Awards of Recognition May 2016

Film festival awards

Award of Recognition words JPGAdi Spektor (USA), How to Rob a House, Web Tube Length Video
bellopropello (Switzerland), another day in paradise, Animation
Brooke Butterworth (USA), BLANK, Film Short (Student)
Brooke Jacoby and Ashley Jacoby (USA), He Said What Now?, Women Filmmakers
Chris Flook (USA), George and Frances Ball Foundation: History of George and Frances, Direction, Cinematography, Editing and George and Frances Ball Foundation: Arts and Culture, Lighting, Direction
Chris Love, Xylon Productions L.L.C. (USA), Cassandra’s Castle Teaser Trailer, Movie Trailer
Dan Tonkin (United Kingdom), Last Light, Film Short
Daniel Dou (Spain), Anima, Experimental
David Smith (USA), THE CANADA GOOSE a humorous homage to the honkers, Children / Family Programming
David Watkins (USA), HEART: Flatline to Finish Line, Disability Issues
Dayla Soul (USA), It Ain’t Pretty, Documentary Feature
Dean Watts (USA), A Short Film About Short Films, Film Short
Dominykas Duda (USA), The Rowboat, Film Feature
Eduardo Rufeisen (USA), It Was Dali, Film Short
Elham Madani (Canada), Voice of Voiceless, Actress: Leading (Elham Madani as Ava)
Flynn Donovan (USA), NEAR THE MOUNTAIN, Documentary Short
Gopi Peenya (USA), Fresh Water, Film Feature
Gregory Alosio (USA), Death and Life, Documentary Short
Jacob Hood (USA), Flying, Animation (Student)

Recognition Colorful

James Cotton, Wolf359 Productions (USA), The Tell-Tale Heart, Actress: Supporting (Lisa Ewers as Old Woman)
Jay Rao (Canada), Unforgettable, Film Short
Jeff Adachi (USA), America Needs a Racial Facial, Documentary Short
Jennifer Vallance and Derek Price (Canada), Perception, Film Short
Jerry Keys (USA), Dark Resonance, Film Feature
Joao Pedro Oliveira (Brazil), Aphâr, Experimental
John Vollmer (USA), Joy! Blue Moon, Animation
Jonathan Lawrence  (USA), The Traveler, Actor: Leading (Anthony Bradford as Tristan Azure)
Junyi Xiao (USA), Last Judgment, Animation (Student)
Kiel Thorlton (USA), 12:12, Christian (Student)
Margie Kelk (Canada), Substratae, Animation
Mark A. France (USA), Scarecrow, Film Feature
Matt Chapman (USA), Growing Up Guide Pup, Special Purpose Productions
Max Bartoli (USA), The Secret of Joy, Special Purpose Productions
Michael Evan Deitzler (USA), Don’t Watch Me Dancing, Film Short (Student)
Michael J. Rhodes and Chris Parsons (USA), Marking Out, Documentary Feature
Michelle Davidson (USA), The Perfect Note, Women Filmmakers
Miriam Duarte (Canada), Flowers, Animation (Student)
Morgan Shirk (USA), Producing Hope, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

Recognition Colorful

Nadia Dean  (USA), CAMERON, Special Purpose Productions
New Realm Studios Inc. (Canada), Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited – season Two Episode 01: With Filial Piety and Righteousness, Xiaohai, Television – Program / Series and Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited – season Two Episode 10: Beating the Enemies at Their Own Game, Song, Television – Program / Series
Nikita Kalugin (Canada), Lucky, Film Short (Student)
Robin Bain (USA), NOWHERELAND, Women Filmmakers, Dramatic Impact, Script / Writer, Direction
Rohit Gupta, Dot and Feather Entertainment (USA), MIDNIGHT DELIGHT, Concept, Direction
Ryan Kibby (USA), Boomer Hogs, Film Short
Saptarshi Dey (India), Save Little Shelley, Animation
Sherwin Lau (USA), Turning Point: Choices, Public Service Programming / PSA
Sophia Dagher (USA), As the Tide Goes By | Scott Taylor 2016 Single Music Video, Music Video
Talia Cohen-Vigder (USA), Holiday of Holidays, Documentary Short (Student)
Timothy Collins and Jillian Kibler (USA), Kiss of Death, Film Short (Student), Direction (Student), Editing (Student), Cinematography (Student)
Yasuhiro Tamura (Japan), RUN TOMORROW – LIVING WITH DEMENTIA, Disability Issues
Zachary Sharma (USA), Grandma, Documentary Short (Student)