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Accolade winners

Ruan Magan The Hunger

Accolade Global Film Competition

Ruan Magan (Ireland), The Hunger, Doc Feature – Narrated by Oscar-nominee Liam Neeson – this is a meticulously in-depth story of the great Irish famine of the 1840’s and the extraordinary circumstances, policies and belief systems that shaped it. Deftly directed with eye-opening new research, it reveals how the crisis was a manifestation of class struggle and how British authorities, the landed gentry and the Irish Catholic middle classes each contributed to the tragic fate of the millions who suffered and died. It is an extensive examination of the sheer horror of the Great Famine, how the calamity was tragically preventable, as well as an exploration of the complex questions of its aftermath one of the worst humanitarian disasters of the 1800’s. With a gorgeous score by Natasa Paulberg and creative editing by Keith Walsh. Presented by Tyrone Productions and Create One with RTÉ and ARTÉ, in association with University College Cork and the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine. Aired on RTÉ

Film festival winner

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionCinzia Angelini (USA), Mila, Animation – Award-winner industry veteran Angelini (Spider-man 2, The Minions Movie) delivers a heart wrenching story of war from a child’s perspective. Inspired by World War II stories from her mother, Mila represents the best of humanity. Although she has lost everything – she still clings to hope profoundly impacting others. With a beautiful soundtrack by Flavio Gargano.

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionNickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe (Australia), Phil Liggett: The Voice of Cycling, Doc Feature – A fascinating insider’s look at fifty years of professional cycling and an intimate portrait of the gentleman whose passion and quiet charm has come to personify the sport. A fitting tribute to Liggett’s legacy and  insight into his dedication to his much-loved sport and his passion for wildlife conservation.

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionGudmund Helmsdal (Faroe Islands), Brother Troll (Trøllabeiggi), Film Short – In the 1800’s Faroe Islands, two brothers struggle to save their relationship after the loss of their sibling. Lush cinematography captures a coldly beautiful environment, a backdrop for the harshness of life and the icy yet bonded brothers. A unique fable with a twist. Deft direction, melodious soundtrack and authentic performances from Búi Dam and Nicolaj Falck.

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionDelphine Montaigne (France), Out of Time, Film Short – Felix’s behavior has caused the director to summon his mother and threatened to deny him the access to the establishment. The real story unfolds in a heart-breaking and heart-warming ending.  With touching performances by Laurence Côte (Thieves), Gerard Dessalles (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), Marie Bray ( Don’t Read This on a Plane) and Nadir Benlala.

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionOshri Cohen (Israel), Third Time Ice Cream, Web Series – Part of the Project Out series – An award winning near-future comedy short episodes, about the little man vs. the system – episode features good citizen Jonathan and his compliance with an order to stay awake for four days. Amusing yet poignant scenes, sharp editing and pacing and authentic performances. Moshe Ashkenazi (Motek Bool BaEmtza), Yuval Scharf (Nehama ).

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionKonstantin Shekin (Russia), Ginger’s Tale, Animation (Ogoniok-ognivo) – An evil Queen with a magical flint torments a free-spirited girl and her hapless potter boyfriend who create upheaval everywhere they go. A classic tale of greed, good and evil – in an engaging, wildly colorful animation. Creative music and songs by Arthur Baidot accompany this fanciful tale. Sergey Burunov, Natalya Tereshkova, Peter Kovrizhnykh, Irina Yakovleva.

Marco Melluso and Diego Schiavo (Italy), The Magic Count, History / Biography – A colorful story, vibrant visuals, social networking, modern graphics and four wacky presenters share the life of Count Mattei and his Rocchetta. Lively, humorous history lesson with engaging hosts, steampunk glam, famous guest stars and the occasional musical number. Luciano Manzalini, Roberta Giallo, Eraldo Tutta, Antonio Pisu.Marco Melluso and Diego Schiavo (Italy), The Magic Count, History / Biography – A colorful story, vibrant visuals, social networking, modern graphics and four wacky presenters share the life of Count Mattei and his Rocchetta. Lively, humorous history lesson with engaging hosts, steampunk glam, famous guest stars and the occasional musical number. Luciano Manzalini, Roberta Giallo, Eraldo Tutta, Antonio Pisu.

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionRavishankar Venkateswaran (India), Punyakoti, Animated Feature – The first Sanskrit animated feature about a village, environmental destruction and a noble cow. She faces drought, human avarice and a hungry tiger in this fable based on a children’s book and Kannada folk song. A poignant tale about the struggle between human greed and nature’s harmony. Creative animation and an energetic soundtrack. Stars: Revathi and Roger Narayan.

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionCamilla Roman (Norway), Waves, Film Short – In the middle of the COVID-19 lock down, asylum seeker Leyla meets Stig, a delivery guy, an encounter that could change both their lives. A poignant, heart-wrenching cautionary tale for our times highlighting the tragic consequences of refugee lives and deportations. With authentic performances by Tonje Thwin (Bloodride / Witch Hunt) and Eric Vorenholt (The Kings’s Choice)

Accolade Film Festival CompetitionShahriar El Kosht (Canada), The Reminder, Web Series – After a car accident and walking for hours in the middle of the Quebec forest a man finds shelter in an abandoned cottage where a series of unexpected events will put his sanity to test. A gripping web series with a surprise ending featuring an intriguing performance by Shahriar El Kosht (El Tiempo del Agua).


  Award of Excellence words

Andrew Wall (Canada), THE SCIENCE FICTION MAKERS: ROUSSEAU, LEWIS, L’ENGLE, Documentary Feature
Artie Romero (USA), Monkey & Cat, Children / Family Programming, Animation
Camilla Roman (Norway), Waves, Actress: Leading (Tonje Thwin as Leyla)
Cheryl Allison (USA), Pieces of Us, LGBT, Direction, Original Score (Pieces of Us composed by Chris Cox and Carl Rydlund), Original Song (Hold on to Love by Mark Von der Heide Chris Cox and Carl Rydlund), Women Filmmakers
Cinzia Angelini (USA), Mila, Women Filmmakers, Original Score
Delphine Montaigne (France), OUT OF TIME, Women Filmmakers
Eva Urrutia (Argentina), With Time, Film Short, Script / Writer
Gudmund Helmsdal (Faroe Islands), Brother Troll, Direction
Jake Yun (USA), Escalation, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jennifer Enskat (USA), The Bride Price, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Use of Film / Video for Social Change

Jiayang Liu (USA), Blue Dusk, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
John Leben (USA), Amy and the Tortoise – How Animals Saved the Planet, Children / Family Programming, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Marco Melluso and Diego Schiavo (Italy), THE MAGIC COUNT, History / Biographical
Maryam Naghibi (Iran), Future, Film Feature
Mauraya Sharma (India), Seeped, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Cinematography
Michael Joseph Grasso (USA), The Umbrella Man, Film Feature
Moonshine Agency (Australia), Conquering Cancer, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Oshri Cohen (Israel), Dark Pasta, Web Series
Paul Barker (United Kingdom), The Real Greatest Showmen, Television – Program / Series, Reality Programming
Paul Schwartz (USA), A NEW YORK STORY, Film Short

Rodney Matthews and Sarah Matthews (United Kingdom), Yendor – The Journey of a Junior Adventurer, Children / Family Programming
Ruan Magan (Ireland), THE HUNGER, Original Score
Saige Guevara and Courtney LeBlanc (USA), Forget Me Not, Animation (Student)
Samuel J. Punto (Germany), Distortion (Verzerrung), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sergio Fernández Muñoz (Peru), Holestepper, Actor: Leading (Oswaldo Salas as Angel), Film Short
Soheil Soheili (Iran), The Middle, Film Short
Stephanie Soechtig (USA), The Disruptors, Documentary Feature
Vitthal Machindra Bhosale, Jhunjar Motion Pictures (India), FIRASTYA (The Peripatetic), Film Feature
Yashpal Sharma (India), dada lakhmi, Film Feature
Yennis Cheung and Nicky Cook (United Kingdom), Selma & Clarice, Television – Pilot Program, Script / Writer

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