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Women of the Gulag –Marianna Yarovskaya

accolade global film festival

Marianna Yarovskaya (USA), Women of the Gulag, Doc Short – Short-listed for the 91st Academy Awards – the compelling and tragic stories of six women who survived the horrors of the Soviet Gulags; labor camps which were a brutal system of repression and terror that devastated the population during the regime of Joseph Stalin. Now in their 80’s and 90’s – the survivors share their searing stories of the inhumanity of the time. The film expertly captured the desolation of exile and the artistically beautiful cinematography and lighting captured the soul of their indomitable spirits. Equally heart-breaking was what these heroines didn’t say, the pain found in the silence between the words, of the unspeakable horrors they faced and the sexual violence they could not speak about. Deftly directed by student Academy Award winner Yarovskaya, these feelings came through – simultaneously gut-wrenching and inspiring. Exceptional pacing, tight narrative, moving soundtrack and impactful sound design. Executive producers Academy Award and Emmy-winner Mitchell Block and two-time Academy Award winner Mark Johnathan Harris. Produced by Paul Roderick Gregory, music by Emmy-winner Mark Adler, cinematography by Sergei Amirdzhanov and Irina Shatalova, editing by Emmy-nominee Leonard Feinstein and Irina Volkova, sound by Emmy-nominee Frank Gaeta.

accolade global film festivalSteven Pasvolsky (Australia), SHRAPNEL, Film Short –  Academy Award-winning director Pasvolsky delivers an impactful film about abuse of power and the gut-wrenching consequences for childhood victims. Schoolboy Tom is prey to a bully. But there’s a third person in the equation who needs to be stopped. Skillfully directed in a non-liner timeline, the ascendancy shifts from character to character with a narrative founded on the exploitation of a threat of violence by an innocent. The nature of the characters is reflected in purposeful use of sets and lighting of the piece. Stars:  Sebastian Thornton-Walker (The End), Tom Rodgers, Zackari Watt. Producer:  Academy-Award nominee Joanne (Joe) Weatherstone (Killing Ground), Serena Hunt (Dumb Criminals). A Screen Australia Production.

Film festival winnerAccolade Global Film competitionAlessandro Gessaga (Switzerland), Like the Shadow in the Dark, Film Short – Renown psychologies Gustavo scrutinizes candidates to decided who has the right character to be a politician. But who is really calling the shots? A provocative treatise on the forces driving today’s political climate. Well directed with a talented cast. Daniele Marcheggiani, Rebecca Zaccariotto, Paolo Riva, Simone Passero.

Accolade Global Film competitionBartle Bull, Tom Hurwitz and Donald Rosenfeld (USA), Cradle of Champions, Doc Feature – Epic tale of three young fighters vying for Golden Gloves in their most important tournament. Touching stories, striking cinematography and sharp editing. Cinematography by Oscar-winner Hurwitz, editing by Emmy-winner Michael Levine, producer Emmy-winner Rosenfeld, producers Nina Rosenwald and Andreas Roald. Aired Showtime.

Derek Wayne Johnson (USA), STALLONE: Frank, That Is, Doc Feature – An inside look into the fascinating life of the most unknown famous entertainer in Hollywood – Grammy and Golden Globe nominated singer, songwriter and actor Frank Stallone. With Oscar-nominee Sly Stallone, Oscar-winner Bill Conti, Oscar-nominee Talia Shire, Emmy-nominee Billy Dee Williams, Richie Sambora, John Oates and many more!

Accolade Global Film competitionRobert Adetuyi (Canada), Stand!, Film Feature – 1919. An immigrant battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. A cautionary tale for our times from director Adetuyi (Stomp the Yard). Beautiful cinematography by Emmy-winner Roy H. Wagner, production design by Gemini-winner Marian Wihak. Gregg Henry (Guardians of the Galaxy), Marshall Williams (Glee), Laura Slade Wiggins (Shameless), Lisa Bell (Emma Jones) star.

Accolade Global Film competitionSara Sugarman (United Kingdom), Down the Caravan, TV Pilot – BAFTA-nominee Sugarman delivers a comedic yet ultimately poignant tale of love, loss and unlikely alliances. A message from the grave creates tension and hilarity in a small caravan community. Emmy-winner Matthew Rhys (The Americans), Jan Anderson (Tiger Bay) Maxine Evans (Stella), Michael Socha (Shank), Alexa Davies (Mama Mia), Julian Lewis Jones (Invictus).

Accolade Global Film competitionMouhssine Ennaimi (France)Kashmir, Fault Lines in the Valley, Thailand Ghost Citizens, Syria’s Slaughterhouses, Silent Death on a Syrian Journey, (Mouhssine Ennaimi, director) and France Yellow Vest-Driven by Despair (Alexandra Pauliat, director), Doc Shorts – Emmy-nominated Documentary series “Off The Grid” skillfully delivers sobering reflections on world issues. Excellent journalism and filmmaking – from devastated refugees to harrowing tales of illegal organ sales.  Airs TRT World

Accolade Global Film competitionKlaus Naumann (Germany), Joyson Safety Systems – Imagetrailer, Knorr-Bremse: Making mobility safe and efficient, MAN CitE, Industrial Productions. Director Naumann (Naumann Films) sets the gold standard for Industrial and Commercial production. Lush and cinematic visuals, elaborate animations and compositing, tight scripting, perfect pacing and messaging deliver corporate films that are memorable and impactful.

Accolade Global Film competitionAli Jalali, G-Art Brand (Iran), I am not an Actress, Film Short – A social short film about addicted and homeless women in Iran and the wretched conditions that they live with. A surprising turn on the story – seen through the eyes of an actress preparing for a role – and ultimately shaping her life. Stars Yasaman Moavi, Niloofar Shahidi, Alireza Mehran, and Mina Sadeghi. Producer Abbas Ghasemi.

Accolade Global Film competitionVladimir Pankratov (Russia), A Knife on a Chopping Board, Film Short – A quirky and creative take on the life of a lonely man and his quest to find personal value. A job promotion leads Sergey to become aware that his life lacks true meaning – and a series of absurd events including a knife, chopping board and hospital visit – leads to a painfully shy nurse and unexpectedly changing his life for the better.

Accolade Global Film competitionChristina Christie (USA), Tiffany, Animation – While packing her deceased grandmother’s things – Pauline discovers one of her stained-glass sculptures has come to life and helps her celebrate the legacy of those she has  lost. A charming animation well delivered by director Christie and a talented group of students from the University of Central Florida School of Visual Arts and Design.

Accolade Global Film competitionGeng Xu (China), You’ll Never Walk Alone, Film Feature – A remote country province gets a new school teacher who uses soccer to teach important life lessons. A world-altering earthquake changes their lives and forces them all, students and teachers, to grow up in ways they never imagined. Stars Shunxi Ma and Hucheng Li.

Award of Excellence words
Alec Reyna and Jacob Zetino, Dapper Penguin Productions (USA), Daydream, Film Short
Alessandro Gessaga, Independent Movie Productions (Switzerland), Like the shadow in the dark, Actor: Leading (Daniele Marcheggiani as Psychologist Gustavo)
Alexandra Pauliat (France), France Yellow Vest – Driven by Despair (“Off the Grid” Current Affairs), Liberation / Social Justice
Carlos Mejia and Kevin Barwick (USA), Serpendipity, Animation (Student)
Chris and Robert Smellin (Australia), In Love with Ally Barker, LGBT
Dale Fabrigar and Suzanne DeLaurentiis (USA), D-Railed, Actor: Supporting (Frank Lammers as The Host)
Dan Michael (USA), Dodgson, Film Short
Danny Phillips (New Zealand), No Turning Back, Film Feature
Debbie Wright (USA), From Liberty to Captivity, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Derek Wayne Johnson (USA), 40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic, Documentary Short (narration Sylvester Stallone)
Eghbal Shirzaei sani (Iran), Greyish, Film Short

Emma Evanson and Patricia Baena (USA), Outside, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Hossein Rabiei Dastjerdi (Iran), Deadwater, Film Short
Julio Méndez (USA), God is not to blame, Documentary Short
Klaus Naumann (Germany), Joyson Safety Systems – Imagetrailer, Direction, Editing, Cinematography
Klaus Naumann (Germany), Knorr-Bremse: Making mobility safe and efficient, Direction, Cinematography, Concept, Editing
Klaus Naumann, Naumann Film GmbH (Germany), MAN CitE, Direction, Cinematography, Editing
Leonard Rääf (Denmark), Clay, Film Short
Martin Richards (United Kingdom), The Bomb, Film Short
Morgan O’Connell (United Kingdom), The Other Side of the Wall, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

Mouhssine Ennaimi (France), Kashmir, Fault Lines in the Valley (Off the Grid” Current Affairs), Asian, Liberation / Social Justice
Mouhssine Ennaimi (France), Syria’s Slaughterhouses (“Off the Grid” Current Affairs), Liberation / Social Justice
Mouhssine Ennaimi (France), Thailand Ghost Citizens (“Off the Grid” Current Affairs), Asian, Liberation / Social Justice
Peyman Zandi, Gardune Mehregan Group (Iran), Dance of Life, Documentary Feature
Rick Korn (USA), When In Doubt, Do Something, Documentary Feature
Robert Adetuyi (Canada), Stand!, Liberation / Social Justice
Sara Sugarman (United Kingdom), Down the Caravan, Women Filmmakers
Sattar Chamani Gol and Mrs. Vida Salehi, Setak Film Co. (Iran), Golnesa, Film Feature
Shiva Ghanbarian (Iran), Amir Ali, Film Short
Susheel Kamotra @ Tinu, Mezbahn (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), TINANAJALI, a song of life, Original Song, (Tufano Ki Aur, Song Composer – Susheel Kamotra; Lyrics by Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, the late Dr. Shiv Mangal Singh Suman & Susheel Kamotra; Music – Navdeep Dhatra; Cinematic Sound Special Effects – A.R. Rahman Studio, Prem Kumar; Singers – Aashima Mahajan, Abhishek Jhawar, Pankaj Dixit, Roshni Malandkar, Navdeep Dhatra), Experimental, Special Purpose Productions
Ting Wen Lo, Taiwan Original Vision Communication Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Mission-Land Crab Redemption, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Documentary Short
Ton Van Zantvoort (Netherlands), SHEEP HERO, Film Feature
Toni Escandell (Spain), Darwin’s Missed Islands – The Balearics – Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ty Sheetz, Regent University (USA), Harmonica Man, Film Short (Student)

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