Winners Archive Nov 2009

Accolade winners
Best of Show Winners – Film

Accolade Global Film Competition
Mark McKenzie,
Saving Sarah Cain, original score, showcases the talent of this brilliant composer using a 40-piece live orchestra for portions of the soundtrack and the synthesizer with solo instruments for the more intimate scenes. The rich music lifts the film adds to dramatic impact.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Mike Hollboom
(Canada), Mark, feature documentary, is a compelling biography of the director’s friend and long-time film editor, Mark Karbusicky who died at age 35. Karbusicky was an animal rights activist, political vegan, punk maestro, the life-partner of Mirha-Soleil Ross, a transsexual force of nature. This beautifully created documentary grabs viewers at a visceral level.

Best of Show Winners – Television

Accolade Global Film Competition
Art 21,
Art 21: Art in the Twenty First Century: Season Five, documentary television series, offers an independent, behind-the-scenes point of view on contemporary art and artists. This series is in its fifth season on PBS. These are carefully crafted, tightly edited programs.

Best of Show Winners – Videography

Accolade Global Film Competition
Advance Publishing, Inc.,
The Ugly Caterpillar, children/family program, allows children to join award-winning author Carl Sommer on an interactive and exciting character-building, life-skills adventure. This is a compelling video for young audiences as Sommer teaches timeless virtues to inspire kids to become successful.

Award of Excellence words
Award of Excellence Winners – Film

360 Degree Films (Australia), Tibet: Murder in the Snow, feature documentary
Affinity Films, Inc., About Face: The Story of Gwendellin Bradshaw, feature documentary
Andrew Seely, The Seventh Floor, short film (student)
Artsmusic Productions, Circle Unbroken, short film
Audience Alliance MPS, Broken Hill, original score (Prisoner’s Suite: Christopher Brady) and sound editing/sound mixing (John Dennison & AudioLoc)
Castle Valley Films (United Kingdom), Anglesey Road, short film and sound: overall impact
David Binder, Calling My Children, feature documentary
DocMine (Switzerland), Beyond a Dollar a Day, feature documentary
Dogwood Entertainment, That Evening Sun, feature film
Dominique De Fazio, Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake, feature film, direction and leading actor (Warner)
Just2Me Productions, Space Between, short film
KayLynn Raschke, Give the Gift You Hate, short documentary
Lolita Peliculitas (Spain), A Golpe de Tacón, short film
No More Productions, Inc. (Canada), Kingdoms of Grace, animation
Nourishing The Kids Media, LLC, Nourishing The Kids of Katrina: The Edible Schoolyard, feature documentary
Species Alliance, Call of Life, feature documentary
The Naoj Company, The Mandala Maker, leading actor (Naomi: Courtney Hogan)
Tom Huckabee, Carried Away, feature film
TrinityXProductions (France), Pre-Commitment, short film
University of Notre Dame, Strong Bodies Fight, feature documentary
Warrior Pictures, Campeon: A Journey of the Heart, feature film
Warrior Pictures Corporation, Promises, feature film

Award of Excellence Winners – Television

CCI Entertainment, Ltd. (Canada), Ghost Trackers, children/family programming
DeMille Productions, Tooly, music video
Dori Media Group (Israel), Ciega a Citas (Blind Date), drama program/series and leading actor (Lucia: Muriel Santa Ana)
Farpoint Films, Lost Bones: In Search of Sitting Bulls Grave, documentary
Gramercy Post, World War II in HD, sound: overall impact and sound: editing and mixing

Award of Excellence Winners – Videography

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Dos Amigos y una Ambulancia, nonprofit/fundraising
Five Talent Films, Inc., My Angel, religion/ethics
GeoGenius, LLC, Hop On – Hop Off, tourism/travel

Film festival awards
Award of Merit Winners – Film

5*HF Productions, LLC, Passenger Seat, feature film
Aaron Keeling, I.Q., feature film (student)
Adam Bronstein, My Movie Girl, feature film
Alan Williams, For the Love of a Dog, original score
Allready Productions, A Tribute to Tragedy, experimental
Anya Belkina, Insurgency of Ambition, experimental
A Priori, Leader of the Pack, short film
Arabella Weston-Smith, Phelophepa: Train of Hope, short documentary (student)
Arin Yoon, Americanism, feature documentary
Arthur Hsing, Enso, experimental
atma film, Werkbeispiel: Theta Choros, experimental
A Troy Warwell Production, Always With You, short film and direction
Audience Alliance MPS, Broken Hill, feature film, direction and leading Actor (Tommy: Luke Arnold)
Baby Makes Three, The Why, experimental
Beth Cramer, Plan B, Single Women Choosing Motherhood, feature documentary
Big Screen Ventures, LLC, Rage, feature film
Blue Angel Entertainment, LLC, Inside of Me, short film and direction
Boga, LLC & Al Jazeera Documentary (Egypt), The Curse of the Sands, feature documentary
Bohns Eye Films, Checkmate, short film (student)
Burping Kitty Productions, A Way Back In, short film, creativity/originality and direction (Brad Mays)
Caneva Media Productions, Pty Ltd. (Australia), Mooramong: Private Hollywood, feature documentary
CAP, An Immigrant Girl’s Journey, short film
Capture Productions, Full Signal, feature documentary
Carlos Pagan, Entertainer’s Last Stand, feature film
Castle Valley Films (United Kingdom), Anglesey Road, art direction
Dalunda Productions, Laura, short film (student)
David Shoo (United Kingdom), Fatal Birth, short documentary
Deadstrobe Productions, The Occupant, feature film (student)
Diennet Productions, If God Wants, feature film
Doug Moscowitz, An Interview With Ranger Guss, animation
Dr.Sassi, JET (Junior ExtraTerrestrial), animation
Elena Canetti (Israel), A Secular Pilgrim in Jerusalem, feature documentary
Emperors’ New Productions (United Kingdom), How It’s Done, short film
Eric Bednarowicz, Carpe Millennium, short film (student)
Express TV Production (Denmark), When the Rain Falls, feature documentary
Farmer Entertainment, Under God, short film
Flying Monks Productions, Stuff, Inc., short film
Franco Parente, Casper & Kitty, short film
Gavin White, Speakers Corner: You Have The Right to Remain Vocal, feature documentary
Goldensun Pictures & 525 Films, Mesteno, short film
Gold Films (United Kingdom), If You See Her, Say Hello, short film and leading actor
Grillbust Productions, Tow, feature film
Guillermo Gómez Alvarez (Puerto Rico), Aquel Rebaño Azul, feature documentary
Guy Walks Into A Bar Productions, Three-Way With Shelly, short film
Igor Stevanovic (Serbia), Opelo za Bobija Fisera, feature documentary
Intense Productions (United Kingdom), Bodyguard: A New Beginning, feature film and direction
Jack Robinson, Little Devil, short film
Jesse Rosenberg, What Lives On, short film (student)
John Ford, Patrol, short film
Joseph Pettinati, Cracker Jackies, short film (student)
Justincredible Films, Battling Bobby, short film
Kristin Beauchamp, When Even Angels Wept, feature documentary
Kyle Gehring, Inquisition, short film (student)
Libero Filmworks, El Centro Basco, short film
Lifework Productions, A Kinder World, short documentary
Liminal Entertainment, Imbalance, short film
Lorien Entertainment/Silverwood Productions, Unitards, feature film
Lumiart (Brazil), Pedaço de Papel, short film
Makatoa Media Productions (Venezuela), Swing con Son, feature documentary
Manmade Entertainment, One In The Gun, feature film
Matthew Solomon, Kung Fu Man, short film
Mouton Productions, Freudian Eyebrow, experimental
Muska Productions (Haiti), The Bachelor, short film
Naumann Film (Germany), BZgA: Sneeze right. Cough right., special purpose film
Nick McCallum, Behind Blue Eyes, short film
Odyssey Films, Devil’s Land, short film
One Tree Pictures, Ltd. (China), Beautyworld, feature film
Pacific Coast Entertainment, Inc., Tick Tock, short film and leading actor (Kitty: Tracey Birdsall-Smith)
Pacific Lutheran University – Media Lab, Point of Entry: Migrating to North America, feature documentary
Pay Ya Later Productions, LLC, Half Empty, feature film
Pencil Break Films, Aliens in Wonderland, animation
Pop Arn Productions (Spain), Wunder, short film
Premier Image Productions, Damien Making a Difference, God Making a Saint, feature documentary
Pura Vida Entertainment, Querido Zoël (Dear Zoël), short film and supporting actor (Stephanie)
Raj Mehta, Ironic Odyssey, short film
Red Palette Pictures, Vera: An Intimate Sketch, feature documentary and direction
Robert Franke (Switzerland), The Basement, feature film
Ruben Amar, A Girl Like You With A Boy Like Me, short film
Sandy Beach Productions, LLC, Fiberglass and Megapixels, feature documentary
Sergio Myers, Jordon Saffron Taste This!, feature film and leading actor (Jordan Saffron)
Seth Blaustein, Legacy: Song of the Senex, short film (student)
Shoot the Sky Productions, Death Ranch, short film
Simmia Productions, Inc., My Mother’s Fairy Tales, feature film
Spin Dream Pictures, Inc., The Heart of Battle, feature documentary
Split Pillow, Eye of the Sandman, feature film
Stacy Meier Olds, Warriors, special purpose film
Stage IV, LLC, Stage IV: A Journey Into The Unknown, feature documentary and direction
Stephen Huyler, Sonabai: Another Way of Seeing, short documentary
Steve Christolos, The Sundowner, short documentary
Stiners Studios, As Cool As Jennifer: Volume 2, feature film
Sycamore Productions, Yoga Man, short film
Taylor Trikilis, Gretel, short film
Telsius Productions, LLC, They Made That Up!, experimental
The Naoj Company, The Mandala Maker, short film and direction (Sam Borowski)
Tim VandeSteeg, My Run, feature documentary
Trickster Motion Pictures, Losing You, feature film
True Studios, On the Lam, feature film (student)
University of Notre Dame, Strong Bodies Fight, direction
Ursa Productions, SpyForLove, short film
Walking Wolf Productions, Inc., The Tainted Touch, short film
Wen Ren, Parallel Tracks, short film
W Films, Lovely Coffee, short film and direction
Woodly Aurelus, Best Friend, feature film
Wreckless Endeavour, LLC, IX: The Quest for Sizable Truth, feature film
Yam Gonzalez, High School Gig, feature film
Yusuf Sumer, Open Sesame, short film
Zach Terry, Defining David Dalton, short film (student)

Award of Merit Winners – Television

Baraem TV & Chocolate Moose Media, Inc. (Canada/Qatar), Nan and Lili: Cleaning Your Room, children/family programming
CCI Entertainment, Ltd. (Canada), Erky Perky, animation
Diennet Productions, Booty Sex, music video
Donovan Walton (Canada), SERF The Documentary, documentary
Eklectyk Creative Media, Michael Jackson Shining, music video
Farpoint Films, The Flip Side, pilot program
Foxx Tale Productions, She’s Got IsShoes, television pilot
Howard Community College TV, The Campaign, college/university
KCSM TV, Spotlight! Episode #207 (Motivation Actors), viewer impact: content/message delivery
Michigan State University, Arabs, Jews & the News, contemporary issues/awareness raising
NEWIST/CESA7, Splitting Up: Kids in the Middle, documentary
One Planet Films (Australia), Return to Gaza, feature documentary
Purdue University, Purdue zipTrips: We’re All Animals, live television events
Radio Television Hong Kong (China), People Tree of Saddle Hill, nature/environment/wildlife; and File X, internet streaming
Romesburg Media Group, Nascar at Motordrome Speedway, sports
Sarit Catz, Marino’s, supporting actor (Uncle Leo: Joe Grifasi) and original song (Pocket Full of Dreams: Will Van Sise, Peter C. Hopkinson & Mani Cregan; performed by Mani Cregan & the Chuck Batton Orchestra)
Teen Kids News, Teen Kids News, educational/instructional
Tracy Taylor, The New 20’s, pilot program
Ubaid Seth, Jamal and Rome, pilot program
West Virginia University, WVU News, student production
Woody Simmons, Take Me Back to Hanalei, music video

Award of Merit Winners – Videography

Buzzco Associates, Inc., It’s Still Me!, educational/instructional
Carr Video Productions, Inc., Hospice Atlanta, sales/branding
Cowtip Productions, The Big Time, internet site streaming
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Teen Romance: What’s Risky, What’s Not?, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Five Talent Films, Inc., My Angel, leading actor (character: Brad Curtis: actor: Tim Blore)
Franco Parente, Drunk Mom, public service announcement
GeoGenius, LLC, Hop On – Hop Off, concept/creativity
Hieroglyphic Productions, LLC, Easy Access Project: Bilingual Health Services Pt. 2, special purpose production
International Student Journalism Program, United Nations, Seal the Deal: CILA Youth Model UN About Climate Change, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho, Star Waiters + Making Mitch’s Movie, nonprofit/fundraising
Ron Roy Productions, Altergy: Changing the Way the World Gets Its Power, industrial/business
Tattooed Soul Productions, Gone In The Morning, music video
Video View (Greece), Paul & Viki, weddings
Vista Point Pictures, Beauty World, public service announcement
Youth Performance Company, The Talk: An Intercourse on Coming of Age, educational/instructional/training