Winners Archive May 2010

Accolade winners

Film Festival
ALM Talkies, Ltd.,
Dirty Step Upstage, feature film, is a reality thriller in which SupaNova yearns for fame and fortune, but experiences betrayals as events spin dangerously out of control. Director Amber Moelter exhibits unique vision and approach.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Columbia College Chicago,
Final Revision, short film (student), a frustrated writer struggles to complete a story, but events escalate as he writes the final revision and the story takes him places he did not expect. Excellent story, well-crafted and edited.

Music Video
Jimmy Makes Movies,
The Me You See, music video, involves a young boy who is surrounded by deception, betrayal and fallen heroes. Music by the rock band, Spiral Trance. A compelling visuals.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Renegade Films
(Australia), Wilfred – Series 2, comedy program/series, is a wacky take into the lives of Australia’s darkest and most dysfunctional family. This cult hit is now being seen around the world.


Award of Excellence words
1K Studios, Woodstock: From Festival to Feature, special purpose film
Alan Williams, The Teller’s Tale, original score (The Teller’s Tale)
Alyssa Barber, Remember Me, short film (student)
Art in Real Life, LLC, Hard to Be Me, television pilot
Boxcar Creative, Popsicle Man: tube length video
CB Films, Fanny, Annie & Danny, feature film
Chakra Film Productions (Canada), Patient, short film
Craig Miller Productions, Inc., McDonald’s/ Coca Cola Vancouver Torch Relay, corporate/employee communication
Dana Turken, Guignol, short film (student)
Daniel Whistler (United Kingdom), Thresholds , short film
DG Entertainment, Mentalism: A Subliminal Art, documentary program
Eve Ash Pty Ltd (Australia), Finding My Magic, animation
George Gantzer/Ohio State University/ACCAD, Alone in the 475th, animation (student)
Gigapix Studios, Baker Boys: Inside the Surge, feature documentary
Giulio Musi Wennergren (Sweden), Echoes, short film
Healthy World Organization, PHARMAWHORES: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller, feature documentary
Imminent Studios/Creole Celina Films/Bright Idea Entertainment, Napoleonic, short film
INROAD FILMS, LLC, Friends and Lovers, feature film
JoAnne Zielinski, Vincent de Paul: Charity’s Saint, feature documentary
Knapman Wyld Television (Australia), East West 101, Season 2, miniseries and leading actor (Malik)
KY River Community Care, IGIRL A Teen Survival Guide, viewer impact: content/message delivery
Larry A. Thompson Organization, Inc., Amish Grace, drama program/series
Passmore Lab, Micro Worlds, 3D
Picture Train Company, Toxic Oranges* – A Wall Street Fairy Tale, short film
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), A Wall-Less World (A Little Bit of Wrong Is Right), children/family programming; and Love at the Verge of Death, leading actress (Michelle Wai-Ming Wai)
Shadow FX Films, Refuge of Dragonflies, sound editing/sound mixing
Shannon Latimer, Penny and Charlie, short film
Southern Illinois University, The College of Arts and Sciences, college/university
Space Cadette Entertainment, Passenger, television pilot
Spicerack Productions, Inc., The Wannabes, Starring Savvy, children/family programming
Spirit of tbe Arctic, LLC, Spirit of the Arctic, sound editing/sound mixing
Three One Seven Pictures, BattleCell/Intelligence Briefing 001, use of film/video to foster interactivity
Vibe Artistry Entertainment, Speak Heaven, experimental
Vision One Pictures, Robot Adventures-Introduction to Robotics, educational/instructional
Yellow Wallpaper Productions, Nothing Special, feature film

Film festival awards
332 Films, Pleasures, short film
4 Score +7 Music, Journey to Promethea, original score
A&P Productions, Billy Baxter and the Mystery of Dr. Amazo, short film
Aaron A Weiss Communications (Canada), Our School, feature documentary
AARP, VIVA Condición Crítica con el Dr. Elmer Huerta, on-camera talent
Abel Gonzalez, Forget Me Not, short film
Alex Megaro, Backyard, short film (student)
Amir Kaufmann (Germany), Gurdjieff’s Movements, feature documentary and viewer impact: inspirational
ART+ on KDRT, Visit Panama and its Biodiversity Museum, commercial
Art in Real Life, LLC, Hard to Be Me, leading actor (Edward Robert Bach: Kevin Hamilton) and leading actress (Kendra North: Patricia Hamilton)
Associated TV International, Masters of Illusion, entertainment/drama/dance/variety
Auteur Mark, DHL- Corporate Video, short documentary
Blue Infinity Films (Canada), Battle of Souls, feature film
Boolife Films, Redemption, short film, direction and leading actor (Karl)
Boxcar Creative, Things I Hate, humor/humorist
Bright Shining City Productions, Deeper and Deeper, feature film
Brittany Williams, Not Evil Just Wrong, feature documentary
Celluloid Cactus (Australia), Dr Freo -Specialist in Chill, short film
Chris Coleman, Superposition, short film
Cinemantrix (Sweden), Mannen Med Kulorna, short film
Columbia College Chicago, Kyle Kinser: Made in Makanda, short documentary
Columbia College Hollywood/Collins College, Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling, short film (student)
Concordia University (Canada), Mama’s Will, short film
Costa Communications, Inc., Hometown Glory, feature documentary
CouryGraph Productions, Catlin Court Historic Home Tour 2008, documentary program
Curve of Earth, LLC, Curve of Earth, feature film
Daniel Mark Soderberg, Near the Parenthesis, short film
David Safin, Coffee and Fellowship, tube length video
Deanna Dewey (United Kingdom), Katie’s Dad, short film
Etobicoke School of the Arts (Canada), Empty, short film (student)
Eventual Productions, LLC, Everything’s Eventual, feature film
Feltheart Filmworks, The Creation of Torrit Smoke, short documentary
Fizz and Ginger Films (United Kingdom), E’gad Zombies!, short film
Frogspawn Creative Limited (United Kingdom), TOMORROW, short film and direction
Forrest Media, Inc., Be the Brand, corporate/employee communication
Fruits of the Spirit Productions, You’re Not Alone, music video
gabrielle lansner & company, Dad, experimental
Galileo, Bicycle Lessons, short documentary
George Perez, Peeper: A Sort of Love Story, short film
Giorgia Farina (Italy), The Parade, short film (student)
Golden Era Productions, The Way To Happiness, religion/ethics and script/writer
Hass Productions, Inc., Haiti Earthquake: A Glimmer of Hope, news/weather
Hamer Productions, The Shot, short film
Hannah Sullivan, Love … Forever and Always, short film (student)
Hi-Fly’n Productions, The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckelman, feature documentary
Hiroshi Nakajima, Lily, feature film
iTV Studio at Rutgers University, Rutgers Orientation, college/university/government & Open Mind, public service programming
James Takata, Trapped, short film
Jeremy Newman, Domestic Rhythms, video remixes/mashups
Joerg Barton (Germany), I’ll Kill Her, music video
John Wardlaw, The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas, animation
Jonathan Zimmerman, Matted, television pilot program
Joseph Mangelli, Uncle Louie, feature film
Kari Morris, Two, short film
Katrina del Mar, Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever, experimental
Keystone Pictures (Canada), Square Peg, short film
Knapman Wyld Television (Australia), East West 101, Season 2, supporting actor (Skerritt)
Kohrtoons Studio, Inc., The Lift, animation
KY River Community Care, IGIRL A Teen Survival Guide, educational/instructional
L.A.F. Productions, It’s All About Youth: Terrell Maxwell #125, interview/talk show
Larry A. Thompson Organization, Inc., Amish Grace, use of film/video for social change
Loyola Marymount University, The Way of Hero, short film (student)
Matthew Hashiguchi, There Will Come Soft Rains, short documentary
Meltdown Guy Productions, Broken Hart, short film
Michael Yonan, “Roam”, music video
Microcastle Pictures, Noodles, experimental
My Monkey House, Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story, short documentary
Nagging Mom Productions, LLC, Okla-Coma, short film
Nan Avant, Unremembered, original score (Unremembered)
Nathaniel Kramer & Sons, A Long Haul, short documentary and editing
Neil Breen, I Am Here Now, feature film
NG Nedia Network, Economic Downturn, short documentary
Nick Smith, Cold Soldiers, feature film
Nicolas Simonin, DERAILED, short film
Nightjar Films, Inc., Happy Face, short film
NuLite Entertainment, Trapped: Haitian Nights, feature film
Pacific Lutheran University, Media Lab, The New American Family: Defining Commitment in a Changing Society, short documentary
Patrick Rosson, Like Father, short film (student)
Paxen Films, Bay Rizz: The Rescue, short film
Pictfire Films, Inc. (Canada), Vancouver Vagabond, feature documentary
Plutonian Films, Hero Man, feature documentary
Poison Oak, Inc., Action!!!, feature film
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), Love at the Verge of Death, children/family programming; Giant Pandas and Hong Kong, nature/environmental/wildlife; and Retrospection of the East Asian Games-The Legend, sports/fitness
Renegade Films (Australia), Wilfred – Series 2, direction; and Last Chance Saloon, documentary program/series
RJF Productions, Overload, feature film
Roman Pictures, Signals, television pilot program
Rose Noble Entertainment, Viola Concerto, short film
RSA Productions, One Year Later, humor/humorist
Ryan Sartor, Pilgrimage, short film
Salsera Produtions, LLC, Suicide Dolls, feature film
Samourais Films (France), Where The Indian Lies, short film
Satnam Purewal (United Kingdom), Leaving Amy, short film
Savagestudio (Norway), Consequences – Landmines & UXOs, short documentary
Screen Working Actors Tactical Specialists, LLC, Code Name: Operation Black Thunder, director (Edgar Jimz)
seth koury, Sounds of Beirut, short documentary
Single Take Media, SSU Reg, concept and educational/instructional
Southern Illinois University, Speak Up – PSA, public service programming
SparkPlug Productions, Stealing Home, short film
Spectrum Studios, Changing of the Guard: 2009 U.S. Championship, feature documentary
Steve Dassas, Whisper in the Woods, short film
Susan Hippen, Me, Myself & Your Husband, short film (student)
Taku Kawamura (Japan), B’laan: A Tribe Neglected, feature documentary
Techtronic Rocket Society, On A Carousel of Sound, We Go Round, feature documentary
Texas Christian University/SFA, Steve McQueen, short film
The Red57 Film Company, From the Second Chair, music video
The War Amps (Canada), Juliette – Le Cercle des Vainqueurs, public service program/PSA
Tim L. Creekmore, Fueling Kentucky’s Economic Future: Computers for Classrooms and Researchers, non-profit/fundraising
Tinder Media, The Book of Jer3miah, podcasts/webcasts/webinars
Transfiguration Productions, Vita Eternum, costume design and sound editing/sound mixing
The Californios, Inc., BRANDING: Roping & Stock Handling Techniques, educational/how-to
Tony Cammarata, Amour Amenic, sound editing/sound mixing
Tulsa University, The Great American Flea Market, short film (student)
University of Hawaii – Academy for Creative Media, State of Aloha, feature documentary
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Full Potential, public service programming/PSA
Warrior Entertainment, DENIZEN, feature film
Web Media TV, Inc., Planet Blue Balls- part 3, animation
Willmoselem Productions (United Kingdom), The Man From The Moon, short film
World Class Productions, LLC, Lono’s Bounty, contemporary issues