Winners Archive September 2005

Center For Television & Radio, Mother’s Day, student production

Diocese of Pittsburgh, A Brief History Of The Diocese Of Pittsburgh, religion/ethics

Insane Asylum Features, Paid To Play, entertainment

Ken Hetzel, The Michael Gaches Graduation Tribute, tributes

Merestone, Teleperformance Cabo Opener, animation special effects

Story Point Media, Asheville School Project, concept

The Illusion Factory, United Friends Of The Children – Brass Ring 2005, fund raising

Brad Shaw Productions, Inc., Welcome To Franklin!, corporate/stakeholder communication

Digital Wave, Heather & Steve, April Bliss, weddings

J Songs, Inc., Free, music video

Ken Hetzel, The Steven Gaches Graduation Tribute, tributes, and Nehalem (Rock’n Roll Star) – The Guitar Man, editing

Schubert Video Productions, LLC, The National Mrs. Pageant, events

Skid Media, The Lost Songs Of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison & Starr, editing

Sqedunk Children Productions, Get Fit With Sqedunk, children’s program

Story Point Media, Asheville School Project, script/writer

That’s Entertainment Productions, Backstage Pass, entertainment

Wayne County Health Department, Health Watch: The Separation Between Church And Medicine, religion/ethics

Yearn2Learn Communications, Brothers, feature documentary