Winners Archive November 2004


Art Exploration, Feuille, arts/culture

Montgomery College Television, Voices From The Tomb, history/biography

Sandia National Laboratories, ASC … the next decade, industrial/technical

Sly Cat Productions, I Dream Of Jenna: Bat Mitzvah Video, special events

Art Exploration, Feuille, direction & leading actress (Meihua)

Ascension Pictures, Take Me Somewhere Nice, dramatic impact & performing artist (Cole Braxton)

Heid Video Productions, San Francisco: July 2004, tourism/travel

Inertia Films, AMG: Cosmovision Center, religion/ethics

Montgomery College Television, Montgomery College Today: September 2004, college/university

Montgomery College Television, Voices From The Tomb, research

Roy H. Park School Of Communications, Never Too Old For Gold, fitness/health/personal growth

The Tribute Company, The Relationship Game (J. P. Morgan Chase), sales/branding/product demonstration