Awards of Recognition February 2018

Film festival awards

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Alex Bartz (USA)The Flashback, Film Short
Amr Al-Hariri (USA)Silent Love Stories – I, Actor: Leading (Jean Kartalas Jean), Actress: Leading (Roberta Sparta as Roberta), Music Video, Television – Pilot Program
André Keiser (France)The Hope’s Stars, Actress: Leading (Sandra Maeder as Jeune fille)
Andres Ramirez (Canada)Frame, Actor: Leading (Marcelo Gonzalez as Alex), Actress: Leading (Bailey Olson as Sophia), Film Short, Experimental, Direction (Andres Ramirez), Art Direction (Erin Danes), Script / Writer (Student)
Angelena Bonet (Australia)Change The World, Music Video
Arthur James Solomon (USA)Shady Bishes – The Series, Web Series
Avantika Khattri (India)For All That You Are, Actress: Leading (Avantika Khattri as Alisha)
Brett Leigh (USA)The Denodnaba Prologue, Experimental
Bruce Hyer (USA)End Of The World Rocks, Film Feature
Bruce Spiegel (USA)Bill Evans Time Remembered, Documentary Feature
Chiu Lei (USA/Hong Kong)I Am The White Tiger, Documentary Feature
Chris David and Lauren Barrett (Australia)I Killed Paul Allen with an Axe in the Face, Experimental (Student)
Dan and Bramwell Noah (Australia)I, Timon, Actor: Leading (Bramwell Noah as Timon), Costume Design (Terry Tubbs)
Derek Gieraltowski (USA)Garden, Animation (Student)
Dick Jordan (USA)Cuba, Libre?, Documentary Short
Don Tjernagel (USA)BROS., Film Feature
Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong)The Happy Prince, Educational / Instructional / Training
Ella Bourne (Australia)Awoke, Film Short
Ella Mckeon (USA)Mime Doesn’t Pay, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Actor: Leading (Student) (Peter McKeon as The Happy Mime) and The Mom Plan, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

Recognition Colorful

Enrico Carnevali, Daniele Poli (USA)Love’s New Laurel, Film Short (Student)
Filiz Kuka (Turkey)Bejlereve Begova Beyler, Film Short
Geoffrey Henderson, Alonge Hawes (USA)Blue Collar Hustle, African American, Web Series
Hanna Xueou Yu (USA)Vincent, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jacek Jedrzejczak (Poland)Exoneration, Experimental
Jerzy Bojanowski, Dragan Film (Poland)Dark Iron, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Maurycy Wolf as Janek), Actress: Leading (Marta Król as Aneta Plater), Actor: Supporting (Mariusz Napora as Commissioner Mozdzer), Actress: Supporting (Joanna Rucinska as Kasandra), Makeup (Izabela Andrys, Patrycja Pulawska-Krasicka, Katarzyna Twardoch), Art Direction (Agnieszka Dragan), Direction (Jerzy Bojanowski)
Jessica L. Catalano (USA)Fantasy Prone, Women Filmmakers
Louise Leth (Denmark)I, Witness, Documentary Short (Student)
MediaLab, Pacific Lutheran University (USA)A World of Difference: El Paso, TX, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Title / Credit Design
Michael J. Alexander (USA)The Legend of Dog Lady Island, Film Feature
Michelle Leigh (USA)More Than Only, Women Filmmakers
Muck Sticky (USA)Dig That, Zeebo Newton, Film Feature
Neal Mulani (USA)Fish Tank, LGBT (Student)
Nicolas Mendrek (Germany)Jurassic Road, Documentary Feature
Noel Izon (USA)We The People: A Call To Duty, Educational / Instructional / Training
Octavio Revol Molina (Argentina)Animal Moribus, Film Feature
Raghav Peri (USA)Delaware Shore, Actor: Supporting (Ed Aristone as Frederick), Title / Credit Design (Raghav Peri, Stephanie Nicholson, Phoebe Titus, David Titus), Original Score (Composed by David C. Hëvvitt)

Recognition Colorful

Ramesh Vijayan (USA)I Miss You, Music Video
Ramprabhu Nakate (India)Mahasatta 2035, Film Feature
Sabareesh Ravi (India)Paper, Film Short
Shelley Titus (USA)Sistas Conversation, Reality Programming
Sriram Vegaraju (USA)Mirage, Webisode
System (Italy)One,Two,Guess Who’S Who, Film Feature
The Church of Almighty God (Korea)Red Re-Education at Home, Christian
Tom Giannini (USA)Trouble Brews @ The AA Meeting, Film Short
Uwe Schwarzwalder (Switzerland)The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd, Actress: Leading (Yessica Sanchez as Wendy), Actor: Leading (Uwe Schwarzwalder as Jeff Boyd), Original Song (Fall composed by Brendan Gillespie), Actress: Supporting (Zarina Tadjibaeva as Mrs. Marinina), Actor: Supporting (Jörg Reichlin as Joe Mueller)
Vandana  Sengupta (India)19th April At A Railway Platform, Actress: Supporting (Harnidh Kaur as Riya)
Vasco Diogo (Portugal)may I ? remix#, Experimental
Veronica Garcia (USA)A Place To Call Home, Documentary Short
Victoria Vertuga and Eric Williford (USA)Tithes, Television – Pilot Program
Vokee Lee (USA)Worth, Film Short, Direction, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, Dramatic Impact
William H. Adams (USA)Refuge, Christian
Yuval Shrem (USA)The Babies, Film Short