Winners Archive February 2011

Accolade winners

Accolade Global Film Competition
Caché Film and Television (Canada), Music from the Big House,
feature documentary, in which Rita Chiarelli, an award winning recording artist, takes a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the blues, Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary. This documentary excels with music and insight.

Accolade Global Film Competition
(Germany), On Air,
short film, is well-crafted thriller in which a radio talk show host is confronted with the chilling reality that his responses will determine whether a victim is saved from a deranged killer. It will haunt viewers days after seeing the film.

Award of Excellence words
Ajitesh Sharma (India), Visible Bra Straps, short film
Artmedia (New Zealand), Butterfly Crush, supporting actress (Star: Amelia Shankley)
Claudia Adams, A Far-Off Cry, short documentary
Eric Casaccio of Plus One Productions, Freak, short film
Feza Film (Turkey), Free Man, feature film
Garrick Duckler, The Safe, special purpose films
Glass Productions, Paradise Recovered, feature film
Jeffrey Phillip Block and Stephanie Simon, Deep in My Mind, viewer impact: entertainment value
Kemper Kommunikation GmbH (Germany), Green Technology, industrial/technical/business
Knapman Wyld Television (Australia), East West 101 – Season 3, miniseries
Magamedia (Ireland), Corp + Anam, drama program/series
Mineworks Trust (Australia), Last Stand at Nymboida, history
Moga/Jacobsen Productions, Arthur, short film
Scotfree Productions/Farpoint Films (Canada), Drop the Nickel, short documentary
Sun Arts & Production (Taiwan), To Promise a Clean Future: New Energy – Biofuel, educational/instructional
The Department Of Doing (Australia), The Red Centre, commercial/infomercial
Vulcan Productions, Success at the Core, educational/instructional/how-to
We’ll Fix It In Post Productions, James vs Reality, short film
WGVU, LZ Michigan: A Journey Home, documentary program
Whalen Films, A Question of Habit, feature documentary

Film festival awards
Aaron Keeling, Modern Ruins, short film
Amir Kaufmann (Germany), Present Past Tomorrow, short film
ArbatFilm, Dreaming up the Past, documentary feature
Ari Candido Fernandes (Brazil), Heaven Garden, short film
Artmedia (New Zealand), Butterfly Crush, feature film
Azzurri Productions, Rock Paper Scissors, feature film
Broken Robot Films, The Aerialist, commercial/infomercial
Brooke Sebold, After the Snow, short film
Bryan World Productions, LLC, GV10 Hip-Hop Dance: Moving in the Moment, feature documentary and direction
Center Point Productions, East Meets West: Oriental Medicine and the Future of Healthcare in America, feature documentary
Christian Rousseau, The Overman, short film
CK filmworks, Death Interrupted, pilot program/series and leading actress (Cecelia Specht)
Clint Mouriño, War of Our Children, short film
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Project Search at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Debra Tolchinsky, Fast Talk, short documentary
DeSireé Fawn, The Phantom Wolves of Sun Valley, feature documentary
Don’t Panik!, Don’t Panik! Promo, video remixes/mashups
Double Entente, La Semaine Prochaine, music video
Electrolab Ltd. (Canada), ToolBox Series, training/industrial productions
Eprouve Production (France), to Lose Self-Confidence at Work, tube length videos
Farouk Thoyer, The Art of Suicide, short film
Fernando Noor, Partners in Pretension, webisode
Foster Entertainment, Confluence, short film
Gary Null and Associates, Death by Medicine, feature documentary
Hawthorne Direct, 3M Command Strips, commercial/infomercial
Hillmann + Carr Inc., Shale Gas and America’s Future, industrial/technical/business; and Finding Tucson’s Origins, tourism/travel
Hoplight Productions, The Comet Chronicles, short film and special effects animation
Humanion Films, Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed, feature documentary
Integrity Films, The Message, feature film
International Society for Ecology and Culture, The Economics of Happiness, feature documentary
Ivan Capillas (Spain), Les Sabatilles de Laura, original score (Les Sabatilles de Laura)
Jade Justad, Three Actresses Walk Into A Bathroom…, short film
Jeffrey Phillip Block and Stephanie Simon, Deep In My Mind, music video
kiperfilms, Voice Journey: Drew & Dan, short documentary
Leomark Studios, Where Cars Don’t Dare, short documentary
LFS (United Kingdom), The Crossmaker, leading actor (Branko Tomovic)
Little Artistic Value, Betty & DD, webisode
Manta Arts, Save Earth, Save Us, PSA
Marina Shron, Lullaby for Ray, short film
Matt Stockalper and Kyle Gehring, Up/Down, feature documentary
Michael Jovic, Zijo’s Journey, short documentary
Michael McCallum, Lucky, feature film
Mighty Pharaoh Films Inc., The Ex-Convict’s Guide, webisode
Mineworks Trust (Australia), Last Stand at Nymboida, documentary short
Mischief, Big Country Blues, webisode
MJM Pictures (Germany), Quirk of Fate, short film
Mod 3 Productions, 100 Voices: A Journey Home, feature documentary
Moga/Jacobsen Productions, Arthur, dramatic impact
Mom Productions, LLC, Moms Are Talking!, children/family programming
PCCW NOW TV (China), Poverty in Hong Kong Series, documentary series
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), The Little Match Girl, special effects: animation
Red Bull Media House, Bouncing Cats, feature documentary
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Phone Call in Noir, video remixes/mashups
Ryan Atimoyoo (Canada), Chord, webisode
Sama Centre (Jordan), Moral Obligation, short documentary
Santanu Chatterjee, It Does Not Die, short film
Shivnath Productions, Director’s Cut, feature film
Single Son Productions, From Fiction to Fact, short film
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, The Stephensons, educational/instructional/how-to
Stefano Cipani, While God is watching us, short film
Stev Elam, The Gadfly, short film
STG Production, The Poetics of Color: Natvar Bhavsar, An Artist’s Journey, feature documentary
Sun Arts & Production (Taiwan), To Promise a Clean Future: New Energy – Biofuel, direction
Susan Pilgrim (Germany), Ci Provo, feature documentary
Swizzo Films, Ge.hen’nah, short film
Sydney Underground Films (Australia), Nude Study, feature film
TallTree Pictures (United Kingdom), Bait Room, pilot program
The Emerson Channel, College Kitchen: Episode 1 Brunch!, educational/instructional/how-to
Tiekara Productions, Inc., Slip Cue, short documentary
Toe To Heal, LLC, Toe to Heal, a journey of healing through dance, feature documentary and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Tyler Carter, DreamGiver, animation
Vassar College, Department of Film, I Now Pronounce You Husband & Husband, short documentary
Video Bytes (New Zealand), Wizard – The Magical Realist, feature documentary
Vulcan Productions, Early Moments Matter, health/medicine/science
Web Media TV, Inc., Planet Blue Balls part 7, animation
WGVU, LZ Michigan: A Journey Home, dramatic impact
What Madness Productions, LLC, Kraze, feature film
Wise Eyes Motion Pictures, It’s A Symbol, short film
Yurij Luhovy (Canada), Genocide Revealed, feature documentary