Winners Archives Nov 2007

Award of Excellence wordsAlt Productions (Canada), Cubanos, Life and Death of A Revolution, feature documentary)
BasicTV (Norway), Forbidden Future, feature documentary
Clear Films, Despues de la Neblina (When Clouds Clear), feature documentary
Daniela Gontijo (Brazil), Leda de Arte Leda, feature documentary
Daven Production, Signos (The Sign), feature film
Dreamtime Entertainment, Queen of Swing, feature documentary
Help The Bombardier LLC, Henry May Long, feature film
Katherine Cunningham-Eves, Murdering Mama’s Boy, short film
Kerry Parker, Soul Intentions, short film
Laundry Films, Inc., The Brass Teapot, short film
Mark Hagerling, A Dance for Bethany, original score
Nomadic Wax, LLC, African Underground: Democracy in Dakar, feature documentary
Screen Media Films, Canvas, leading actor (John Marion: Joe Pantoliano)
Second Act, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, short film
Radio London Films, Things That Hang from Trees, feature film
Sizzling Gambas Productions, Inc. (Australia), Haw Ang, feature film
Urban Wolf Productions, LLC, The Garage, feature film

Award of Excellence Winners – Television
Alabama Public Television, Mr. Dial Has Something to Say, feature documentary
Crabby Twin Productions (Hungary), The War Crimes Trial of Harry S Truman, drama program
Decode Entertainment, Inc. (Canada), Planet Sketch II: Episode 16: Dog Lead, animation/cartoon; and The Latest Buzz: Episode 101: The First Dance, arts/cultural/performance/plays
LiveTribe Productions, Siempre Pude Ver, music video
LMNO Productions, Anatomy Of A Giant: Sun Ming Ming, documentary; and I Wanna Be A Soap Star: Live Show, live TV events
Maya Vision International, Ltd. (United Kingdom), The Story of India, miniseries
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Designers Abroad: Chinese Designers Series: That’s All, arts/cultural/performance/plays
Regent University, Rumor of Angels, religion/ethics
RIT SportsZone, RIT SportsZone Season 5: Episode 16, post-production overall; and RIT SportsZone Season 6: Episode 5, viewer impact: content/message
Run Rabbit Run Productions, Conversations With Carlos Watson: Episode 2, interview/talk show
The Clubhouse TV, The Clubhouse, interview/talk show
The War Amps (Canada), Annae’s Journey, viewer impact: motivational/inspirational
Trace Pictures (Canada), How The Gimquat Found Her Song, children/family programming
Award of Excellence Winners – Videography
David Safin, The Comic Life of Calvin Tinker, humor/humorist
Mickey Freeman, Presque Isle, cinematography
Panta Rhei Media, Inc., REMstar Auto M Series, educational/instructional
Projections, Inc., Modex: Alcan Cable, sales/branding/product demonstration
Saint Vincent College, Robert Mendler: Holocaust Survivor, viewer impact: content/message delivery

Film festival awards
Honorable Mention Winners – Film
ABL Communications, Ghosts of The Heartland, feature film
Alan Williams, Taylor, original score
Alex Flores, God’s Children, short film
An Immigrant Film (United Kingdom), Year Of The Underdog, feature documentary
Anfinn Skulevold, Stripper Academy, original score/song
Blake+Barncik Design Group, Torn Asunder, experimental
Carmen Rozestraten, Breathe Me, experimental
Cinebugfilms, Whirlybird, short film
Clay Brothers Motion Pictures, Interception, feature film
Cosmos Kiindarius, The Quickie, short film
Dirty 2 Films Ltd. (United Kingdom), The German Lullaby, short film
Dreamtime Entertainment, Pope John Paul II: A Saint For Our Times, feature documentary
Efe Oztezdogan (Turkey), SubtItles, short film
Eric Cheevers, Las Historias Mas Sexy Del Mundo! No. 2 (The Sexist Stores On Earth! No 2), creativity/originality
Farish Media, Inc., On My Way To Pele, short film
Fortune Films, LLC (Australia), Fortune, feature film, cinematography & lead actor (Gabriel: Scott Cohen)
Grey Area Media, Inc. (Canada), Binty, short film
Hewlett Packard, Always Connected: Roku’s Reward, commercial/training/industrial film & creativity/originality
iladelph west, This Is My Cheesesteak, feature documentary
Irvine Valley College – TV Department, Rhythms of Peace, short documentary & choreography (Marie de al Palme)
Joshua Weigel, Snare, short film
Just A Spark Films, Without Hope, short film
Laughing Dog Pictures, The Delivery, short film
MacGillivray Freeman Films, The Alps, feature documentary
Mario Pochat (Canada), Marcelino And Bartolomeo: Bye-Bye, animation
McVey Multimedia, Inc., Freedom, feature film
Microcosm Films, Keys, short film
Mothership Pictures, Evolution: The Musical!, short film
One Hand Clapping, LLC, Growing Out, feature film
Paris Tanaka, Deeper, short film
Paulist Pictures, The Big Question, feature documentary
Prairie Dust Films, Standing Silent Nation, feature documentary
Radio London Films, Things That Hang From Trees, cinematography
Rebel Zone Films, Arizona Seaside, feature film
Renson Mateo, The Seed, short film
Saturday Night Special Productions, Hi, short film
Second Act, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, original screenplay
Seung Hyung Lee & Seungil Hwang, Office Mobius, experimental
Shaun Russell, A Purple Heart, short film
Sizzling Gambas Productions, Inc. (Australia), Haw Ang, cinematography
StoneArch Creative, What Does It Take: The Cargill Scholars Approach To Student Focused Intervention, viewer impact: motivation/inspirational
Tell Their Story Films, LLC, The Road Home, feature documentary
Twenty Twelve Foot Trees, The Audition, short film
Ultraviolet Pictures, The Addiction of Ethan Lonemyer, short film & leading actor (Character: Ethan Lonemyer)
Urban Wolf Productions, LLC, The Garage, direction
Honorable Mention Winners – Television
Bigfoot Entertainment, Ltd., USS Cooper: Return To Ormoc Bay, feature documentary
Decode Entertainment, Inc. (Canada), Urban Vermin: Episode 120: Ferret Buller’s Day Off, animation/cartoon
Golden Era Productions, Just Once: Drug Free World PSA, pubic service programming/PSA
Lindsay Huff, The High Life, comedy program/series
LiveTribe Productions, From Fire: An Odyssey Of Glass, documentary
Maya Vision International, Ltd. (United Kingdom), The Story of India, cinematography and editing
LMNO Productions, I Wanna Be A Soap Star: Season 4, reality programming
Premonition Pictures, OFD! Mental Ability, student production and leading actor (Steve Thompson)
Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Designers Abroad: Chinese Designers Series: Telling Stories With Dots, Lines & Typography, action/adventure
Regent University, The Noble Lie, student production
Run Rabbit Run Productions, Conversations With Carlos Watson: Episode 1, interview/talk show: and Conversations With Carlos Watson: Episode 2, on-camera talent (Host)
Trace Pictures (Canada), The Mighty Timoneers, contemporary issues/awareness raising
The Clubhouse TV, The Clubhouse, on-camera talent (James Brown)
The War Amps (Canada), Jeff Nicklin: Hero Of The Gridiron And The Battlefield, short documentary
University of Texas, Under The Airwaves, movie made for TV
UTVS Television, Husky Productions, student production
VCU TV HD, VCU TV/HD Webisodes, humor/humorist
Wilkins Box Productions, LLC, Summerbirds In The Cellar: Behold The Wolf, music video
Honorable Mention Winners – Videography
CSTV, CSTV Road Trip Central, internet site streaming
f-reel pty, ltd. (Australia), Rachel: A Perfect Life, health/medicine
Great Expectations Video Productions, Geico – Bikers for Tykes 2007, nonprofit/fundraising
Insight Creative Independent Digital, The Journey, tourism/travel
iTV Studio – Rutgers University, Douglass Developmental Disability Center, college/university
Lumen Catechetical Consultants, The Vocation of the Laity, religion/ethics
MediaInnovations, Cindy & Doug Preparations, wedding
Panta Rhei Media, Inc., Thrive, health/medicine/science
PCI Communications, The Association: A New Musical Act One, entertainment/drama/comedy/variety
Pilates Therapeutics, Scoliosis Management, Part 1, educational/instructional; and Step-Wise Approach to Post-Natal Restoration, educational/instructional
Pointe Digital, Krissee & Rick’s Wedding, wedding
Projections, Inc., More Than Steel: MacSteel, industrial/technical/business
Radisch Company, Stars Falling On Alabama: We Are Enraptured By the Celestial Fireworks Of The Muses, arts/cultural/performance/plays
Rhino Calls Media Solutions, Coyote Safari Déjà Vu, special purpose video: history/educational
Studio Art (Martinique), The Churches of Martinique, history/biographical/travel