Enemes, Inc., Z-Squad, animation/cartoon
Herzog Cowen Entertainment, Dreamer Of Narnia, sound editing/sound mixing
HomeTeam, HomeTeam, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Howard Community College – HCC-TV, HCC’s 35th Anniversary Video, college/university
Kentucky Educational Television, Earth Trek, videography
Nontourage, Almost There, supporting actor (Sally: Sandra DeNise)
WGVU, Hope College Christmas Vespers 2007, arts/cultural/performance/plays

Award of Excellence Winners – Videography

Brigham Young University, The Ball: Expo Markers, college/university
Center Line Productions, IBM Launch Movie, corporate/stakeholder communication
L. S. Productions, Camp To Belong, original score
Metro Productions, Northrop Grumman Technical Services: Who Are These Guys, viewer impact: content/message
Projections, Inc., Honeybaked Ham, viewer impact: content/message delivery
UonDVD Video Productions, Highlights Fever, wedding

Film festival awards
Honorable Mention Winners – Film

American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop For Women (Camille Cellucci), Grace, short film – student & leading actor (Rae: Christie Lynn Smith)
Celebration Pictures, Moonpie, feature film – studio
Charley Moubu Rice, The Black Dragon Pilot, short film – independent
Chris Thorndyke, The Lucky Girl, concept
DocFlix, Future By Design, feature documentary
Feel Free Media, My Transition, foreign-language film
K. C. Films, Crap Shoot: The Documentary, feature documentary – independent
Magunda Productions, The Cabinet, short film – independent
Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment, For Right Or Wrong, feature documentary
Motivational Productions, Freedom Calls, special purpose film – independent
University of North Carolina – Greensboro, Scripture Cake, feature film – independent
Von Piglet Productions, Circus Of Infinity, direction
Women In Film, International Myeloma Foundation PSA, public service programming/PSA

Honorable Mention Winners – Television

Astrobabble Productions, Money, Sex, Power: What’s Your Karma?: Eposide 1: Trailer, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Backstage Productions International, Let It Rock At The Crossroads of Rock ‘N’ Roll, documentary
Clubhouse TV, The Clubhouse, on-camera talent (James Brown)
Curiosity Quest, Mission San Gabriel, educational/instructional
Dempsey Film Group, Best Of: Scott Martin Challenge, nature/environment/wildlife
Epoxy Films, Classic Boat Living, concept & low budget
EZTV, Art Makes Us Human, public service programming/PSA
F.J. Productions, Martial Arts 360, sports/fitness
Greenlight Entertainment Partners, 47th Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration, art direction & lighting
Greg Hensley Productions, American Gatherings, nature/environment/wildlife
Grilled Cheese Productions, Darci Decortes – Pilot Episode Train Birthday, on-camera talent (Host Darci Warner)
HomeTeam, HomeTeam, reality programming
Howard Community College – HCC-TV, CineMaryland, musicals/dance/variety/entertainment
KET – The Kentucky Network, Art To Heart, educational/instructional
L.A.F. Productions, It’s All About Youth: M&M Brothers, religion/ethics
Mustard Pancakes Productions, Mustard Pancakes – Oogleberry’s Got The Blues, children/family programming
NASA Langley Research Center, Innovation Happens Here, government
Nontourage, Almost There, leading actor (Lynn: Sarah Atwood)
Redeye Professional Post, The Black College Tour 2007, post-production overall
Tech Closeup TV, Tech Closeup Show #24, low budget
The WalkAbout Company, The Road That Built The Nation, health/biographical/travel
Thought Equity Motion, 1966 Division – Men’s Basketball Championship, sports/fitness
USA Today Live, Soul Of A Champion Series, sports/fitness
WGL Entertainment, WGL Million Dollar Shootout, reality programming/reality competition

Honorable Mention Winners – Videography

Brad Shaw Productions, The Interceptor USV, sales/branding/product demonstration
Central Indiana Educational Service Center, The Public School Speaks, educational/instructional
Committee For Citizen Awareness, The U.S. Congress And You, educational/instructional
Jim Thompson Productions, Teaching In The Inclusive Classroom, college/university
L. S. Productions, Camp To Belong, low budget
Motions Film & Video, Full Chest, editing
Old Dominion University, See Yourself In Monarch Blue At ODU, college/university
Only Sterling Films, The Bridal Network: Episode 3-2, educational/instructional
Projections, Inc., Honeybaked Ham, corporate/stakeholder communication
Qi Concept Productions, Chi For You, educational/instructional/how-to
RSA Productions, Tap Tap – Not Afraid Of Love, music video
Run Fast Jump High Films, Soul Survivor: An Evolution Of Beauty, documentary/film on video
Screenarts, Toward A Healthy City, government/social service agencies
Visual Masterpiece, Alex & Leila’s Retrospective, wedding
Visual Media Group, Children Of The Market, music video