Winners Archive November 2003

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Devon Chivvis, Dance With Me, college/university, romantic short in which a mysterious stranger causes an aging waiter to chose between youth or love.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

Hallmark Entertainment, Dreamkeeper, television mini-series, the legends of Native Americans come to life with storytelling for new generations.

Accolade Global Film Competition Film Festival

TLC Entertainment, Kids Ten Commandments, religion, animated mini-movie series with original music for children explaining the Ten Commandments.

Annenberg Public Policy Center, Mayors & Government In A Time Of Crisis, short documentary

Byran World Productions, Graffiti Verite’ 5, arts and culture

Creative Visions, Global Tribe Philippines, travel

Grass Valley Films, Los Desaparecidos, documentary

Hallmark Entertainment, Dreamkeeper, animation/special effects, cinematography. direction and script/writer

Intercultural Films, Jazz Dreams, feature documentary

John Marshall Law School, Democracy vs. Terrorism And The Implications For The Rule Of Law, college/university

LCA Films, The Photograph, direction and entertainment

Panta Rhei Media, NCED Protest The Silence, health medicine educational

SilverScreen Music, The Princess And The Pea, music original score

The Naked Grape, The Naked Grape’s Introduction To Red & White Wines, educational

University Of Utah, Burying The Past – Legacy Of The Mountain Meadows Massacre, feature documentary

WFLD-TV Fox, Experiment – Gay And Straight, contemporary issues

Zermatt, Pat Benatar “GO”, art direction and music video

Brian Dickerson & Brandon Chapman, Chimera, student production

Creative Visions, Global Tribe Mexico, travel

Envision Media, Superunknown@Lupos, special purpose video

Five Talent Films, A Father’s Heart, religion/ethics

Hallmark Entertainment, Dreamkeeper, contemporary issues and research

Hall Of Legends Sports, The Story Of Darrell Royal, sports

LCA Films, The Photograph, leading actress (Andrea Moore) and picture editing

Panta Rhei Media, The Hero’s Challenge, self promotion

Paul Brancato, Her Father’s Daughter, student production

Scott Buzz, Las Vegas Gambling On Water, feature documentary