Winners Archive Nov 2010

Accolade winners

Acolade GLobel Film Competition
Smartgirl Productions
, Atomic Mom, feature documentary, is about two women, both mothers, who have very different experiences of the atomic bomb. After decades an olive branch is extended between an American Scientist and a Hiroshima Survivor. It’s a powerful and touching film.

Accolade4 Global Film Competition
T-Films Limited
(China), Little Gobie, feature animation, features a fun-loving reindeer that embarks on the journey of a lifetime to save his best friend. Will Gobie get to Santa Land in time to save his pet dragon Be-Be.  This is a heartwarming tale for all audiences in state-of-the art 3D.

Accolade Global Film Competition
Unidentified Flying Studios
, Gillespie, short film, in which a businessman is confronted by his demons in the form of a door-to-door redemption salesman. It’s a strong story, uniquely staged, well-edited for effect. Sure to please audiences.

 Award of Excellence words
Angela Gunn (Oman), Betserai, short film
Aragón Cinematográfica (Spain), The Son of the Sea, short film
Art21, Inc., William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible, documentary program/series
Artistic Circles, Water Pressures, use of video for social change
CMM Productions (Malta), The Phoenicians, short documentary and script/writer
Cowgirl Films, Get Real! Wise Women Speak, feature documentary
EditLab, Grounded, training/industrial production
Ellesse Productions, We Were the Vanquished, short documentary
EZ3 Media, Treasure Hunters Roadshow – Episode: Salt Lake City, reality programming
Global Village Media, John Muir in the New World, feature documentary
Golden Era Productions, What Are Human Rights PSAs, public service announcement
Health & Safety Institute, Stemi, training/industrial production
Lauren Selmon Roberts, Rainbow Town, feature documentary
Monarex Hollywood Corporation, Land of Legends, feature documentary
Po Chou Chi, The Lighthouse, animation
Pure Cinematica, The Virgin Mattress, tube length video
Rasa Aliukonyte (United Kingdom), Kaledaitis, short film
Red Door Films, Spirit Mountain Casino “Make a Night of It”, commercial/infomercial
Sergi Cervera (Spain), Route 66, drama series
University of Central Florida, The Circle Closes, short documentary

Film festival awards
Aaron J. Sandler, Burial Boys, feature film
Act Naturally Productions, LLC, Come Together…A Beatles Tribute, short documentary
AFC Pictures, Little Miss Muffet for Adults, short film
Agnes Kyungmee Lim, A Fallen Angel, short film
Alaska Native Heritage Center, Echoes of Ancient Voices, short documentary
AnamCara Productions, MHz, feature film
Anthony Onah, Gimme Grace, short film
Balgum Song, Surviving Hunger, animation
Barry Worthington, River Haven, short film
Christopher Fernandez, Andre, short film
Cielo Productions–Vestergaard Frandsen, The Test, short documentary
Cineaste Productions, Shine On, feature documentary
Cisco Systems, Simon Spurr, sales/branding/product demonstration
Columbus Avenue Pictures (Canada), The Editor, short film
Detroit Documentary Productions, Deforce, feature documentary
Dominic Polcino, Lovesick Fool, animation
E.F.F. Productions (Switzerland), SuperSwiss, short film
EditLab, Grounded, direction
Enchanted Forest Tales (Israel), Out law, short film
Endlight Entertainment, Ninjas vs Vampires, feature film
Enlighthouse Entertainment, Plight of the Earth Fairy, short film
Evenly Distributed Productions, The Neighbors, short film
EZ3 Media, Treasure Hunters Roadshow – Episode: Salt Lake City, entertainment and on-camera talent
Flying Limbs Inc., Productions, Finding God in the City of Angels, feature documentary
Footbridge Films, GHOSTS: The Musical, feature film
George Hsin Production (Taiwan), My Blind Uncle, leading actress
Golden Era Productions, The Way To Happiness PSAs, public service announcements
Goodnight Pictures, In the Middle: Nazi Prison Camps in Oklahoma, short documentary and The Long Road to Decatur: A History of Personal Influence, educational/instructional/training film
GTC Films, Lines of Tribe, feature documentary
Guzzo Bros Productions, Caged Dreams, short film
Health & Safety Institute, Stemi and Exit Routes, Emergency Planning, & Fire Protection, training/industrial production
Healve Ho Productions, New Spirits, feature documentary
Jamaal Murray, JUST JAMAL, television pilot program
klufilms, Stepping into the Stream, special purpose films
Lancer Entertainment Group, Knowing – For the Made In Charlotte Film Competition, short film
Lemia Mahayni, Alpha and Omega: the Struggle for Survival, short documentary
Lioness Media Arts, Etruscan Odyssey: Expanding Archaeology, short documentary
Lisa Sheridan, My Brother Mike, short documentary
Modern Limit Productions, American Obsessions, short film
Mridula Bhatia, The Mountaineers, short documentary
Muge Bayraktar (Turkey), There’s Always Room for Dessert! (Tatliya Her Zaman Yer Vardir!), short film and script/writer
Nick Felix Productions, Never Too Late, feature film
Northern Lights Recording, Outta Sight, Outta Mind, music video
OutreachArts, Inc., Promise Me, contemporary issues/awareness raising
Pacific Lutheran University – Media Lab, Oil Literacy, short documentary
Paxen Films, Bay Rizz: The Man for You, short film (musical)
Phil Bransom Productions, Train Master II: Jeremiah’s Treasure, feature film
Pichu Productions (Germany), To the End of the World without a Penny, feature documentary
PonderQuest Entertainment, LLC, Note In My Saddle, humor/humorist
Red Door Films, Spirit Mountain Casino “Make a Night of It”, concept
Sébastien Rossignol (France), Le Miroir, short film
Seltzer Film and Video, LLC, The Last Boat Out…, short documentary
Senthil Kumar KG (India), Dew Drop, short film
Shannon Denise Evans, Velvet Moon Chronicles, podcasts/webcasts/webinars
SlumLord Films, Into the RED, feature film
Spring Arbor University, Arbor Royale (Evan Jarvi), action/adventure and Moonlight – Steady Stay Runnin’ (Sam Cale), music video
Steven Crowley, Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story, feature film
Temple University, DaCypher, short documentary
ThinkFirst Foundation, Think About Your Choices, health/medicine/science
Tim Devitt, Trevor & Heidi & Roger & Sam, tube length videos
Ulysses E. Campbell, Fantastic Forum Episode #20, interview/talk show
University of California San Diego, Triton Voices – Looking Back, Moving Forward, script/writer
University of Tennessee, The Race That Eats Its Young, short documentary
UTVS – St. Cloud State University, SCSU Local, public service programming/PSA
Valerie Lynn Hanna, Jinx No More, short film
Wolf’s Head Productions, Border Guardians of Ackernon, television pilot program/series
WVU School of Journalism, WVU News, news/weather
Yi-Jen Chen, The Wind-Up Life, animation
Yusuf Sumer (Turkey), Kaka Nirvana, short film