Winners Archive Nov 2011

Accolade winners
Academy award nominee Sally Kellerman

The Naoj Company, Night Club, feature film, is a comedy about the night shift in a retirement home. Talented director Sam Borowski foster heart-touching performances by Academy Award Nominee Sally Kellerman, legendary actors Ernest Borgnine and Mickey Rooney with Natasha Lyonne, Rance Howard, Zachary Abel, Bryan Williams and Ahney Her.

Film Festival awards

Era Motion Pictures (Bangladesh), Meherjaan, feature film, is a story of Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence with Pakistan from a women’s point of view. Director Rubaiyat Hossain delivers a visually attractive and tightly crafted film with strong character development.

Film festival awards

Mirror Films, The Letter Writer, children/family programming, in which a rebellious teenager tracks down the writer of a life-changing letter she unexpectedly receives in the mail. This is an inspirational film by Christian Vuissa with a breakout performance by leading actress, Aley Underwood.

Award of Excellence words
Black Barn Productions, Ltd. (United Kingdom), id-iology, feature film
Cristaldi Pictures (Italy), Rita, disability issues
Dori Media Group (Israel), Split – The Real Story, children/family programming
Era Motion Pictures (Bangladesh), Meherjaan, direction, cinematography (Samiran Datta) and supporting actor (Wasim Khan: Omar Rahim)
Gabor Kalman (USA), There Was Once…, feature documentary
Gary Null & Associates (USA), Knocking on the Devil’s Door, feature documentary
Golden Bridge Entertainment, LLC, (USA), Rock ‘n’ Ball, feature film
Jet Kaiser Films, (USA), Jaxton’s Story, nonprofit/fundraising and dramatic impact
Joy Ji Yang, (USA), Mommy Loves You, women filmmakers
Kendall Anlian, (USA), Stuck, short film
Once Tamed Productions, (USA), Moby Music Video, videography
PCCW Now TV, (USA), Blood Mine, documentary program/series
Point Zero Seven, LLC, (USA), Blind Turn, feature film
Spinning Owls Productions, (USA), Through the Door, women filmmaker
Sven Alexander Heinrich (México), El Amante del Padrino, short film
The Naoj Company, Night Club, (USA), direction, leading actor (Ernest Borgnine) and supporting actress (Sally Kellerman)
Walk A Mile Productions, (USA), Walk a Mile in My Pradas, feature film
Wintershine Productions, (USA), Bloom, women filmmakers

Film festival awards
553AM, Memory Lane, feature film
7Ponies Productions, LA Love Story Part 1, supporting actor (Kevin Interdonato: Glenn the agent)
Alliance One Entertainment (Australia), Rosa: After Luxemburg, short film
Amit Tishler, Haxx, short film
Anderson Brice Morris, Tale of the Time Thieves, short film
Aqua Foxx Productions, Caveman Theory, pilot program
Asaf Yecheskel (Israel), Mevuasim, pilot program
Benjamin Dynice, Nowhere Road, short film
Bozeken, LLC, 401(k) Magic, educational/instructional/training
Brute Choir Films (Canada), Supper’s Ready, short film
Bryn Woznicki, Fragile, women filmmakers
CalBright Ventures Inc. (Canada), Brilliant Life, feature documentary
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, A Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen
Chris Coleman, Parallax, short film
Delicia Kuang (United Kingdom), Four and a Half Years Old, short documentary
Direct Light & Hakim Productions (Israel), My Faith, documentary series
Domestic Breaks Productions, Jack & Poppy, short film
DWard Media – Concordia Seminary, Walther, Christian
Era Motion Pictures (Bangladesh), Meherjaan, post-production overall, research, leading actress (Young Meher: Shayna Amin), supporting actress (Salma: Rubaiyat Hossain) and viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Freedom From Choice AB (Sweden), The Referee, short documentary
Gary Null & Associates, Knocking on the Devil’s Door, contemporary issues/awareness raising
GooseMan Pictures, Septenary Kill Trailer, movie trailer
Gregory Lewis, Collision, short film
Honey Tree Films, 40 West, feature film
Inventive Works, Moonflower, short film
Isthmus Films, Ring Laila, short documentary
IVS Productions, Awaken the Dragon, feature documentary
Jacqueline Gavillet, Phantom Pain, short film
Jean-Marc Le Doux, The Save, short film
Judith Studios, I Hate Tom Petty, feature film
Julian Dobrev (United Kingdom), V’Jack, direction
L.A.F. Productions, It’s All About Youth: Ruth Nichols Interview, interview/talk show
Maria Reynolds (Australia), Flashback, women filmmakers
Michael Zhao, Pets’ Republic of China, feature documentary
Montan᷈a Media, Here Lies My Heart, Latino/Hispanic
Nasty Strangers, Time Again, feature film
Nathan VonMinden, Uganda Man, documentary feature
Nefarious, LLC, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, feature documentary
Ngoc Phuong Vu (Viet Nam), Music In Me, music video
Niko Vazquez (Spain), Hurrengo Geltokia – Next Station, experimental
Once Tamed Productions, Moby Music Video, leading actress (Older girl: Rachelle Henry) and leading actress (Younger girl: Sarah-Eve Gazitt)
Oscar Studio (Cyprus), The Super Next Day Wedding Photoshooting Videoclip of Elena & Marios, weddings
Out of Ink Productions, Not Suitable For Children, webisode/internet programming
Out Of The Park Productions/Line 9 Productions/ Director – Marc Saltarelli/ Executive Producer – Park Walkup, Pride, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Parlon Film Company (Spain), Gemalogia, short film
Peking, LLC, The Kook, short film
Production Values, Inc., The WHO 5 Moments, health/medicine/science
Push Pull Films (Australia), The Grace of Others, short film and costume design
Raymond Barbosa, A Date Aside, short film
ReelContact, Flight to the Wall, feature documentary
Roi Werner (Israel), 2 Night, feature film
Sinan Chevik (Australia), Lamb, short film
Spinning Owls Productions, Through the Door, direction, dramatic impact, and viewer impact: content/message delivery
Starmeter Productions, Dicks, pilot program/series
Steve Ledoux, Good Things Are Always Happening, gay/lesbian/transsexual
Sven Alexander Heinrich (México), Hip Hop International, music video
Than Niles, ISO, short film
The American University of Rome (Italy), Veggie Propaganda, animation
Tim Burton Productions, The Ballad of Sandeep, short film
Timothy David Mitchell (Australia), Alpha/Bravo, feature film
Timothy Mitchell (Australia), Mondo Supernatural, short film
Tony Severio, Rugaru, movie trailer
University of Southern California, Molly Goes West, short film and leading actress (Molly)
Upendo Learning Center, Mind Tricks, short film
Vassar College Department of Film, About the Why, Jewish
Walk A Mile Productions, Walk a Mile in My Pradas, leading actor (role of Steve)
West Virginia University, WVU News: September 11th Special Edition, news program
Will & Deni Media, Inc., Saving the Hansen House, short documentary