Winners Archive February 2010

Accolade winners

Accolade Global Film Competition
Raven Thibodeaux/ Cydney Tucker
, Mirror, Mirror, feature film, sci-fi thriller with unusual coming of age twists and turns. The film is a thesis project by graduate students Raven Thibodeaux and Cydney Tucker in Stephen F. Austin State University’s new Master’s of Fine Arts in Filmmaking program. Inspired by the films of Tim Burton, it has an Alice in Wonderland feel. Well crafted, and sure to be crowd-pleaser.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Valentí Figueres
(Spain), Living on Your Feet; The Struggles of Cipriano Mera, feature documentary, explores the personality of Cipriano Mera, a revolutionary who challenged fascism during the Spanish Civil War. This is a highly unusual documentary in terms of storytelling style and visual techniques. It has the look of an art film.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Kartemquin Films,
Prisoner of Her Past, short documentary, in which a Holocaust survivor’s childhood trauma returns as delusion sixty years later. The best films are always about storytelling and this documentary absolutely excels at storytelling. Beautifully crafted and tightly edited. This film deserves a very wide audience.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Vulcan Productions and the NOVA/WGBH Science Unit,
This Emotional Life, documentary series, explores our desire and struggle for happiness and the ways that we can obtain it. The series is hosted by Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University and aired in January on PBS to an audience of 9.6 million viewers. The series has exceptionally high quality production values.

Award of Excellence words
Associated Television International, Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World, children/family
Blue Print Film (United Kingdom), Scent, short film
Chefetz, The Godmother, short film (student)
Chris/Chris Entertainment, Ashley’s Ashes, leading actor (Bob: Googy Gress) and supporting actor (Bloom: Daniel Baldwin)
David Crabtree, Broken Dreams, supporting actress (Julie: Nicole Gerth)
Gold Films (United Kingdom), Sportsday 3D, short film
Hawthorne Direct, Black & Decker Flex Vac, commercial/ infomercial
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), Panamera “Out of the comfort zone” corporate/employee communication
Kira Foltz, Undying Love, short film (student)
Kristin Marie Productions, LLC, Farmageddon, feature documentary
Leucasia Film (Italy), Totem Blue, feature film
Massachusetts School of Law, MSL Books of Our Time: The Limit of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism, interview/talk show
Meta Films, Birds of a Feather, pilot program
Metro Productions, Northrop Grumman – Uncertain Times, corporate/employee communication
Michaela Olsen, Fuzzy Insides, animation
NOW TV (China), 60th National Day: Our Utopia, documentary program
Other Films, The Golden Age (La Edad De Oro), cinematography
Pound For Pound Entertainment, Kilo, pilot program
Power (United Kingdom), The Day of The Triffids, miniseries
Radio Film Pictures, First Dream, experimental
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Design Cities – Kyoto, cinematography
Regent University, Double Minded (Directed by: Richmond Felton), short film (student)
Screen Working Actors Tactical Specialists, LLC, Code Name: “Operation Black Thunder”, supporting actor (Sergeant Smith: Sean Morales)
Stella Bella Productions, LLC, Jelly, feature film and leading actress (Jelly Woods: Sarah Louise Wilson)
Terran Enterprises, Assisting Venus, feature film
Third Light Films (United Kingdom), The Long Lonely Walk, sound: overall impact
University of Central Florida, The Young Composers Challenge, feature documentary
Vassar College – Department of Film, Still Here, short documentary

Film festival awards
Aaliyah Miller, After the Headlines, short film (student)
Adam Smalley, I do, short film
Alex Mjolsness, Nice!, short film (student)
Angeliki Coconi (United Kingdom), The Magnet, short documentary
Beast OA, First Come, First Served: A Universal Pre-K Story, short documentary
Bizef Produzione Sri (Italy), Schiaffo alla Mafia, short documentary
Brad Glass, Florida Road, feature film
Bronwyn Purvis (Australia), Drive, short documentary
CalBright Ventures, Inc. (Canada), Brilliant, short documentary
Chris/Chris Entertainment, Ashley’s Ashes, feature film
Christopher Newman, Finding D-Q: The Lonely Struggle of California’s Only Tribal College, short documentary (student)
Christoph Kuschnig, Eiko, short film (student)
Columbus Avenue Pictures (Canada), Broke, short film
CSM Productions, Unit 30, short film
Dangerous Curves Productions, Career Virgin, short film
David Crabtree, Broken Dreams, feature film
Deanna Morse, Breathing Room, experimental
Donald Tayloe, The Last Elephants in Thailand, short documentary
Edward Kim, To Wander in Pandemonium, short film
Erin Davis & Nathan Edmondson, Number 9, short film
ESP Films, The Crimson Mask, feature film
eyefull tower films, inc., Without A Net, short documentary
Farpoint Pictures, Out of the Sky: short film and direction (Joe Reith)
Fernando Usón (Spain), Extinción II – La Cuadratura de los Círculos, short film
Ferris State University, Detroit Civil Rights Trilogy, feature documentary (faculty/tenure track)
Filmblau Produktion (Germany), When The Hurlyburly’s Done, short film
Galahad Group, What Love Does, original songs
Hudson Film Group, Waiting for…BUDD, short documentary
Imagery Film, Ltd., Thomas Comma, animation
James K. Henley, Seasoned, short documentary
Joe Abele, life, love and other four letter words, short film
John Appleton, Effects of Gravity, experimental
Jupiter 9 Productions and Digimax Inc., Quantum Quest, short film and children/family programming
Keram Malicki-Sanchez, A Killer App, short film
Kevin Johnson, Venice Love Story, short film
Lancer Entertainment Group, LLC, Careful What You Wish For, short film
Last Pictures, Dear Mr. Cosgrove, short film
LexieCannes.Com Productions, Lexie Cannes, post production overall
Luis Carlos Uribe (Columbia), Go To Sleep, animation
Magdaline Pictures, LLC, The Third Testament, feature film
Many Hands Productions (United Kingdom), Workhorse, short film
Melanie Beisswenger (Germany/Singapore), There’s Bliss in the Kiss, animation
Murali Raju, The Hitchhikers, short film
Murphy Design, Inc., Scribble 08, short documentary
Nantascot Films, Return to Dwight and Nile; The Crash of PSA Flight 182, short documentary
Other Films, Epy Awards-Nelson Mandela, cinematography
Polo Film Productions, The Rosary and the Gun, feature film
Quintessence Project, The Fairytale Experiment, feature documentary
Red Car, A Conversation with Cynthia Ozick, short documentary
Regent University, Crab Feast or Famine (Directed by: Kat Moon), short documentary (student)
Rick Telesca/R2 Films, Besteigung, short film (student)
Robert Howard, Lorraine, short film
Screen Working Actors Tactical Specialists, LLC, Code Name: “Operation Black Thunder”, short film
Skovi, The Dominguez, short documentary
Smalltown Pictures (Canada), The Nickel, short film
Sneaky Snake Films, Sneaky Business, short film
Spin Film, Finding Face, feature documentary
Stella Bella Productions, LLC, Jelly, casting (Gene Vassilaros) and leading actor (Floyd Marks: John Boyd)
Techtronic Rocket Society, On A Carousel of Sound, We Go Round, feature documentary
Terran Enterprises, Assisting Venus, script/writer
Third Light Films (United Kingdom), The Long Lonely Walk, short film
Three One Seven Pictures, The Gentleness of Rabbits – Preview, movie trailer
Towson University, Home, feature documentary
Tranquility Base, Inc., 5…6…7…8, feature documentary
Tricksy Goblin Productions, The Ingredient, animation
University of Southern California, Spy Love You, short film
Uwe Brosamle Dental Studio, Inc., Dead End, feature film
Vika Evdokimenko (United Kingdom), Relative Madness, short documentary
Wendy M. Reynolds, Kayla the Koala Bear, animation
William Morroni, The SafeHouse, feature film
William Shepherd, Mean Parents Suck, feature film

Award of Merit Winners – Television

Associated Television International, Breaking the Silence, documentary program
ChoChing, Kosher Pig, pilot program
Entertainment TV Class-Piedmont College, Private Clinic, drama program
Eric Heisner, Friend of the Devil, pilot program
Infinite Cre8tions, Inc./Benjamin Wiesner, American Surf Design, pilot program
In the Zone TV, Good Life Tampa Bay: Super Bowl, on-camera talent (H. John Mejia)
Massachusetts School of Law, MSL Books of Our Time: Mr. Gatling’s Terrible Marvel: The Gun That Changed Everything and the Misunderstood Genius Who Invented It; and MSL Educational Forum: Longshot: The Adventures of a Deaf Fundamentalist Mormon Kid and His Journey to the NBA
NOW TV (China), Sichuan Earthquake: One Year On, documentary program
Parking Lot Films, Watching the Detectives, pilot program
Parrish Hurley, the (718), pilot program
Power (United Kingdom), The Day of The Triffids, art direction & cinematography
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Design Cities – Berlin, feature documentary; and My Cinematic Story – Stanley Tong, documentary program/series
Ravenswood Media, Let Nature Bring You Back To Your Senses, public service programming/PSA
The New School, RuffCuts, commercial

Award of Merit Winners – Videography

5:00 Films & Media, Rebuilding Together: Green Initiative, nonprofit/fundraising
4th Ki Entertainment Group, LLC, A Tour of the Great Lakes Lighthouses, nature/environment
bio/pic films, Bob Dylan’s Jokerman, music video
Fineline Multimedia, The Fred Rogers Center, nonprofit/fundraising
John Godfrey & Associates, Inc., EJ, EB and DebRa, nonprofit/fundraising
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), Panamera “The chase”, educational/instructional