Winners Archive May 2009

Accolade winners
Best of Show Winners – Film

Accolade Global Film Competition
Cyprus Productions,
The Hollow Tree, short film, is a well-crafted, visually attractive fantasy in which a young boy falls into another world with strange and eccentric characters, wolves, a hag, and a magical tree. Along the way the boy learns that home is not a place, but rather, being with those we love. This is a film that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Accolade Global Film Competition

Science North (Canada), Mysteries of the Great Lakes, feature documentary, is a rallying cry for protection of the Earth’s largest freshwater ecosystem, the Great Lakes. As you might expect, this IMAX® film is a visual masterpiece that captures the beauty and importance of the Great lakes.

Accolade Global Film Competition

Triskelion Entertainment, Liminal, short film, has a universal theme of one person’s wrongful use of power over another in relationship, but pushes the limits of conventional film in its style and raw drama. Shot in black and white, 35mm, non-erotic, but with both players naked to enhance the characters primitive vulnerability. Unique and startling.

Best of Show Winners – Television

Accolade Global Film Competition
Radio Television Hong Kong
(China), The Seven Little Fortunes: Heroes Behind The Scenes, action/adventure, is a highly entertaining and informative documentary-style television program. Hong Kong action films have influenced other films worldwide and this well researched and edited program tells that story and of the contribution of the China Drama Academy to seven of their graduates.

Accolade Global Film Competition

University of Southern California, Rx, drama program/series, entertains viewers with a lively fictional account of a physician who accepts a job at a medical marijuana clinic in Hollywood. Shady patients and the DEA quickly teach him that there’s more to his new practice than helping truly needy patients and writing prescriptions. Well developed characters, tightly edited and timely.

Best of Show Winners – Videography

Accolade Global Film Competition

McLain Arts, Inspire Me!: Weightless Flights Of Discovery, feature documentary, chronicles the extraordinary weightless experiences of teachers across the country flying on the Zero G airplane, the inspiration that results, and the impacts on their lives, their students, and the nation. It also explores the crisis in science education. The producers have crafted a powerful film that will inspire teachers and their students.

Award of Excellence wordsAward of Excellence Winners – Film
AAMM Productions, You Don’t Know Jack: The Jack Soo Story, feature documentary
Akis Konstantakopoulos, The Cure, cinematography
Amateur Productions, Good Boy, feature film
Amos James, Gabriel, short film
Another Heron Production, Health, Money and Fear, feature documentary
Barbara Bird – Judy Maltz – Richie Sherman, No. 4 Street of Our Lady, feature documentary
Capilano College (Canada), Tucker, short film (student)
Conmar Productions, LLC, Bad Blood: The Hunger, feature film, direction (Conrad Janis), editing (Conrad & Maria Janis), and viewer impact: entertainment
Coyopa Productions, Inc., My Father’s Photos, special purpose film
Dream Balloon Productions, Snowyville, animation
Headwater Films, LLC, Rachel Is, feature documentary
Mai Iskander, Garbage Dreams, short documentary
Marina Lutz, The Marina Experiment, short documentary
Purple Crayon Films, Jackrabbit Sky, feature film
Sensemaya (Spain), Something is Stirring Under the Banana Trees, feature documentary
Too Much Media, LLC, David Hostetler: The Last Dance, cinematography
Award of Excellence Winners – Television
Frantic Films (Canada), Guinea Pig: Season 3, concept
Life Issues Institute, Facing Life Head-On: HIV Adoption: Oh Yes You Can!, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), The Road Back: A Beautiful Choice, direction; and The Seven Little Fortunes: In the Master’s Hand, documentary
Retirement Living TV, Polio Revisited, feature documentary
USA Today Live, 10 Great Reasons, concept
Award of Excellence Winners – Videography
Metro Productions, Virginia Office of the Attorney General: The Wrong Family, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Storia, Inc., Going Paperless!, sales/branding/product demonstration

Film festival awards
Award of Merit Winners – Film
4 Dude Entertainment, The Hunted: Terms of Extermination, feature film and sound: overall impact
Adnan Hussain, Gul, animation
Aegis Film Group, On Sacred Ground, feature documentary
ALM Films, American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee, feature documentary
Amateur Productions, Good Boy, direction and leading actor (Max)
Amir Habibi, Satan VHS, short film
A Morhead Production, Fast Food, feature film
Andrew Markus, Chatterbox, original score
Blake Evernden (Canada), Creating Points of Importance, feature documentary
BoardHeaded Media, BoardHeads, feature documentary
BoingieWorld, Smart Machine, animation and children/family programming; and Wishful Thinking, art direction
Bootleggers, Inc., Out of My Head, feature documentary
Braide Keyland, Last Day, short film
Brian Warshawsky, Catch a Rising Bullet, feature film
Brown University, Hold Still, experimental (student)
Caity Birmingham, Hidden Hearts, short film
Cave Maps – Jicama Salad Company, alt_view, experimental
Chapman University, Kate So Far, short film (student)
Cohesion Productions, Frag, feature documentary
Columbia College Chicago, Cache, short film (student); and Michael Saints, short film (student)
Conmar Productions, LLC, Bad Blood: The Hunger, leading actor (Lawrence: Conrad Janis), supporting actor (Eliza: Maria Janis), supporting actor (Jim: David Jenkins), creativity/originality (Color-Timing: Maria Janis), and original song (Bad Blood: Maria Janis)
Daniel Kang, Kensho, short film (student)
David Bass (Canada), Skylight, animation
Deborah Geffner, Guitar Lessons, short film and leading actor (Claire: Deborah Geffner)
Dust Bowl Pictures, Complacent, feature film
Eddie Goines, The Chase, short film
Emmanuelle Antolin, Ode to Donuts, short film
Eunice Kim (South Korea), Wall Pets, animation
Francis Abbey, Boxing Day, feature film
Fruits Of The Spirit Productions, The Mystery Date, short film and original screenplay
Gaius Productions, Ltd. (United Kingdom), The Chef’s Letter, short film
Given Tendency, LLC, Too Short Of An Answer, short film
Hassan Said, Mute, short film and direction
JamesWorks Entertainment, LLC, Di Passaggio, feature documentary
Jonathan Schwartz, First Kiss, feature film
Kara-Lee Pool, Mountains of Hope, feature documentary
Ken Goldstein, Gravehunting With Steve: A Journey Beneath Los Angeles, short documentary
Konnect Productions, Hearts Unarmored, feature film and script/writer
Knock’em Alive Films, Lucia No Besa A Nadie, short film
Lawrence Kim, Prisoners, short film
Lisa Mills, Dear Mr. Gore, feature documentary (faculty/tenure track venue)
Liz Lehmann, Fury, feature film and lighting
London Filmmakers Studio Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), Twilight of the Longhouse, feature documentary
Lost In Time Productions, The Broken Dawn, short film
Maciej Pisarek (Poland), Solo, feature documentary
Mad Monki Productions, Terrible Terrell, short film
Make Me Popular, LLC, And The Winner Is … , feature film (contemporary issues)
MBD Productions, LLC, Coverage, short film
Mirror Films, One Good Man, feature film
Moonshadow Productions, The Choice Is Yours, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Mosaic Media, Victor Anicet, Ceramiste et artiste Martiniquais, feature documentary
Ndolo Films, Inc., The Birthday Party, contemporary issues/ethics/religion
Neil Thompson, Thorns, short film
Nils Gaard Productions (United Kingdom), Lollipop Man, short film
onTopix Productions, $100 a Day, feature documentary
Paul Dalio, The Order, short film
Pramantha Productions, Scrimshander, short film (student/animation)
Prodigy Pictures, LLC, Line in the Sand, feature film
Red Love Film, Joy, feature film
Regent University – School of Communication, Transposition, short film (student) and concept
Richie Sherman, O.W. Hout’s & Sons, Inc., short documentary
RNG Films, Another Day Another Life, direction and dramatic impact
Ryan Pickett Productions, Look, short film (student)
Sabine Asanger, Translucitum, short film (student)
SAI Productions, When in Rome, short film
Satyricon Pictures, Narcissus Dreams, short film (student)
Science North (Canada), Mysteries of the Great Lakes, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Stefan Sargent, Pinot: Escape from Wall Street, feature documentary
Stuart Baum, The Best Sex Education of the 20th Century, feature documentary
Summit Training Source, Inc., Electrical Safety: NFPA 70E, commercial/training/industrial films
Surrogate Productions, LLC, On Divan, short film
SUTV, Born to Ride: Cody Wright and the Quest for a World Title, feature documentary
Suzy Maier, Collage Film, creativity/originality
Theodore Martland, Dhamma Dana, short documentary (student) and cinematography
Thomas Goltz, The Mystical Music of Mugham Comes to Montana, short documentary
Tiger Lily Productions, LLC, Tickle, short documentary
Too Much Media, LLC, David Hostetler: The Last Dance, feature documentary
Triskelion Entertainment, Liminal, supporting actor (Joy) and supporting actor (Ina)
Two Julias, LLC, Greenspoke, short film
Vancouver Film School (Canada), Hush, short film (student)
W Films, Who’s Good Looking?, short film
Working House Productions, Coast to Coast Diaries, feature film
Award of Merit Winners – Television
Axel Gimenez, Secret, music video
Ball State University, Movers & Stakers: Stories Along the Indiana National Road, feature documentary
Barbara Garvey, Zoe Myers: Mirror, music video
Cougar Kitten Films, La La Land, pilot program
Dori Media Group (Israel), Champs 12, drama series
Eyewitness Kids News, Teen Kids News, children/family programming
Frantic Films (Canada), Guinea Pig: Season 3, action/adventure and leading actor
Jester Pictures, Single Drop of You, music video
Jordan Held, War Is My Destiny, music video
LIC China (China), The Mystery of Remote Ancestors, feature documentary
Maricopa Colleges Television, Maricopa Now: April 2009 Edition, educational/instructional
Mihai Filip (Romania), Monday First – eXtra eXtra Larger Than Life, pilot program
Old Bridge Media, I Am a Man: From Memphis, A Lesson In Live, short documentary
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), The Road Back: A Beautiful Choice, educational/instructional
Retirement Living TV, Whole Body Health: Native American Medicine, health/medicine/science; and Healthline: Overseas Surgeries, health/medicine/science
Rich Bokides, Holt and Randy, pilot program
Singing Wolf Documentaries, Inc., Last Rights: Facing End-of-Life Choices, feature documentary
Sissypoo Productions, 35 and Counting, pilot program
The Scene Media Productions, In the Driver’s Seat, pilot program, Together, comedy program/series
University of Alabama – Public TV, Songs Inside the Box, feature documentary
University of Southern California, Rx, concept and direction
USA Today Live, City Limits Fishing with Mike Iaconell, reality programming
Yukiko Kimijima, Inc. (Japan), The Magic Rabbit, music video
Award of Merit Winners – Videography
CouryGraph Productions, Science Olympiad Promotional Video, educational/instructional
Koel Productions, Brett & Kristina, weddings
Metro Productions, Northrop Grumman: Shoulder to Shoulder, music video; and DRS Technologies: ARMOR Rugged Computers, sales/branding
National Institute of Aerospace, NASA Launchpad: Launch/Abort System, government/social agencies
Picture This Productions (Canada), Dan La Rue (Pops Tribute), special purpose/live events/tributes
University of North Carolina Wilmington, No Violence, training video
Weisswoman Productions, Electronic National Ocean Sciences Bowl: eNOSB, sales/branding/product demonstration