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Accolade Oscar winner

Accolade winners

Paul O’Callaghan and Tim Neeves  Brave Blue World

Accolade Global film Competition

Paul O’Callaghan and Tim Neeves (Ireland), Brave Blue World, Doc Short – Narrated by iconic Oscar-nominee Liam NeeesonBrave Blue World brings attention to the global water crisis as well as the technological advances and entrepreneurial ingenuity that will help to end it. Oscar-winner Matt Damon, co-founder of global non-profit and actor and musician Jaden Smith, co-founder of non-profit 501CThree lead a cast of scientists and experts in this exceptionally well researched and beautifully crafted documentary. The film highlights scientific and technological advancements that have been taking place to ensure the world’s population has access to clean water, safe sanitation services and the environment is protected. From Executive Producer, CEO & Founder of BlueTech Research Paul O’Callaghan and his mission to challenge assumptions about water systems and bust the sense of impending doom by providing solutions. A climate crisis documentary that leaves the viewer with a feeling of hope and possibility for the future.

Film festival winner

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalHwang In-hyeok and Minyeob Song (Korea), Doctor Prisoner, TV Series – A genre bending medical crime drama following a doctor’s pursuit of revenge against the unrighteous power elite. A thrilling pendulum of mind games creates a suspenseful and emotionally intelligent plot. Deft direction and a talented cast: Namkoong Min, Kwon Nara, Kim Byung-chul, Choi Won-young. Airs KBS.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalBeau Janzen (USA), Bugbottle, Educational / Instructional – Emmy-winner Janzen (Gotham / Life of Pi / Game of Thrones) and industry VFX visionary – skillfully blends artistic sensibility with exceptional visuals to introduce a mind-bending concept transcending our traditional three-dimensional space. It challenges the viewer to new ways of thinking with gorgeous animation and a superbly researched and presented narrative.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalBrett A. Hart (USA), Coffee With Exes, Film Short – Emmy winning Hart delivers a relevant and delightful romp through a woman’s search for meaning over coffee with exes. From “Here’s Your S*%!@ Back coffee” to the “Wanna Hook Up for Old Time’s Sake coffee” – she ultimately discovers the relationship she is looking for. Enjoyable performances and delightful score. Stars Jessica Bishop, Ryan Shrime, Coley Speaks, Jean Diaz.

Accolade Global Film Competition Festival FilmFestivals.comDiana Rodriguez (USA), Iris, Film Feature – Emmy nominee Alice Kremelberg (Orange Is the New Black) delivers a nuanced performance as a tortured soul with a secret life. The death of her aunt, in relationship with Tom and his crippling trauma and the loss of her true love bring out her primal vampirism. Intelligent, creative take on a genre, achingly authentic performances. Mary Looram (Like Father), Grant MacDermott (Hustlers).

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalPeter Klomp (Switzerland), Outraged – Football Tackles Discrimination, Doc Short – Personal experiences of football’s biggest names examines discrimination of ethnicity, gender, refugee background and sexual orientation. Tightly crafted and deftly directed by Simon Bisset delivers message and hope. Paul Pogba, Moise Kean, Dejan Lovren, Nadia Nadim, Shanice van de Sanden, Guram Kashia, Megan Rapinoe and more.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalStephani Gordon (USA), Vala North, Native Peoples – Telly-winner Gordon (National Geographic, NSF, United Nations) delivers a thoughtful, beautifully shot and inspirational doc illustrating the wisdom of  indigenous practices to solve today’s climate problems. Through the Vala practice of Papua New Guinea and the ingenuity of their native communities it delivers a message of hope to overcome the existing crisis. Open Boat Films

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalVladimir Bukharov (Russia), Fear, Web Series – A doctor visits a famous journalist with the shocking information that the world will be hit by an unknown virus that materializes human fears and then lives this nightmare in real time. Unique concept and well executed by a talented cast. Stars: Mikhail Salin, Alexandra Subbotina, Marusya Klimova, Elena Chubina. (Box Films)

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalJohn Walton (Australia), The Last Zombie, Film Short – SAG Award winner Walton delivers a delirious and entertaining take on a traditional genre. A girl gives a zombie boy a second chance and tries to save him before her crazy circus family tracks him down. What could possibly go wrong? Stars  Steve Morris, Erin Connor, Reece Walton, Damian Bradford, Darcie Morris, Mal Booth, Connor Barton.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalSTANLEY Security (USA), STANLEY Security: UNA – One Ecosystem. Infinite Solutions., Industrial / Business – Creative and compelling visuals, stirring soundtrack and an approachable narration tell the story of the Stanley Security ecosystem called UNA – a holistic combination of hardware and software solutions to protect the people, assets and networks of a business. An engaging commercial with a clearly delivered message.

Accolade Global Film Competition FestivalAriel Goldenberg (Turkey), Leaving for Holiday, Nature / Environment – “Tatile Gidiyoruz” exemplifies the theme of “Changing climates – Changing lives”. A family struggling with drought, disease and poor soil from global warming are forced to abandon their home. The heart-wrenching twist is telling the little daughter they are leaving for holiday. Subtle, creative and poignant.  PTOT Films.

  Award of Excellence words

Anthony Sarracco (Canada), Malocchio Moderno, Documentary Feature
Azita Damandan (Australia), Way out, Film Short, Direction
Azita Damandan (Australia), Mourners, Film Short, Direction
Brett A. Hart (USA), Coffee With Exes, Actress: Leading (Jessica Bishop as Jess)
Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett (USA), Tombstone Pillow, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Dramatic Impact
Daniele Gangemi (Italy), Noir Brothers, Web Series
Darlene Sellers (USA), de la madre, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Darlene Sellers as Anne)
Deutsche Welle (Germany), Going Into Overdrive, Miniseries, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Deutsche Welle (Germany), Europe to the Maxx, Webisode / Web series, Tourism / Travel, Pilot Program / Series
Deutsche Welle (Germany), Food Secrets, Webisode / Web series, Pilot Program / Series
Eleonora Ivone (Italy), OPEN YOUR LIPS, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Endemic Species Research Institute (Taiwan), Elves in the Twilight-Taiwan’s Bewitching Bats, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography, Editing

Findlay Brown (Canada), The Flexed Arm Hang, Film Short (Student), Comedy Program / Series (Student)
Helene Zhuge (China), MAIZIDIAN, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Original Score (Maizidian composed by Edwin Ospina)
Henry Panion and David Macon (USA), Dreams of Hope, African American, Documentary Feature, Jewish, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Television – Program / Series, Original Score (Henry Panion)
Hwang In-hyeok and Minyeob Song (Korea), Doctor Prisoner, Drama Program / Series
Hwang Seungki and Choi YeonSoo (Korea), Into the Ring, Television – Program / Series, Drama Program / Series
Iouri Goroulev (Israel), The Book of Curses, Documentary Feature, Jewish
Ivan Pavlov (Russia), MY BABUSHKA SMOKES A PIPE, Animation
Jaswant Dev Shrestha, Creative Heights (USA), Festivals, Television – Program / Series, Editing (Jaswant Dev Shrestha), Original Score (Composed by André Barros), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Jaswant Dev Shrestha and André Tavares)
Katherine Oostman (USA), The Stranger, Women Filmmakers, Direction
Luis Ismael (USA), 1618, Film Feature, Jewish

Melanie de Klerk, Sophie Lui and Ron Coldham (Canada), Get Lost in Colombia, Documentary Short, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers
Noemi Weis, Filmblanc Inc. (USA), Connecting the Dots, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Paul Andrew Kimball, Winter Light Productions (Canada), The Colour of Spring, Actor: Leading (Jamie Muscato as Sam), Actor: Supporting (Nathan Nolan as Peter), Actress: Leading (Alexa Morden as Sarah), Actress: Supporting (Claudette Williams as Elizabeth), Film Feature, Actress: Supporting (Ellie Heydon as Jules), Script / Writer (Paul Andrew Kimball), Casting (Matt Western), Direction (Paul Andrew Kimball)
Penny Moore (Australia), Trust Frank, Actor: Leading (John Flaus as Frank), Actress: Leading (Brenda Palmer as Rose)
Pete Schilling (Germany), Mercedes-Benz – X, Commercial / Infomercial
Peter Efthymiou (United Kingdom), Odd Man Out, Actor: Leading (Peter Tate as Solo)
Peter Klomp (Switzerland), Outraged – Football (soccer) Tackles Discrimination, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Richard Wicksteed (South Africa), SanDance! A Journey to the Heart of San Culture, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Original Score (Pops Mohammed and Dave Reynolds)
Samaritan’s Purse (USA), Lola’s Lion, Animation
SeokHyoung Park (Korea), Into the World of Ssireum, Sports
STANLEY Security (USA), STANLEY Security: UNA – One Ecosystem. Infinite Solutions., Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Tammy Klembith (USA), WHAT IF, Editing
Vladimir Bukharov (Russia), #extraordinary, Web Series, Actor: Supporting (Mikhail Salin as Pavel Nikolaevich)
Vladimir Bukharov (Russia), FEAR, Actor: Leading (Mikhail Salin as Gennady Lisitsyn)
William Mudge (USA), Beating SuperBugs: Can We Win?, Documentary Feature
Yassine Marco Marroccu and Elisabetta Minen (Italy), THREE THE MOVIE, Film Feature, Editing
ZhiMin Hu (Canada), Ketchup & Soya Sauce, Asian, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational

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